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Here at Cannabusiness Directory we have all cannabis businesses listed in our world’s largest cannabis business directory.

Whether you are looking for dispensaries near me, recreational dispensaries, weed strains, weed deals, medical marijuana cards, vape shops, cannabis doctors, cannabis lawyers, edibles producers, cannabis extraction machines, grow shops, headshops, coffeeshops, seed banks, cannabis insurance, cannabis point of sale software, CBD companies, cannabis college education providers, cannabis growers, cannabis processors, cannabis financing, cannabis real estate, or anything else cannabis business related, Cannabusiness Directory is the site to be on!

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Recreational & Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

Our team at Greenfields is made up of a group of individuals who are passionate about cannabis. We operate two family-owned dispensaries in the Denver area to provide medical marijuana and recreational cannabis to people from all walks of life. We know that cannabis is considered a medicine for some people, and we want to be there for those people. That’s why we continue to work with those who have their red cards even though recreational cannabis has been legalized here in Colorado.

We also respect and appreciate those who want to enjoy cannabis recreationally or pursue the medical marijuana program. We’re delighted that our state allows people to access this plant for no reason other than that we like the way it makes us feel. Whether you’re a medical patient or a recreational customer, we’re excited to serve you. That’s what Greenfields is all about, and why we operate these dispensaries in Denver.



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