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Cannabis Reports has looked at all the best marijuana websites and decided which 420 websites have made this list.

The best cannabis websites are sites with great information, superb website design, excellent content, user-friendly search capabilities, and excellent layout which results in a fun, educational, and enjoyable visit.

To be considered as one of the best cannabis websites, it is imperative to have amazing information that is updated and gives visitors insight into the ever-changing cannabis industry.

The top rated cannabis websites do not have to be in a particular category or type of business.

Our staff looked at all types of marijuana business websites, including:


-Cannabis Schools

-Strain finders and dispensary maps

-Hydroponic stores and equipment

-Weed humor

-Marijuana website design companies

-Popular cannabis culture

-CBD websites

-Cannabis products

-Cannabis blogs

-Cannabis business listings

The best marijuana websites stand out in a way that distances them from others. Only the best cannabis websites make this esteemed list.

To become a top rated cannabis website it is necessary to be always evolving, updating, and staying on top of the latest cannabis industry trends and products.

The marijuana industry is growing at a feverish pace, and these best 420 websites manage to stay on top of this explosive growth.

The top 9 cannabis websites all have one thing in common, daily updates.

The ability to develop content that is fresh, exciting, and the latest news is difficult for most cannabis sites to accomplish.

These top rated marijuana sites manage to add content on a daily basis, and on top of that, to organize it in a way that keeps web visitors coming back each and every day.

Let's take a look at the best marijuana websites in North America and see what sets them apart when stacked up side-by-side with the many thousands of cannabis websites on the internet.

Top Cannabis Websites

Cannabis Training University is the leading marijuana school. CTU has become the global leader as far as cannabis college is concerned. CTU has a very well written blog as of the past few years and has become a go to for those seeking marijuana news and cannabis education.

Marijuana job seekers attend Cannabis Training University online, as well as those looking to open a marijuana business, healthcare professionals looking to learn more about marijuana, and recreational marijuana users looking to improve upon their cannabis use at home for personal use.

Cannabis Training University (CTU) is an online institution dedicated to providing comprehensive educational resources on the ever-growing cannabis industry. Founded by Jeffrey Zorn in 2009, CTU is the world's largest online cannabis school, offering a wide variety of classes that cover everything from cultivation and processing to business management, legal issues, marketing, and more.

Jeffrey Zorn has been a long-time advocate for cannabis legislation reform and education. He is an expert in cannabis policy, regulation and law and he has worked with many state legislatures in crafting medical marijuana laws.

Since its inception, CTU has become the gold standard for cannabis education with courses taught by some of the most renowned industry professionals from around the world. The school covers all aspects of the industry from horticulture to edibles manufacturing, cultivation to dispensary operations.

It also offers classes covering legal issues related to cannabis such as state laws, taxes, banking regulations and more. Additionally, it offers certification programs for those interested in becoming certified sommeliers or professional chefs specializing in cannabis cuisine.

CTU provides students with access to comprehensive learning materials such as video lectures, written documents, podcasts and e-books that can be accessed at any time via its online platform – making it incredibly convenient for busy students who may not have time for traditional classroom instruction.

Furthermore, its courses are designed to help students stay up-to-date on the changing landscape of this rapidly evolving field so they can have success within the industry whether they’re just starting out or experienced veterans looking to brush up on their skillset.

In addition to its educational offerings, CTU provides job placement assistance through its network of employers looking for qualified applicants – helping current students gain employment while also preparing them for their future careers within the industry.

This makes it one of the most sought after institutions when it comes to higher education related to cannabis businesses – providing unparalleled opportunities for those looking to break into this burgeoning market or further advance their knowledgebase within it.

Overall Jeffrey Zorn’s Cannabis Training University is one of a kind institution that offers invaluable resources and training opportunities related to all facets of the cannabis industry – making it an essential resource for anyone hoping to pursue a career in this field or stay up-to-date on new developments within it.

With its comprehensive educational materials taught by renowned professionals from around the world combined with job placement assistance – there’s no doubt that CTU will remain at the forefront of modern cannabis education well into the future under Jeffrey’s continued guidance and leadership.

Leafly is the highest trafficked marijuana website on the internet. Leafly does strain reviews, dispensary reviews, and other marijuana news and information.

