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When writing about Kyle it is impossible to not mention his passion for cannabis and thriving cannabis industry. Kyle can be seen at the forefront of cannabis industry legalization efforts and is passionate about ending the war on drugs.

Kyle first began his love for cannabis in his early years growing up in the Southern California area. Kyle is an avid outdoorsman and is one of the best cannabis cultivators in the Colorado area.

He prefers to grow his cannabis outdoors in nature and is regarded in the Denver area as one of the best cannabis growers in the region.

Kyle is a proud graduate of Cannabis Training University (CTU) and has his own cannabis edibles business that he and 4 other business partners operate.

Today Kyle and his dog “Kush”, reside in Littleton, Colorado and enjoy the cannabis scene in the Denver area.

Kyle also is an expert  at creating cannabis business directories and has his finger on the pulse of the marijuana industry.



Cannabis Researcher
Today, Mary loves to review cannabis industry products and strains. Her current favorite cannabis strain is Blue Dream. She finds that Blue Dream is great for daily use and helps her with her creative side.

Mary has been a cannabis writer for many years and hopes to one day make it as one of the most read cannabis writers in America. Her cannabis blog writing has been featured in dozens of major cannabis publications around the world.

Mary now lives in Boston, MA and is a big part of the cannabis industry growth in the Boston area. Mary is involved with marijuana legalization efforts throughout New England.

Mary loves to write about cannabis products, the latest marijuana news, medical marijuana, cannabis entertainment, and many other awesome marijuana topics.



Much to say about Stanley. He is the best cannabis cultivator in our review team. He has 18 years of experience growing weed and is currently the head cultivator at 2 grow facilities in Maine. Stanley loves his job since he gets to write about his favorite thing in the world, weed!

He went to the University of Vermont and graduated with a Journalism degree in 2009.

Stanley loves to review the best cannabis strains, and to visit all the best dispensaries. He feels like a kid in a candy store when inside a pot shop.

Stanley has been using cannabis as a medicine since he was 18 years old, and has found cannabis to be a healthy alternative to pharmaceutical pills for his ADHD.

Stanley is an award-winning writer and has been published in over 200 newspapers and websites.

Stan lives in Portland Maine and has 3 children.

Stanley attended Cannabis Training University | Top Rated Cannabis School and has written over 100 articles on Cannabis Reports about all facets of the cannabis industry.


Dr. Wu

Cannabis Reports Author
Dr. Sandra Wu is a contributing author at Cannabis Reports and handles many of our CBD and medical marijuana articles. DrWu is a long time advocate for the benefits that medical cannabis can provide. DrWu studied in both Israel and Tokyo for medical school and brings her more than 20 years of knowledge of cannabis and CBD as a medicine to Cannabis Reports. DrWu has attended countless medical marijuana seminars around the globe and studied at many cannabis schools, including Cannabis Training University | Top Rated Cannabis SchoolDrWu believes in holistic care and tries to promote natural, homeopathic medicine as an alternative to pharmaceutical options when possible. Dr. Wu is one of the leading cannabis doctors in the world and her great knowledge of marijuana as a medicine is a key piece to Cannabis Reports reviews on medical marijuana and CBD as it relates to health.
Who we are at Cannabis Reports is made up of some of the most talented and knowledgeable cannabis writers in the world. We are made up of cannabis writers and passionate cannabis cultivators. Who we are at Cannabis Reports is what makes us the premiere cannabis review site on the internet. We give you the top rated cannabis businesses, and the top rated strains, as well as the top rated cannabis websites
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