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The Apple Jack strain is the result of crossing two of the most famous strains in all of marijuana. Most strains are named after their flavor and aroma with Apple Jack being very much the same. Below will be everything that you need to know about this strain.

Lineage Of The Apple Jack Strain

Apple Jack is a balanced hybrid of White Widow and Jack Herer. Both of these strains were bred originally in Amsterdam and have been staples of coffee shops there for years.

White Widow has won a multitude of awards and still has a massive following today. The strain is quite potent and can lead to coughing fits as it has relatively harsh smoke.

Jack Herer strain is perfect for a wake and bake experience. You will feel a jolt of energy from this potent strain. The yields of this strain are also quite healthy.

Growers should be able to find seeds of Apple Jack in a variety of seed banks. The strain doesn’t have many hybrids that it has created that have gained traction in the cannabis community.

THC Content Of The Apple Jack Strain

The THC percentage of Apple Jack has a range of 18 to 20 percent. The high is beautiful and balanced so all consumers can enjoy it. You will find that you are a bit motivated and have a burst of energy.

The physical effects are very relaxing while your mind is stimulated. You won’t be too energized but will not be sedated either. The strain allows a person to be productive while physically relaxing which is something everyone can enjoy.

Flavor And Aroma Of The Apple Jack Strain

The Apple Jack strain obviously smells and tastes like apples. There is also a note of earthiness. The terpene profile is comprised of Pinene, Caryophyllene, and Terpinolene.

Pinene has the aroma and taste of pine as the terpene is present in so many plants. This terpene has been known to help with pain, anxiety, and inflammation.

Terpinolene has a fruity taste and gives a burst of energy to the consumer.

Caryophyllene has a spicy taste and can help reduce pain almost immediately.

Medical Issues This Weed Strain Can Address

Marijuana provides relief for so many individuals around the world. Apple Jack can help with the following medical issues:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Nausea
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Social Anxiety
  • Mood & Attention Disorders
  • Muscle Cramps & Spasms

The strain does not have massive levels of THC but does have quite a few medical uses. Cannabinoids work together in the body to bring relief to the consumer.

Strain Yield Of Apple Jack

Apple Jack is going to produce around 2 ounces per square foot if growing perfectly indoors. Outdoors you can expect over a pound per plant which is a very healthy yield. The plants can reach up to 5 feet indoors or outdoors so this should not present an issue. You might need to do a bit of trimming which might not be easy for amateur growers.

Flowering Phase Of Apple Jack

The flowering phase of Apple Jack lasts 8 to 9 weeks. The buds are going to be very dense with a goldish red appearance which makes it quite beautiful but the high outmatches its appearance.

Final Verdict On Apple Jack Strain

Apple Jack comes from monster genetics of two of the best strains the world has to offer. The beauty of this strain is that the parent strains have been bred for decades in Amsterdam. Growing this strain is not the easiest but seeds are easy to acquire so you should try your luck.

Learning how to grow quality marijuana will take a bit of research but there is so much information online. There are small details like keeping mold or mites off of the plants that can make a huge difference. Mold can ruin an entire crop when it spreads so be proactive about keeping your grow tent relatively dry.

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