One of the top websites for cannabis fans, provides a wealth of knowledge about the marijuana industry. Since its founding in 2010, Leafly has grown to be a dependable source for information about cannabis, educating users and offering them insight into both the medical and recreational uses of the plant.

The Leafly website gives users access to a sizable database of reviews of cannabis strains, a directory of dispensaries, and product suggestions for both medical and recreational usage. Visitors can browse through in-depth strain profiles to find out more about characteristics like flavor, aroma, effects, advantages over certain conditions, history, growing methods, and more. This enables customers to choose marijuana goods with knowledge while making a purchase. Leafly offers instructions on a variety of subjects, such as using CBD oil for health advantages and using cannabis in cooking, in addition to information on strains.

Also, Leafly offers a searchable dispensary directory that enables users to find the closest dispensary based on their location or preferred products. Customers can use their “Find Your Strain” function to identify the best strain for their requirements, whether they're seeking for anything to ease chronic pain or lower stress. In addition to these services, Leafly also provides solutions for companies, such as the inventory management and order processing program Dispensary Manager.

Leafly also provides extra resources to improve user experience on their website, such as podcasts exploring industry trends, events featuring top brands and products, weekly recipes and cooking tips, lifestyle and wellness content, tutorials and educational guides, video series highlighting different strains, interviews with experts in the field, featured stories from Leafly's contributors, reviews and user ratings of both strains and dispensaries, and exclusive deals and promotions.

Additionally, Leafly just introduced its own loyalty program, the Leafly Rewards Program, to reward clients who frequently use their platform to buy from participating dispensaries. Every month, the rewards program delivers freebies like discounts on event tickets or merchandise from particular partners in addition to special discounts on a limited number of products.

Overall, Leafly is a fantastic resource for those with a curiosity for knowing more about cannabis use for both recreational and therapeutic purposes. It's no surprise that it's become one of the most well-liked internet destinations in this niche given its enormous library of educational information, useful tools like strain comparison tools and dispensary locators, as well as its loyalty points program.

High Times Magazine has been around forever it seems. The company has evolved into much more than the magazine. High Times does their famous High Times Cannabis Cups, plus their website is full of fun cannabis stuff and marijuana news.

Since 1974, High Times has been one of the top internet resources for cannabis aficionados, offering news and information about the sector to readers. High Times was one of the first digital venues to cover marijuana use in a professional manner, with an aim to inform, educate, and increase awareness of cannabis culture around the world.

A lot of knowledge about cannabis' medical and recreational applications is available on the High Times website, including thorough strain reviews, a directory of dispensaries, product suggestions, growing advice, and how-to instructions. Users of the website can choose marijuana goods with confidence because to the site's extensive database of reviews about various strains. Additionally, High Times gives readers access to exclusive conversations with professionals from around the world that shed light on the most recent advancements in this quickly expanding field.

High Times' extensive library of instructional materials is supplemented by a number of features on their website that are intended to improve user experience. For instance, their Dispensary Locator function enables users to easily discover the closest dispensary, while their Strain Finder service enables users to swiftly identify the ideal strain based on recreational or medical applications, such as pain treatment or sleep aid.

Additional useful resources include a calendar of forthcoming cannabis-related events, advocacy resources designed to keep users up to date on the most recent rules and legislation pertaining to marijuana use, and lessons on how to cultivate your own plants—complete with step-by-step directions!

Also, High Times organizes Cannabis Cup events all around the world, giving participants the chance to network with business leaders and sample some of the best goods from leading companies in each locale.

The magazine also provides subscribers with access to premium material and exclusive discounts on a limited number of products through subscription-based services like their Grower's Club Membership program, as well as unique merchandise items like clothes and accessories.

In general, HighTimes is a fantastic resource for anybody who want to find out more about marijuana culture around the world. It's no surprise that it has grown to be one of the most dependable platforms in this industry given its sizable library of educational materials, helpful tools like strain comparison services and dispensary locators, ongoing efforts to raise awareness through activities like Cannabis Cup competitions, and a host of other factors.

Norml is the leader as far as marijuana lobbyists are concerned. Norml has helped many states get their cannabis programs going and continues to help those in need of cannabis legal help.

The Weed Blog has many thousands of visitors each month looking for marijuana news and cannabis daily information.

