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Cannabis Reports has looked at all the best marijuana websites and decided which 420 websites have made this list.

The best cannabis websites are sites with great information, superb website design, excellent content, user-friendly search capabilities, and excellent layout which results in a fun, educational, and enjoyable visit.

To be considered as one of the best cannabis websites, it is imperative to have amazing information that is updated and gives visitors insight into the ever-changing cannabis industry.

The top rated cannabis websites do not have to be in a particular category or type of business.

Our staff looked at all types of marijuana business websites, including:


-Cannabis Schools

-Strain finders and dispensary maps

-Hydroponic stores and equipment

-Weed humor

-Marijuana website design companies

-Popular cannabis culture

-CBD websites

-Cannabis products

-Cannabis blogs

-Cannabis business listings

The best marijuana websites stand out in a way that distances them from others. Only the best cannabis websites make this esteemed list.

To become a top rated cannabis website it is necessary to be always evolving, updating, and staying on top of the latest cannabis industry trends and products.

The marijuana industry is growing at a feverish pace, and these best 420 websites manage to stay on top of this explosive growth.

The top 9 cannabis websites all have one thing in common, daily updates.

The ability to develop content that is fresh, exciting, and the latest news is difficult for most cannabis sites to accomplish.

These top rated marijuana sites manage to add content on a daily basis, and on top of that, to organize it in a way that keeps web visitors coming back each and every day.

Let's take a look at the best marijuana websites in North America and see what sets them apart when stacked up side-by-side with the many thousands of cannabis websites on the internet.

Top Cannabis Websites

Leafly is the highest trafficked marijuana website on the internet. Leafly does strain reviews, dispensary reviews, and other marijuana news and information.

Cannabis Training University is the leading marijuana school. CTU has become the global leader as far as cannabis college is concerned. CTU has a very well written blog as of the past few years and has become a go to for those seeking marijuana news and cannabis education.

Marijuana job seekers attend Cannabis Training University online, as well as those looking to open a marijuana business, healthcare professionals looking to learn more about marijuana, and recreational marijuana users looking to improve upon their cannabis use at home for personal use.

High Times Magazine has been around forever it seems. The company has evolved into much more than the magazine. High Times does their famous High Times Cannabis Cups, plus their website is full of fun cannabis stuff and marijuana news.

Norml is the leader as far as marijuana lobbyists are concerned. Norml has helped many states get their cannabis programs going and continues to help those in need of cannabis legal help.

The Weed Blog has many thousands of visitors each month looking for marijuana news and cannabis daily information.

Grass City is the number one store for cannabis pipes, bongs, grinders, vaporizers, and other cannabis accessories. They also have a cool marijuana forum

Marijuana Policy Project is a big contributor to the cannabis industry and in assisting state's in developing their marijuana programs in the United States.

Weedmaps was first to market on the whole, find me a dispensary near me thing. Millions of people use weed maps to find them their weed on a daily basis.

MJ Biz Daily is the leader when it comes to cannabis industry data, events, and the useful information.

What would a best cannabis website list be without Cannabis Reports on it?

Please follow us for your daily marijuana news, marijuana reviews, and marijuana fun!

Be sure to visit these top rated marijuana websites regularly for all your cannabis needs!

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