Top 5 Recreational Cannabis Pros And Cons

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In 2012, the legalization of cannabis in Washington and Colorado sky-rocketed its value in the market. As of June 2021, 13 states have decriminalized the non-medical use of the plant, while 18 states have declared it legal. Recreational use hasn’t been fully addressed yet, and the federal government is still questioning the service and sales of cannabis.

Let's go over the top 5 recreational cannabis pros and cons to help better understand if medicinal cannabis is the right choice for you.

In the United States, more than half of the population has tried to use marijuana. There are many factors to consider if you want to buy cannabis products. For example, you need to learn how to buy weed in DC because it’s illegal to sell the plant directly, so they have other legal distribution methods.

According to many, the use of cannabis has positive and negative effects. Although medical research has proven that the plant is relatively safe, conclusive evidence is still needed to ensure its safety for general consumption.

To help you weigh this matter, here are the top five pros and cons, respectively, to keep in mind:

Recreational Cannabis Pros

     1. Most people say it’s safer than alcohol

  • According to many people, the use of marijuana is relatively safe compared to alcohol. This belief has been backed by solid medical evidence, and people have started to accept the supposed health benefits of the plant. And even when used recreationally, the number of deaths that cannabis has caused is believed to be non-existent.

      2. It helps you form bonds

  • As with alcohol and tobacco, the recreational use of cannabis may help you form friendships. Inhibitions are usually loosened when using marijuana, which may help you socialize more with your peers. Some people also believe that it boosts confidence, which can make you look more outgoing and approachable.

      3. Can help with everyday stress

  • One of the effects that most people seek from cannabis is that it can trigger dopamine release in the body. It might make you feel light-headed, happy, more energized, and released from stress.

      4. It helps you become more creative

  • There are those that believe using some strains of marijuana tends to help you become more creative. Interactions between your brain and cannabinoids may also trigger your imagination.

      5. Can benefit your mental health

  • Medical studies suggest that cannabis can benefit those with mental health conditions. Its use as a treatment for insomnia is being reconsidered, as previous medical research had limited resources due to the plant’s prior illegal status. 
  • Many people believe that using cannabis can also help people with anxiety. Its relaxing effect can calm down the nerves and improve the user’s concentration.

marijuana joint closeup, recreational cannabis pros and cons

Recreational Cannabis Cons

     1. It can have temporary physical and psychological effects

  • Just like being drunk, the use of cannabis can induce less coordination and balance. You might also lose your ability to drive a car and walk straight. It’s due to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is one of the chemicals found on the plant.
  • When taken excessively, the use of marijuana can also trigger hallucinations and delusions. It can also trigger psychosis for those who tend to use cannabis with higher potency.

      2. It affects your short-term memory

  • The chemicals found inside the plant can affect the hippocampus, which aids in the process of information. Teenagers should avoid using it as it can affect their still-developing brains. Some people say that teenage use of marijuana might lead to lower IQ because areas of the brain responsible for attention and learning are affected.

     3. When smoked, it can cause lung problems

  • Inhaling marijuana causes lung problems similar to that of a tobacco smoker. Long-term smoking of marijuana may lead to breathing problems, such as increased mucous, asthma, and bronchitis.

     4. It can affect pregnancy

  • The use of marijuana during pregnancy is said to affect child development. Some people believe that it may disrupt the motor development of the child. THC may also be passed down from the mother to the baby through breast milk, affecting brain development.

     5. It’s said to be a gateway drug

  • Many people believe that marijuana, tobacco, and alcohol are the gateway towards more harmful substances like cocaine and heroin. It’s thought that you’ll want to go ‘harder’ on substance abuse once you get a taste. There is little scientific evidence regarding this matter, and many people are trying to disapprove of it.

Recreational Cannabis Pros and Cons In A Nutshell

The recreational use of cannabis has both positive and negative effects on people. It may depend on the person, but the level and consistency of service decide whether it’s harmful or not. Most people recommend seeking medical advice before using cannabis to avoid possible complications later on.

As with other recreational activities like drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco, there is always a risk. Excessive usage almost always results in dire consequences, so it’s recommended to use the plant responsibly.

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