10 Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Fairbanks, Alaska

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10 Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Fairbanks
10 Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Fairbanks

If you are a cannabis lover who loves to tour Fairbanks, here are 11 pocket-friendly marijuana dispensaries that you should try out.

Adult-use marijuana was legalized in Alaska in 2014. However, it took at least two years before the first legal dispensary opened its doors to the public. Now, adults above 21 can walk into any of the below-mentioned weed dispensaries and purchase up to 28 grams of marijuana at a fair price.  

Before setting the Last Frontier ablaze, here are a few regulations that you should be aware of.

1.      How much marijuana can you possess in Alaska?

Adults (above 21 years) can purchase up to 28 grams of marijuana. Adults may also grow up to six plants in private residences. It is also legal to buy and possess marijuana apparel and accessories. 

2.    How much marijuana can you purchase in Alaska?

You may purchase up to 1 ounce or 28 grams of marijuana at a time. To purchase marijuana from a legal marijuana dispensary you need to provide proof of age such as a government-issued identification document. Violation of this law attracts a fine of up to $400.

3.    Where can you consume marijuana in Alaska?

Like in other US states there are restrictions on where you can consume marijuana in Alaska. Since adult-use marijuana is restricted to adults, it is illegal to use marijuana near childhood institutions.  Public consumption is limited to private residences and approved marijuana dispensaries. Violation of this law attracts a fine of up to $100.

4.    Can you drive under the influence of marijuana in Alaska?

As in other states, driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal in Alaska. Those found guilty can be charged in a court of law or penalized. Marijuana impairs judgment and therefore driving under its influence can be a trigger for road accidents. 

5.     How much marijuana can you transport in Alaska?

You can transport up to 1 once or six marijuana plants in a vehicle at a go. The marijuana must be kept in child-resistant packages and out of the driver’s access. Other than the driver, passengers are also not allowed to consume marijuana in a moving vehicle. 

6.    Can you transport marijuana out of Alaska?

It is illegal to transport marijuana out of Alaska, even to a state where recreational marijuana has been legalized. Airports are under the federal government and since marijuana is still illegal under federal law, you will be punished for being in possession of marijuana at an airport. 

7.     Can you grow marijuana in Alaska?

Adults above 21 years can grow up to 6 marijuana plants legally in Alaska. However, the plants should not mature at the same time as only three mature plants are allowed at any one time. The plants must also be cultivated in an enclosed space that has unauthorized access. 

Fairbanks is the second-largest city in Alaska, second only to Anchorage. It is also the largest city in Alaska’s interior region. It boasts of beautiful scenery with abundant lifestyle and poignant solitude; things that a weed tourist would appreciate. 

If you plan on visiting Fairbanks on a budget, here are 10 pocket-friendly marijuana dispensaries that you should try out. 

10 Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Fairbanks, Alaska


1.    Fairdanks Cannabis Dispensary

Fairdanks Cannabis is a recreational weed dispensary on College Rd. off of the Old Steese Highway. They sell a wide range of cannabis products that can be delivered straight to your doorstep. Most importantly, their marijuana products are fairly priced. 

2.    Good Cannabis Dispensary 

This is a marijuana dispensary in Fairbanks that has numerous positive reviews. One customer remarked that the prices of vape cartridges keep going down, which is a good thing. 

The marijuana dispensary offers a wide variety of legal cannabis products. This includes flowers, pre-rolls, extracts, vape cartridges, THC capsules, transdermal patches, and lemon ginger drops. Best of all, they cultivate their own cannabis. 

3.    Goodsinse Dispensary 

Goodsinse offers many products including savvy smoking paraphernalia. You can check out their Sneak-a-Toke pipe, sleek rolling papers, brass screen filters, and glass peanut pipe. All their products are offered at budget-friendly prices. 

4.     Grass Station 49

Grass Station 49 works with local cultivators to produce high-quality cannabis that is sold to consumers at fair prices. They employ a team of budtenders who are available to help customers choose products that suit their needs. They offer quality cannabis, accessories, and apparel.

5.    Great Alaskan Bud Company (GABCo)

GABCO is a vertically integrated marijuana company; this means that they are involved in cannabis cultivation as well as retail. By growing their own cannabis they ensure that they can control the quality and keep the prices of their products low. 

6.     One Hit Wonder Dispensary

One Hit Wonder dispensary is open every single day of the week. They offer specialty cannabis buds and other products. Their menu is brief with only four items available.

 7.    True Dank Cannabis Dispensary

True Danks Cannabis grows its own cannabis using a state of the art hydroponic system. The result is a large variety of high-quality nugs that are sold at fair prices. 

Some of the popular strains that you can find on their website include Pineapple Express, Purple Dream, and Cataract Kush. The buds look absolutely amazing.

 8.   Dankorage Dispensary 

Dankorage dispensary claims to be working with various cannabis vendors but there is only one other vendor listed on their website; The Fairbanks Cut.

The sell lots of cannabis merchandise such as sweatpants, hoodies, and caps. Looking at the prices, you are likely to get a wide range of products with just a little cash.

 9.  Rebel Roots Dispensary 

This dispensary is located next to the Ivory Jacks Lounge in the Goldstream Valley. Rebel Roots dispensary grow their own weed and use it to manufacture high-quality marijuana products for both medicinal and recreational use. Their products include pre-rolls, vape cartridges, edibles, and shatter. 

 10.    Pakololo Supply Co. Dispensary 

Pakololo Supply Co. Dispensary offers Hawaiian grown cannabis strains at a fair price in Fairbanks. They use a no-till approach in their cultivation. This makes the hemp rich and natural and the hemp products are of high-quality.

 Back in 2017, the price of pot was expensive in Fairbanks. But with more marijuana dispensaries coming up the residents (as well as tourists) can enjoy buying weed cheaply. With these 11 budget-friendly marijuana dispensaries in Fairbanks you will be sure to enjoy a 420 friendly vacay there. 

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