Top Things to Know About Magic Mushrooms in Canada

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purple mushrooms growing on ledge, magic mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms are widely used to produce a psychedelic experience in various ways. Before learning about the blue meanies (magic mushrooms), it is vital to understand the origins of mushrooms. Let us explore the blue meanie magic mushrooms.

People consume Canada Organic Shrooms for various reasons, but the most prevalent is to feel good. One of the essential aspects of mushrooms is their unique chemical structure, which differs from mushroom to mushroom. Each mushroom is special, and there are over 20,000 distinct types to select.

Each mushroom is utterly distinct from the others in terms of sight and qualities. Some customers use it for health reasons, while others believe it has psychosomatic consequences.

In Woodlands, How do Blue Meanie Magic Mushrooms Grow?

Blue Cubensis, sometimes known as blue meanies, is a fungus that grows on trees, particularly pine trees. Blue meanies are a kind of fungus that grows on woody detritus. The fungus that causes the blue Cubensis to develop thrives on woody waste found in gardens and woodlands.

The facts above shows that the blue Cubensis is the consequence of a fungus that grows in forests.

Blue Cubensis is a mushroom breed with many members. Blue meanies are primarily present in New Zealand and southern Australia. The Cubensis is authorized to move a certain amount of food from one city to another.

Due to their delicacy and scarcity, blue meanies are expensive to import and export.

Blue Cubensis have a long and tumultuous history of human contact. All of today's popular mushrooms are the product of extensive study on the effects of their use.

Mushrooms have different sizes and shapes, some well-known and others are unknown. The white hollow stem of Blue Cubensis has a blue color covering on top and blue spores. The branch is 12 to 16 centimeters long and 5 to 9 centimeters in diameter.

The mushroom may grow in ancient woodlands that no one tends to for an extended period. The size of blue Cubensis varies. With discrete size growth phenomena, the impacts are likewise diverse.

A wood fungus, like the Cubensis, is discrete in its traits and qualities. P. Cubensis has a variety of cultivated strains, some of which were gathered from the wild and others that farmers produced. Blue Meanie, a specimen acquired from Australia, is likely to be one of the former. It bruises blue when touched, but it is not very cruel (it is also not Meanie-like, as anyone who has watched Yellow Submarine would recognize).

When people say “shrooms” or “magic mushrooms,” they typically refer to P.Cubensis and its numerous strains. It is not the only hallucinogenic mushroom species out there—dozens more contain large quantities of psilocybin.

Certain Amanitas have a separate psychoactive ingredient called Moscimol—but it is the most well-known. It grows around the globe and feeds on mammalian excrement (it can be cultivated on other substrates, though).

Medium-sized fruiting bodies with light-brown crowns and a webby partial veil that rips immediately before spore discharge are standard. However, due to natural variance, there is much variety in color, size, cap form, and psilocybin content.

Trip experiences vary greatly, although this is partly due to differences in the users' biochemistry and set and environment details. Various strains create different types of trips, which is a point of contention.

Some argue that although the Strains range in potency, their experiences have no consistently recognized quality other than their identification as P. Cubensis. Others, though, disagree.

Word of Caution for Magic Mushrooms

mushrooms growing by blue butterflies

Psilocybe mushrooms are generally safe to consume (and are famous for micro-dosing), but they are not without danger. Responsible users pay close attention to safety, gradually increase the dose, and have a sober companion on hand.

This companion can assist with any practical challenges and cope with physical or psychological concerns if the trip is not intended. Most users feel some nausea throughout their experience, and more severe side effects, some of which are life-threatening, are conceivable.

In most countries, psilocybin and anything containing psilocybin, such as Psilocybe mushrooms is illegal to purchase, sell, or possess.

Effects of Blue Meanie Magic Mushrooms

Since the effects may last for an extended period, users should wait at least three hours after the first dosage before taking another. Trips might take anything from four to five hours.


Sometimes sellers provide dosage sizes (for example, one gram in the case of Blue Meanie), but it is not always that straightforward. Although a reasonable estimate for P. Cubensis dose may be suitable, the result is approximate since user sensitivity and mushroom potency varies.

Because it is a robust strain, a Blue Meanie dosage will be less than typical, assuming all other factors are equal.

Blue Meanie Magic Mushrooms: Buying vs. Growing

Buying and cultivating magic mushrooms such as Blue Meanie Cubensis both have benefits and drawbacks.

Growing mushrooms is far less expensive for each dosage. It is feasible to make many dozen doses at home for the price of a single dosage purchased online.

Growers who gather their spores (it is easy; leave a fungus unharvested until it is completely mature, then produce a spore print) may keep cultivating the same strain forever by just purchasing additional substrate. While certain Strains are challenging to get spores from, Blue Meanie is not one.

There is also the matter of legal repercussions. Personal use of psilocybin is lawful in specific locations, but possession remains prohibited. Growing Psilocybes now falls into the dubious legal ground, and farmers may find themselves at the mercy of the courts. Buying a dosage or two at a time may make more sense.

Users who take psilocybin in places still illegal are between a rock and a hard place. Psilocybe spores are lawful to purchase, sell, and possess in all but a few states since they do not contain psilocybin.

That means you may acquire everything you need to grow without violating the law—until the spores germinate. The ability to purchase anything legally is considerable assistance for individuals who value their privacy.

On the other hand, growers have enormous quantities of illicit materials on hand for weeks or months, which might be much riskier than having a single dosage in the home now and again.

There is also the matter of quality to consider. Buying Psilocybes requires trusting the seller—which is excellent if the source is trustworthy, but if they aren't, the consumer has no recourse. Home gardeners are well aware of their resources.

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