Silver Surfer Vaporizer Review
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Silver Surfer Vaporizer

This Silver Surfer Vaporizer review provides a comprehensive evaluation of one of the top vaporizers. The Silver Surfer is a stationary vaporizer that uses a ceramic heating element. It is a distinct vaporizer, and its unique design makes it a top vaporizer.

It has a flat base, and it stands at a slanting angle, which makes it entirely distinguishable. The heating component stands out because it is not located close to the other components. The highly customizable vaporizer is a product of the 7th Floor Company and made from ceramic and silicone.

Silver Surfer Vaporizer Review

Product Design

The Silver Surfer vaporizer comes in a complete package that contains the main vaporizing unit, which you place in a stationary position. In addition, the package contains one glass marble stirring tool for stirring vaping ingredient. Moreover, this top vaporizer comes with three replacement screens, a ground or standard wand and a vaping tube.

Lastly, the vaporizer has a glass mouthpiece and instruction manual. The products come in a padded carrying case, because of the delicate knob and wand, which are made from glass.

The vaporizer has a glass knob and a stylish heater cover. You can adjust the temperature by tuning the knob. The heating elements are inside the ceramic, and it is excluded from the rest of the electronic. Consequently, the vape does not contain toxins that might stem from contamination by the electronics.

Silver Surfer vaporizer comes in a wide range of colors, including black, silver, green, and blue, orange, red and Zen rainbow. The additional colors cost more than the stands model, which is silver in color.

Furthermore, the vaporizer package comes with 120-volt power adapter. Alternatively, the package can contain a 220-volt power adapter, and they have a 10 feet long chord.

Moreover, you get a glass wand and a mouthpiece. Most importantly, the manufacturer sells customizable tube that contains a poker for stirring the product in the filling chamber. The device has a hands-free tube that allows you to vape without holding the tube onto the wand.


Silver Surfer vaporizer takes a few minutes to heat up. Therefore, before you start vaping, turn the glass knob to a maximum in order to allow the device to attain its preset heat level. Once the vaporizer heats up, you can reduce the heat intensity to the desired level. It is advisable to reduce the heat up to a third of the full heat. Reducing the heat will prevent burning of the product while vaping. Thereafter, insert the whip into the base of the device and start vaping.

Ultimately, Silver Surfer is a top vaporizer because it has a unique design, which makes it stand out amongst the rest. In addition, it contains a separate heating element, thereby eliminating the chances of contamination of vape by toxins. However, the glass knobs are delicate, and they only have a thirty-day warranty. This makes it delicate and challenging to use. It is also challenging when you are doing group vaping because it is stationary.

But overall, we find the Silver Surfer to be worthy of the designation as one of the Top Vaporizers on the market today.


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