Top States To Get A Cannabis Grower License
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Top States To Get A Cannabis Grower License

The top states to get a cannabis grower license are not always clear.  If you want to grow weed and would like to know which states allow you to do so and are offering cannabis grower licenses, then continue to read. Some states across the United States have begun to legalize weed, making it easy for people to cultivate and grow it legally.

The laws in states where marijuana is legal allow caregivers and patients to grow a certain amount at home. Every state has their own guidelines as to how many plants someone can grow for medical consumption.

It begins from an ounce to twenty four ounces; depending on the location. States like Massachusetts, Maine, California and Nevada have legalized recreational marijuana. States like North Dakota, Florida and Arkansas have enacted laws governing medical cannabis legislation.

Right now, there are about thirty three states including the District of Columbia that have allowed the legalization of marijuana and made it possible for cannabis grower licenses to be part of the application process. Here are some of the top states to get a cannabis grower license and some information that will assist you. 

The Process

To start out, if you want to become a cannabis grower, you should consider doing this for your local dispensaries instead of just for yourself. Prior to seeking a license, you should find out which one of the dispensaries in and around town will need your products.

Check with the Department of Health Services to learn more about the cannabis grower licensing process and what you will need to qualify or become approved. Some states only offer a certain number of licenses per year while others do not have any such restrictions.

The State of Alaska

It was in 1998 that Alaska approved Measure 8 for medical cannabis legalization. In 1999, the law took effect; nullifying criminal penalties for possessing, using and cultivating cannabis. Now, patients are able to obtain marijuana with a written letter from an approved doctor as long as they have a qualifying medical condition.

In Alaska, the cannabis grower can only facilitate 12 marijuana plants for each household and only an ounce can be transported.

The State of Arizona

In the state of Arizona, the cannabis grower has to do business with a non-profit dispensary in order for qualifying patients to get the marijuana to use for treating their conditions.

The same law applies. Each household only gets to grow twelve plants or less, but you have to be living more than twenty five miles from the closes dispensary to do so.

The State of California

It has been more than 22 years that the state of California has legalized pot. As it stands, the state allows cannabis grower to cultivate six plants or less for each residency and only for medical reasons. And you have to be more than 21 years of age.

If you hold a medical marijuana card, you are allowed to possess up to an ounce of weed and plant six mature and twelve immature plants. A framework has been put in place by the Governor of the state for future prospectus for growing, transporting, manufacturing, testing, distributing and dispensing medical marijuana.

The State of Colorado

Similar to other states, if you wanted to acquire a cannabis grower license in Colorado, you might have to wait for another bout of application to be processed. The state allows persons to grow six plants medically, but three of those plants have to be in the flowering growth state.

You have to be 21 years or older to be a cannabis grower. To apply for a cannabis grower license in this state, give the governing board a visit and ask for an application and the required documentation. A fee is assessed. Find out what that is.

We hope you find the top states to get a cannabis grower license helpful when looking for your place to start your cannabis grow.


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