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Best weed strains. Wedding cake strain. Ice cream cake strain. Purple punch strain. Biscotti strain. Cereal milk strain. Apple fritter strain. Gushers strain. Lava cake strain. Mac 1 strain. Mimosa strain. Blue cookies train. Cherry pie strain. Grease monkey strain. Slurricane strain. Sundae driver strain. London pound cake strain. Strongest strains of weed. Zaza weed strains“>weed strain. Purple Weed Strains. Gary Payton Weed Strain. Ice cream cake weed strain. Papaya weed strain. Jamaican weed strains. Guava weed strain.

cannabis buds on white, cookies dough strain

Cookie Dough Strain Review & Seeds

The Cookie Dough strain is a version of one of the most popular weed strains that has been bred in the last decade. Unlike traditional munchies, this marijuana strain can

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up close of cannabis strain, jungle cake strain

Jungle Cake Strain Review & Seeds

The Jungle Cake strain has a name that intrigues those to try this potent strain. Potent strains are something you should work your way up to as a cannabis consumer.

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macro of cannabis on purple background, guava cake strain

Guava Cake Strain – Weed Review

Cannabis strains can have unclear lineages due to the underground market thriving for the past few decades with the Guava Cake strain being one of these. Breeders are on another

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