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We all talk about the marijuana plant a lot and the benefits that it has, but far less time is spend on talking about the hemp plant and the type of products that are made using the hemp plant. If you are wondering what the hemp plant is used for and the length of time that it has been used, we have done all the research for you and so you just need to read further. It was more than ten thousand years that hemp was first recorded as being useful for various things.

From Africa to China, the hemp plant has been a force to reckon with; being such an integral resource found in so many of the cultures across the globe. If you didn't know – the Declaration of Independence was signed during that period on hemp paper. There are several top products that can be made from the hemp plant and we have listed them below. Here are some of the top products made from hemp


Hemp plant is used to make mulch that you can use on your soils to improve it so your plants can grow healthy. Mulch that comes from hemp provides the plant with a high level of thermal insulation so the plants can be protected in cold and warm climates. Additionally, this mulch provides a drier surface so weeds can be kept at bay.


Hemp oil is used as a base to make ink that is non-toxic. In comparison to soy, the hemp ink does not need that much processing and on top of that, it dries much faster.


There are batteries made from hemp plant. These are energy efficient and usually outperform other batteries with the same energy system.

Many think that this is definitely a replacement to some of the batteries being made today that are not environmentally friendly and hazardous. So, hemp batteries are the ideal option to heal the planet.


If you did not know this, hemp is one of the plants that could provide fuel to the entire world. It is environmentally friendly and very cost efficient. Depending on how it is processed, hemp is able to produce two kinds of fuel namely ethanol and biodiesel.

Plastic Products

Hemp plastic is not like every other plastic product. It is said to be two and a half times stronger than polypropylene plastic and five times much stiffer.

And more importantly, it is not harmful to the environment and so it won't pose a threat on people's health such as glass fiber materials do. There is a wide range of plastics that come from the hemp plant; namely biodegradable and infused plastic.

Nail Polish

The hemp plant is also used to make nail polish. The product is created with hemp oil so that it can aid in building and repairing nails. The products made from the hemp oil have ingredients such as central fatty acids, Vitamin E and protein so that the user can have naturally healthy nails.


When it comes to the conventional carpeting in homes, it is one of the major problems in indoor pollution. That is why carpets made with help are used by those who are environmentally conscious. In fact, hemp carpets are not filled with the kind of toxic chemicals that trap debris and allergens. These types of carpets are also completely biodegradable.


Butter made using hemp seeds offers high fiber, nutty flavor, magnesium content and protein. It is the best option to use, if you want to have a healthy diet. The recipe for this butter is simple and easy to make.


Imagine having a pair of jeans that you just cannot get rid of because it is so durable. You wear it day in and day out because you love the texture, comfort and fit. Well, the hemp plant is able to make jeans which are water resistant and odor free.

Those are some of the top products made from hemp.

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