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Dank Dispensary is a growing, high quality cannabis dispensary based out of Calgary, Canada in the providence of Alberta. They offer a similar experience to going to a dispensary in California with the atmosphere inside their stores.

In October of 2018, Canada legalized all marijuana. This helped to boost the Dank weed stores and expand their menu. With hundreds of options of products and an entire team of cannabis educators to help guide consumers, this weed cannabis store knows what its customers are looking for. The store provides two kinds of buying experiences for every shopper. For fast pickups, Dank customers can pre-order online and pickup either in store or curbside. 

Some consumers prefer a more personalized shopping experience and choose to visit the Dank Dispensary location. Here they can work with someone from Dank’s cannabis team known as a “danktender”, who can help them choose the best products for their needs.

Why The Dank Dispensary? 

shelf of cannabis products, dank dispensary
Dank Dispensary Products

With more than one kind of shopping experience offered and an entire team of caring and educated Danktenders, it makes sense this store is rated one of Canada’s best. Check out Danks website for more information regarding strains, ingredients and effects of the products discussed above. 

The Dank Cannabis store has an exquisite loyalty program where buyers can earn crazy points and rewards back in various products and discounts (such as 20% off every 10th visit!).

Due to Canada's new law, both visitors and Canadian citizens are welcome into their stores as long as they are above the age of 18. They carry a pretty elaborate spread of products to meet various methods of smoking. Everything from flowers and prerolls to drinks can be purchased as long as the total checks out to be under 30 grams in one purchase. Check out below to see what kind of products Dank Dispensary has available to its customers.

Flower and Pre Rolls 

For classic lovers of cannabis who prefer Dry Herb, Dank offers over 100 options of flower. And for the joint lovers, pre-rolls. Their flower starts at about $9 a gram and ranges to about $130 for 28 grams, giving smokers of all budgets a choice. With over 20 brands to choose from and a variety of options (Indica, Sativa, High THC, CBD only, etc) their flower and pre-roll menu has to be one of the most extensive.


For the smoker and cannabis connoisseurs who prefer a stronger method of smoking, Dank recommends concentrates. This is concentrated cannabinoids, terpenes and high levels of THC derived from the plant. Smokers searching for rich terpene profiles and personalized flavor can look no further than to Danks concentrate menu.

Concentrate comes in many forms depending on what one is looking for. Dank offers shatter, wax, live resin, rosin, hash and oil that comes in the form of drops. With up to 10 brands to choose from and over 40 products, be sure to check them out for some best priced concentrates in the market


Prefilled, discreet and easy to use. Vaporizers have become one of the most new and common methods for smokers who prefer the beneficial effects of cannabis without the extra set-up of smoking. Danks vaporizers are pre-filled with concentrates or oils and come in a wide variety of strains. For smokers hoping to avoid THC, Dank offers some CBD vapes. Perfect for medicinal effects without any of the psychoactive effects.

While many dispensaries only offer vaporizers in sizes of 0.5 grams or 1 grams, Dank has sizes going all the way upto 3.5. With over 15 brands to choose from, be sure to check out their vapes. For vape accessories such as batteries or battery charger, Dank also has a large page for all smoking essentials with prices much more moderate than many common battery brand distributors. 


This is probably the most fun portion of the menu of Dank to shop around for. Like a kid going into a candy store, Dank offers a ton of edible cannabis products. Chocolate bars, fruity gummies and hard candy for the lovers of sweets and weed. They also offer a large assortment of both THC and only CBD infused drinks, from iced tea to lemonade. Check out Danks website for more product information on ingredients and allergens used in the food products. 


While many dispensaries offer a couple options of topicals for the consumer that would like to beat sore muscles, Dank offers an array of options like nothing ever seen before. Not only do they offer high dose muscle lotion and body cream but this is one of the first stores to see the power in cannabis bath bombs. Other products also offered are hand cream, lip balm and bath and shower “fizz”.

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