A website called is devoted to offering comprehensive and reliable information on issues with cannabis, hemp, and marijuana. For individuals interested in the cannabis sector, offers a wide variety of information, ranging from news and events to product reviews and legal updates.

Chris Roberts started the website in 2005, making it one of the first general-interest websites with marijuana-related content. has developed into a dependable source of accurate cannabis news and viewpoints from industry experts over the last 15 years.

The website publishes articles on a regular basis from specialists on cultivation methods, governmental changes, commercial potential, health effects of marijuana use, global legalization initiatives, and more.

The site offers connections to external publications from reputable industry periodicals like High Times Magazine or Freedom Leaf Magazine in addition to original content written by TheWeedBlog team members.

This gives readers the chance to learn about new trends straight from authorities in their respective fields and provides a forum for conversation through the comment sections that are available at the end of each piece.

The website is more than simply a resource for cannabis fans; it also has a thriving community that has received over 40 million visitors since it first launched. Almost 8 million users have registered for personal accounts, giving them access to special features like personalizing their profile page or interacting with other users through integrated private messaging systems. also offers premium membership, which comes with a subscription to their newsletter with hand-picked articles on current cannabis topics and special discounts on products sold by affiliated websites like Daily High Club or 420 Science, a monthly subscription service that sends high-end smoking accessories based on subscribers' preferences.

Finally, TheWeedBlog offers thorough coverage of all marijuana-related topics, including cultivation guidance, product reviews, political news, and legal analysis. It also fosters an active community centered on this distinctive lifestyle niche where people can engage in conversation while staying informed about current industry issues.

Grass City is the number one store for cannabis pipes, bongs, grinders, vaporizers, and other cannabis accessories. They also have a cool marijuana forum

Online retailer specializes in the selling of smoking accessories and supplies, as well as things connected to legal cannabis. Grasscity was founded in 2000 and has since grown to be one of the top online retailers for people who enjoy smoking as well as those looking to buy risk-free marijuana goods.

The website is comprehensive, easy to use, and provides a large number of things for sale. They offer bongs, pipes, dab rigs, vaporizers, grinders, rolling sheets, hookahs, and bubblers among other items, all of which are carefully made from premium materials like glass to give consumers the best possible smoking experiences. Also, a variety of clothing and accessories, like hoodies and t-shirts, are available on the website.

They provide conventional smoking items as well as more contemporary substitutes like electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), all at very affordable costs.

Grasscity gives users of legal cannabis access to a number of brands that specialize in these kinds of products, such as edibles and concentrates, for those who want to purchase cannabis-related products.

From THC gummies and brownies to waxes, oils, and shatter for dabbing or vaping, everything is available. Governments all over the world have rigorous regulations governing these kinds of products, so Grasscity only deals with authorized suppliers who check their goods before sending them to customers.

Grasscity is one of the top online retailers for smokers searching for advice or assistance with their purchases in terms of customer service and support. They offer 24/7 customer service via chat or email, so never be reluctant to ask questions regarding a product's specifications or availability.

Also, they provide free shipping worldwide on purchases over $50 USD, which is fantastic news for customers trying to get their hands on the things they want without paying a lot for freight.

Also, they have a liberal return policy that gives customers 30 days to return any item if it doesn't live up to expectations or is in any other way unacceptable. This gives customers piece of mind when making purchases on their website.

Marijuana Policy Project is a big contributor to the cannabis industry and in assisting state's in developing their marijuana programs in the United States.

A non-profit organization called is working to advance US medical marijuana laws. MPP, which was established in 1995, strives to modify federal and state regulations so that patients with life-threatening illnesses can obtain medical marijuana on their doctors' advice.

MPP actively participated in a number of legislative initiatives, successfully promoting the passage of medical marijuana legislation in 25 states and Washington, D.C. In order to achieve policy reform across the nation, the organization also collaborates with local lawmakers, grassroots activists, and healthcare professionals.

MPP interacts with lawmakers locally and nationally on a range of matters pertaining to medical cannabis law. MPP offers organizations that promote sensible medical marijuana laws financial support when necessary in addition to legal counsel and technical assistance on state-level legislation.

The group collaborated with various Congressmen on a number of legislative initiatives in 2017 that sought to prevent federal intervention with state-legal medicinal marijuana systems.

