15 Marijuana Dispensaries To Explore In California

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We go over the top 15 marijuana dispensaries to explore in California in 2020. If you are thinking of exploring marijuana dispensaries this list is for you. We have sampled several weed dispensaries in the Golden state and come up with 15 weed dispensaries that we think might excite you.

California was the first state to legalize medicinal cannabis in 1996. Two decades later (2018), recreational weed was legalized. Adults over 21 are allowed to grow and use pot recreationally. It follows that they can buy legal pot from recreational weed dispensaries.

Weed is a brotherhood; so buying it is an experience to be relished. It’s not the same way you walk into Wal-Mart and order some broccoli or a pack of cigars. Not at all, buying weed involves interacting with a budtender, sniffing into different jars, checking out the latest paraphernalia before finally settling on some nugs. This is what makes it an experience. 

With a rich 420 history, California’s weed culture is explosive. You will find some of the best strains from here. California is home to some legendary cannabis strains such as Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, Sour Diesel, Green Crack, and OG Kush among others.

Visitors in Cali can easily get bogged down by the multitude of weed dispensaries to choose from. While one can use Weed Maps, this may not give you the best in the market. We’d like to invite you to use our awesome list for 2020.

1.  From the Earth – Santa Ana & Port Hueneme

From the Earth is a rec cannabis dispensary located in Santa Ana and Port Hueneme. This dispensary boast of a large inventory of cannabis products: flowers, concentrates, vapes, edibles, topical, accessories, and gummies. You will be thrilled by the vastness of the product repertoire. 

2.  Barbary Coast – San Francisco

This San Francisco based dispensary has a rich 420 history. The menu is to-die-for; it includes infused truffle oil, black sesame marshmallows, and fancy pre-rolls.

3.  Harvest on Geary

Harvest on Geary gives you an authentic “farm feel” blended with modern finishes. This is a member’s only cannabis joint where members are allowed to book the whole club for a private event.

4.  Urban Pharm – San Francisco

Urban has designer style finishes that invite stoners to an exclusive experience. They have an open-flame culture that allows customers to light a spliff on site. 

5.  Grass Roots – San Francisco, California

Grass Roots offer a world-class cannabis experience in their dispensary. Having been in the market for 10 years, they know how to treat their customers. They have an online menu to complement the physical store. They offer a broad selection of fresh flowers, pre-rolls galore, premium vape cartridges, tasty edibles, and accessories for every occasion. 

6.  Magnolia Wellness – Oakland

Magnolia Wellness is run by a cannabis activist known as Debby Goldsberry. If you want to experiment with some “Stoney” cannabis concentrates, try their dab bar. 

The Dab Bar and Vapor Lounge is an inclusive space where potent strains of weed are offered. They have been serving Bay Area residents for over 20 years.  Consider trying their high-quality flower, concentrates, vape, tinctures, and tasty edibles.

7.  The Apothecarium Castro – San Francisco

The Apothecarium is a popular weed shop that regularly hosts cannabis education events. The club’s interior is decorated with artwork and crystal chandeliers.  The floral scents from the freshly cut flowers help to set a relaxing tone. Their menu features high-quality flowers, edibles, tinctures, topicals, extracts, and accessories.

8.  Coachella Valley Church – San Jose

Would you light up in a church? Well, this Rastafarian church allows members to indulge as they saturate in every spiritual sense. The belief in this church is centered on Elevationism: the desire to deepen or accelerate one’s spiritual journey. The sacrament offered? Hash-infused prerolls. The altar is decked with pot. 

9.  Caliva – San Jose

Caliva is housed in an impressive 95,000-square-foot cultivation facility, where marijuana is cultivated. Customers and budtenders interact freely in this expanse as they blaze the best quality ganja from the grow. For this Valentines, they are offering indulgent chocolates and sensual teas in different strains and flavors. You can find other premium cannabis products from this dispensary.

10.              KindPeoples – Santa Cruz

Visitors to this weed dispensary will be welcomed with a blend preroll just for a buck. Currently, their menu features an original mint-infused cannabis spray and Pie Hoe live sugar concentrate.

The best thing about Kindpeoples is their expansive digital seed bank featuring the best seeds and clones. If you are a grower, you will enjoy visiting this dispensary.

11.              Bud & Bloom – Santa Ana

Bud & Bloom is a fully modern brick shop with beautiful wall décor that gives it an authentic feel. The digital menus and allow you to make an order with a few taps. This shop is located in Orange County and serves this community wholeheartedly.  It is usually bustling with activity as visitors wait to be served. 

12.              Palm Springs Safe Access- Palm Springs

This is a cannabis dispensary that offers high-quality cannabis products and accompanying superior service to locals. You can select from over 50 strains prepared to the highest of standards.  

13.              Golden State Greens – San Diego

This is a San Diego based dispensary boasting a wide selection of superior flower, wax, resin, oil, and other products, in their menu. The ambiance is inviting and the staff is known for their sincere friendliness. 

14.              People’s OC -Santa Ana, California

This is an award-winning weed dispensary that is beautifully decorated with warm colors. Here you will find the best weed edibles as well as smoking accessories. 

15.              Captain Jacks – Upland

Captain Jacks is the perfect place to unwind at after a long and tiresome week. They have a full-service dab and vape lounge that offers pure luxury for ganja lovers. They have a wide range of products including canna-sweets and pet treats. If you are lucky you can catch a few good offers on some random days. 

To buy weed from a dispensary that offers recreational marijuana you will need to provide identification. Most of these dispensaries operate on a cash basis, so don’t be surprised to see heavily armed guards. Unlike, medicinal cannabis, recreational weed shops are highly taxed. If you happen to possess a medical marijuana card you might be able to save a few bucks on your purchases. 

With that said, hope you enjoy sampling any of the top 15 marijuana dispensaries in California. 

How To Open a Dispensary In California

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