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Looking for the top marijuana consumption methods? There are many ways that you can consume weed, but there are some really cool things that you need to know before making your choice. Many people think that the only way that you can really consume weed is through a joint, blunt or glass bong.

It is important to know that there are other marijuana consumption methods of delivery to consider, for the medical cannabis users as well as the recreational users. Below, we have made a list of each method and what is involved in the consumption process.

By reading each of the items on the list, you can tell which of the marijuana consumption methods benefits you. Here are the top marijuana consumption methods.


With this method, you can roll your weed as a joint or blunt and then just go ahead and smoke it. You can stuff your bong or pipe with your favorite weed strain and allow it to filter the smoke through the water at the bottom and enjoy a smoother smoke. The blunt is similar to a cigar where the middle is hollowed out and replaced with marijuana or if you prefer a combination of tobacco and weed.

There are some people that smoke weed in bubblers. These are the smaller versions of the bong. One of the most common marijuana consumption methods is with the hookah. You can be as creative as you want, but you will always have a way to consume your weed. Some people will even go to lengths to make their own pipe or bong out of a can, corn on the cob, apple or soda bottle.

Waterfall Bong

You can use one of the most common household products to make your waterfall bong, bucket bong or gravity bong. Either way, this is one of the most innovative and creative ways to consider as a marijuana consumption method. You would use a milk jug, plastic bottle, soda bottle or bucket to make it. Gravity is used to pull the smoke into the bong's chamber with beer, water or wine.


Another of the creative marijuana consumption methods is vaping and it is become quite popular as entrepreneurs scramble to make vape pens to meet the needs of the recreational user. When you own a vaporizer or vape pen, you should realize and be aware that it will heat up to a certain threshold to accommodate the inhalation, which is usually smooth and not as harsh as when you smoke a joint or blunt. Many people use the vaporizer to avoid the harshness.

And some people believe that they get a more improved high when they use the vaping method of marijuana consumption. One other thing is that you can conceal the fact that you are smoking weed because there is no smell and the vape pen is usually small enough to disguise.Vape pens are some of the top marijuana consumption methods.


Another top marijuana consumption method is dabbing, which is quite similar to that of vaping or using a vaporizer. Resins are extracted from the cannabis plant in oil form, shatter or wax. The bong or glass pipe is then heated using a blow torch. Vapor is produced when the user places the resin extract into the bong or pipe. People say that they get a greater high when they consume weed through dabbing.

Oral Consumption

Marijuana consumption can be done orally through cannabis cakes, cannabis brownies, weed gummies, ganja granola bars, cannabis ice cream, marijuana chewing gum, cannabis lollipops and other edibles. When you eat it, the edibles are ingested and go through the body into the blood stream in less than an hour and a half. You have to watch dosage or you could overdose and end up being paranoid; at least for 90 minutes or less.

Final Summary

Other top marijuana consumption methods include cannabis sprays, cannabis patches, cannabis tinctures, and marijuana topical creams. The sprays patches and topical creams can be used on the skin while the tinctures are used as drops under the tongue. Whichever one of the top marijuana consumption methods you pick, make sure you follow the local cannabis laws.

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