Popular Cannabis Strains in Los Angeles and Where to Buy Them

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Medical use of cannabis in California has been legal since 1996. The state also legalized the recreational use of marijuana in 2018, which led to many dispensaries opening doors to customers.

According to reports, cannabis sales in California reached $4.4 billion in 2020. That’s a 57% increase compared to the previous year and a clear indicator the number of users increases every day.

Would you like to learn more about the cannabis market and the most popular cannabis strains in Los Angeles? Whether you are a beginner or you tried marijuana before, these insights will help to get you high-quality cannabis!

Cannabis Market in Los Angeles

It was a shock when CNBC revealed that they visited ten illegal cannabis dispensaries in LA. The reporters documented all sorts of illegal behavior with hidden cameras. That included open marijuana consumption and distributing free cannabis for a positive online review.

An even bigger problem is questionable product quality. Consuming marijuana with too much THC can cause more side effects than benefits. The cannabis you are buying can also have mold, fungal infections, and other contaminants.

Nobody can guarantee you’ll get marijuana manufactured to the expected standards on the black market. That is a huge risk for potentially saving a small sum of money.

That is why it is important to buy your marijuana at regulated dispensaries. There are too many to count and finding one within a reasonable distance of you should not be a challenge.

Where to Buy Cannabis Products in Los Angeles

The only place where you should buy cannabis in LA is a licensed Los Angeles DispensaryMarijuana is legal in the state of California, and all dispensaries need to comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Here are the benefits of buying cannabis in a legal LA dispensaries:

  • You get a high-quality product – Dispensaries acquire only cannabis that passed lab testing procedures and was manufactured by the book. That means you’ll get a high-quality product that’s safe for consumption.
  • A wide selection of strains are available  – Cannabis dispensaries offer different marijuana strains and product types. You can check the cannabis labels for detailed information or ask the employees for advice when choosing a suitable option.
  • It’s a move that supports the economy – State and national economies both took a great hit after the COVID-19 outbreak. And it’s not only you who is supporting the economic recovery, but you can rest assure your money won’t go to criminals and drug lords.

Most Popular Cannabis Strains in Los Angeles

There’s no such thing as the best cannabis strain. Your goal is to find one that matches your preference, which might take trial and error. This selection of the most popular cannabis strains in Los Angeles can help you to decide on a particular product.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream strain is an excellent choice for first-time marijuana users. The growers combined Haze and Blueberry to get this hybrid strain where Sativa clearly dominates. It’s great for newbies because it has a sweet taste that reminds you of berries.

Once you taste Blue Dream, you’ll feel a gentle euphoria. The strain is great for relaxation and tapping into your creativity. This hybrid is also suitable for medical use, and many users claim it can help with nausea, chronic pain, and depression.

Original Glue – GG4

If you are going for a strong feeling of relaxation and euphoria, GG4 is a smart choice. Even its name indicates its effectiveness since the strain can “glue” you to your seat.

This hybrid is a combination of three strains with a potent aroma. It might have an unusually sour taste, but you’ll get accustomed to it quickly. And you’ll soon understand why Original Glue is among the user favorites when it comes to hybrid strains.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain

Apart from having a unique name, this strain also has distinctive effects on the user. Girl Scout Cookies feature a potent hybrid that won’t make you drowsy. Instead, the strain will calm you down. That is important for those days when you feel it’s tough to deal with stress.

Many recommend GSC for creative people looking to tap into their inner talent and create fantastic artwork.

Granddaddy Purple Strain

If you prefer indica strains, Granddaddy Purple might become your #1 choice quickly. The strain has been around for almost two decades, but its popularity is still high.

GDP got its name from flowers that have a deep purple shade. The strain can help to relax you physically while putting your mind in mild euphoria. Some users claim it can help with muscle spasms, insomnia, and pain.

Jack Herer Strain

The growers found inspiration for this strain’s name in the famous writer. However, don’t let it confuse you because Jack Herer strain isn’t primarily for creativity. Furthermore, it’s for those who are looking to maintain an alert state.

The strain will help to get rid of stress while ensuring to boost happiness and alertness.

Conclusion on Best Cannabis Strains in Los Angeles

You can pick from a huge variety of strains and cannabis product types in Los Angeles. It’s up to you whether you want edibles, tinctures, or prefer the bud itself. However, make sure to only buy marijuana at a legal dispensary. That’s the only way to be certain you get a high-quality product safe for consumption.


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