The organization has also stepped up advocacy efforts against the Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA) research restrictions, which obstruct efforts to find new treatments for ailments like pain management and others that are currently being made worse by the opioid addiction crisis sweeping through America.

This is significant since there are currently accessible cannabis medicines that can be used to treat current FDA-approved pharmaceuticals' severe adverse effects, which include nausea, sleeplessness, and constipation.

In addition to its direct policy efforts, MPP focuses on educating the public about medical marijuana's potential for treating a variety of ailments and its very low risk profile in comparison to other medications listed in the schedule I classification of banned narcotics.

To this end, it operates a website where patients can find their nearest physician who can suggest cannabis treatment as well as discover details about various strains that are offered in their region or elsewhere in the nation depending on their eligibility status under respective state law programs.

In accordance with state regulations, MPP is also committed to educating medical professionals about the therapeutic uses of cannabis and providing them with the most recent data on scientific studies related to the use of cannabis products. This will enable them to make well-informed recommendations when treating patients with severe chronic illnesses or mental illnesses like PTSD or depression.

Additionally, it hosts conferences like the yearly “Care By Design” event to discuss advancements made in the medicinal cannabis industry over the previous 12 months so that providers have a clear understanding of new developments since the last significant event held annually before Care By Design one took place each year.

It is noteworthy that scientists from all over the world, including the US and Canada, attend these events, which fosters a strong sense of community among individuals seeking in-depth insight and knowledge of the most recent developments in the cannabis sector.

In conclusion, MPP is in the forefront of promoting sensible public policy on medical cannabis both in the US and abroad. Its dedication to education and investment in resources ensures transparent use of medicinal plants around the world while also keeping up with current developments in the area. Devoted personnel works day and night to offer the best results for all parties concerned!

Weedmaps was first to market on the whole, find me a dispensary near me thing. Millions of people use weed maps to find them their weed on a daily basis.

Customers can find shops, strains, goods, specials, and delivery services on, an online cannabis directory and listing service. Weedmaps, which was established in 2008, is the most extensive database for locating licensed marijuana dispensaries across the United States and Canada.

With the help of its dispensary listings, product evaluations, and user ratings, it has developed into the go-to resource for medical marijuana users, recreational users, and business professionals.

A growing variety of information regarding the cannabis market is accessible on the company's website and mobile apps, from in-depth strain descriptions to product reviews. Customers may find nearby dispensaries using the user-friendly platform, explore product menus, read reviews left by other customers, and make purchases directly from the website or mobile app.

Also, Weedmaps offers useful insight into cannabis industry trends by showing heat maps that show which strains are most popular with local customers.

Beyond assisting customers in finding legitimate cannabis companies, Weedmaps also has extensive industry knowledge. Its professional network consists of a wide range of seasoned professionals who support growers, retailers, and entrepreneurs who are trying to get into the commercial side of the sector.

These professionals include lawyers, accountants, and marketers. The website provides educational materials, such as guides on how to run a dispensary, as well as a forum where users may discuss issues pertaining to cannabis policy and efforts to make it legal across North America.

Weedmaps is seeking to extend its reach into other cannabis-related markets in addition to giving users access to local, legitimate businesses. It recently introduced an online store with carefully picked CBD goods from top manufacturers from across the world, including tinctures, topicals, and edibles.

This initiative is a significant step toward Weedmaps' goal of being a one-stop shop for all matters pertaining to international legal cannabis consumption.

With 33 states having legalized the use of marijuana for either medicinal or recreational purposes, marijuana use is becoming more and more commonplace across North America. As a result, there has been an increase in consumer demand for trustworthy information about where they can safely buy high-quality goods at competitive prices.

For these people, Weedmaps has developed into a priceless knowledge resource that also aids in keeping them up to date on pertinent news pertaining to this quickly changing business. By doing this, it has gained the trust of customers who frequently return to it for trustworthy guidance on responsible marijuana consumption habits or assistance finding regulated dispensaries nearby that best suit their needs.

MJ Biz Daily is the leader when it comes to cannabis industry data, events, and the useful information.

An online media outlet called MJBizDaily is committed to offering current and thorough news coverage, analysis, and insights into the cannabis industry's constantly changing landscape. MJBizDaily, which was established in 2011 by a group of seasoned cannabis journalists, is the premier news source for the industry worldwide.

