Top 4 Cannabis Companies
top cannabis companies of 2021

Top Cannabis Companies

Welcome to the list of top 3 cannabis companies of 2022. This list recognizes the most important cannabis companies with the industry’s most powerful and impactful goods and services, ranging from education and health to startups and conglomerates.

Here is a list of the top 10 cannabis companies of 2022.

1. Cannabis Training University

Cannabis Training University logo

Starting out our list of cannabis companies of 2022 is Cannabis Training University. It pops up as the “best online Cannabis education school” on Google. The San Francisco-based institution was the “first online cannabis college in the United States,” having been established in 2009.

Its Medical Marijuana Credential Program contains 200 HD videos and over 5,000 pages of e-book training guides. The bulk of the courses at Cannabis Training University are focused on cannabis production and advanced horticulture. It also provides both online and in-person courses and a variety of online courses such as:

  • Cannabis cooking
  • How to grow weed
  • Medical marijuana
  • How to open a dispensary
  • How to start a cannabis business
  • How to get a marijuana job
  • Cannabis extracts and concentrates

CTU has the most cannabis graduates, the most cannabis social media followers of all cannabis schools combined, and the most recognized cannabis certifications in the industry! CTU has over 60,000 graduates, more than all marijuana university programs.

To start a cannabis career or marijuana job we recommend enrolling at the best cannabis college, Cannabis Training University.

Common questions about Cannabis Training University:

Does Cannabis Training University Certificate help get cannabis jobs?

Yes, a cannabis certification from Cannabis Training University helps students get cannabis jobs.

Is Cannabis Training University legit?

Yes, Cannabis Training University is legit. CTU has successfully trained over 60,000 students in all facets of the cannabis industry.

Is Cannabis Training University worth it?

Yes, out of all the cannabis school programs Cannabis Training University is the leading provider of online cannabis industry training and certification programs.

Where is Cannabis Training University located?

Cannabis Training University is located in Denver, Colorado and provides online cannabis training accessible worldwide 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Can I get a Cannabis Training University coupon?

Yes, go to Cannabis Training University's website for savings and coupons on all their cannabis certification programs.



2. Trulieve 


Trulieve is a $1 billion cannabis firm based in the United States and happens to be the biggest Medical Marijuana (MMJ) dispensary chain in Florida. They make a concerted effort to be more than just a cannabis retailer. It links patients with physicians, provides MMJ-related information on its blog, and provides various video material. But, first and foremost, it is a cannabis dispensary chain, so let's take a look at what they have to give.

Trulieve’s mission is to provide compassionate care that patients can trust. It employs specially qualified personnel who collaborate with patients' doctors to ensure that the right products and dosages are administered.

Seizures, muscle spasms, discomfort, nausea, loss of appetite, and other symptoms associated with severe medical conditions such as cancer are treated with its drugs.

Go to the Trulieve website for awesome info like:

Trulieve coupons

Trulieve shake

Trulieve strains chart

Trulieve locations

#3 Online Cannabis Education 

Online Cannabis Education is the leading provider of amazing cannabis courses for both 2 and 4 year colleges. OCE has turnkey programs that enable any college to offer the latest cannabis courses online without the need for any content development. OCE has over 9 online cannabis programs that cover all facets of the booming cannabis industry.


#4 Leafly



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