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Magic Melon strain is just another trick that has been pulled out of The Humboldt Seed Company’s long sleeve. The potency and flavor are nothing to scoff at as the strain could be too potent for an amateur smoker.

For those working in a creative job role, this can provide that motivation you need. Below will cover everything that makes this strain one that can easily be compared to magic.

Lineage Of Magic Melon Weed Strain

Magic Melon strain leans slightly to its sativa heritage as a hybrid of Mango Trees, Mango Sherbet, and Honeydew.

Mango Tree is perfect for a mood boost but the strain is a creeper. Smoke then wait for the entire high to hit you even though toking constantly can be appealing due to the citrus flavor.

Mango Sherbet can be used in the morning and it helps people enjoy themselves in nature. The flavor is just an added bonus as this can allow you to stay energized and motivated for hours.

Honeydew strain is an indica-dominant hybrid. Many users experience euphoria. The flavor can be spicy, earthy, or fruity.

THC Percentage Of Magic Melon Strain

You can expect 15 to 25 percent THC in a batch of Magic Melon. Be careful with this wide range though as this can offer very different experiences.

Taste And Smell Of Magic Melon

You can find the flavor is of berries and fruit in this strain. The aroma has a hint of diesel and some sour notes. Linalool, Limonene, and Myrcene are the terps in Magic Melon strain.

Linalool has a spicy taste yet floral aroma. You might feel sedated after this strain helps reduce inflammation, pain, and stress from a consumer.

Limonene has the taste and aroma of citrus. Look for a calming influence of this strain that can also improve a person’s energy levels.

Myrcene has an earthy taste. You will be sedated by this terpene which is frequently used to help people unwind.

Medical Conditions The Magic Melon Pot Strain Can Help

Magic Melon strain can help provide relief for those with these conditions:

  • Depression
  • Eye Pressure
  • Fatigue
  • Glaucoma
  • Migraines
  • Stress

Magic Melon has up to 2 percent in CBD content which makes it great for medical patients. There are strains with more CBD but this offers a good balance of THC and CBD.

Cost Of Magic Melon Flower?

Magic Melon can top out at $19 per gram. Expect around $60 for an 1/8th and $220 per oz.

Finding Magic Melon Seeds

Finding cannabis seeds can be a challenge depending on the strain you are looking for. Shipping seeds can present a number of problems legally and logistically depending on where they are being shipped.

Look into the different options for cannabis seeds as there might be more avenues than you realize.

Strain Yield You Can Expect From Magic Melon

Magic Melon weed thrives outdoors while it can be grown indoors as well. You can expect well over a pound per plant outdoors and a fraction of this indoors. Indoor yields will depend on how much room a plant has to grow.

Yield will be first impacted by strain genetics and then by growing environment. Don’t discount small details like nutrients or watering schedule when trying to maximize yield.

Flowering Period Length Of Magic Melon Strain

The flowering phase lasts 7 to 8 weeks with Magic Melon. Expect deep green buds that have a tint of purple along with a covering of white trichomes.

Final Thoughts On The Magic Melon

Magic Melon can be a great strain to grow for those that want large yields or a flavorful yet potent strain to smoke. Growing marijuana should always be done legally as you want to avoid any potential trouble. Take the time to research each strain that you intend on growing.

Grow diaries online can help you grow Magic Melon on a level that could be commercially sold at a dispensary. Much like any other skill, growing weed has to be done in order to improve over time

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