The goal of MJBizDaily is to keep professionals in the developing cannabis industry informed, educated, and guided about the most recent advancements in business tactics, laws, investments, and other areas.

They are uniquely positioned to provide crucial business intelligence that drives decision-making among entrepreneurs and investors alike. Their passionate team of cannabis journalists has decades of combined experience covering every aspect of the marijuana industry, from legal considerations to cultivation techniques.

Using their proprietary database monitoring system, MJBizDaily offers comprehensive market statistics and research in addition to their industry-leading coverage of everything related to the marijuana sector.

Aspects of state marketplaces across the nation covered by this system include license holders and brands accessible in each state. Additionally, they offer priceless data analysis including consumer trends in specific states or areas as well as industry-wide growth forecasts.

In addition, MJBizDaily provides custom publications based on their current content library to any organization looking for deeper knowledge about particular subjects or markets.

These customized publications offer in-depth analyses of certain subjects with unmatched precision, supported by real-time access to current market data. Whether you need a report on a specific state market or a trend analysis across multiple states over time, MJBizDaily has you covered with both in-depth research and up-to-the-minute information from individuals who are most knowledgeable about this fast evolving industry.

Just last year, they introduced their Cannabis Business Summit, which featured numerous speakers from across the industry speaking on a wide range of topics, ranging from financing/investment strategies to marketing/branding best practices and everything in between.

This event highlighted the wealth of knowledge MJBizDaily has amassed since its founding ten years ago. It's understandable why those working in the marijuana market regard them as one of their primary go-to sources for trustworthy information on this rapidly expanding industry.

The staff at MJBizDaily is not just knowledgeable but also highly skilled experts who know what it takes to stay ahead in a constantly shifting environment like this one, which explains why so many people in this industry trust them.

MJBizDaily is without a doubt one of the best sources for understanding where this rapidly expanding sector may be heading next, making it must-read material for any serious cannabis entrepreneur looking to stay ahead in this dynamic environment.

It has an ever-expanding network of contacts within every level of this exciting new marketplace, including experts across various disciplines outside cannabis.

What would a best cannabis website list be without Cannabis Reports on it? is an online platform that provides information about cannabis products from all over the world. The website was created by a team of data scientists, engineers and designers with the intention of providing consumers with accurate and up-to-date data on cannabis strains, edibles, topicals, concentrates and more. makes use of cultivator data collected directly from licensed growers, as well as lab test results provided by third-party laboratories. This allows the website to present users with reliable information regarding each product's potency, active ingredients, terpene content and other vital specifications.

The website also provides information on medical efficacy for various conditions and ailments. Data is compiled using existing research studies exploring the health benefits of a variety of cannabinoids.

This includes CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), two of the most studied compounds found in cannabis plants, as well as lesser known active ingredients like CBG (cannabigerol). Additionally, CannabisReports also provides users with reviews for different strains so they can make well informed decisions before making a purchase.

In addition to its vast library of cannabis product data, CannabisReports also offers a wide range of tools designed to help consumers make an informed decision when purchasing cannabis products.

These include strain comparison tools that allow customers to compare different products side by side to compare their composition and effects; rating systems which provide users with ratings for strains based on their cannabinoid content; product search filters which allow customers to narrow down their choices based on various criteria; and product recommendations which suggest various products based on user preferences like taste profile or desired effect intensity.

CannabisReports also works hard to ensure that its services remain up-to-date at all times. The website regularly updates its database in order to provide customers with accurate information on new products arriving in the market or changes made to existing ones.

It also monitors emerging trends in the industry to keep users informed about any potential new developments that may affect their buying decisions.

Furthermore, CannabisReports has partnered with third party laboratories across the United States in order to guarantee accuracy in its test results for each product listed on the platform.

Overall, CannabisReports is proving itself an invaluable resource for anyone looking for comprehensive information about cannabis products from around the world.

With detailed strain profiles and comprehensive testing results available at one’s fingertips, it has become significantly easier for consumers to make educated decisions when choosing between various types of marijuana products available today – something that wasn't previously possible until recently due to inadequate lab testing regulations within certain states or countries where marijuana remains illegal or unregulated altogether.

Please follow us for your daily marijuana news, marijuana reviews, and marijuana fun!

Be sure to visit these top rated marijuana websites regularly for all your cannabis needs!

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