What Are Online Cannabis Seed Banks?

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With the rise in cannabis use and legalization of the plant. More people today are cultivating pot at home. Dispensaries are selling more cannabis seeds today than ever before. There are online cannabis seed banks who have a massive inventory of many reputable brands

Growing your own marijuana plant has never been easier, and many retailers offer an abundant amount of seed strains. Cannabis seeds are a great gift for a stoner. Whether they are looking to grow their own plant or just have their favorite strain in souvenir form.

It is now easier than ever to buy cannabis seeds online safely and at decent prices. Many retailers including Seed City offer regular, feminized and autoflowering seeds.

Regular cannabis seeds will produce either a male or female plant and are not genetically bred to grow a certain way. On the other hand feminized seeds are germinated to produce solely female plants. Autoflowering plants are less complex and bloom automatically. Some popular cannabis seed retailers with these include Crop King Seeds, MJSeeds, Seed City and Herbies Seeds. 

There are many cannabis banks that exist worldwide. Many of these seed banks will sell for either souvenir or cultivation purposes. This often depends on the local and national cannabis laws. For example Crop King Seeds brands their seeds for the perfect breeding and cultivation purposes. They are able to do this because of Canada’s legal cannabis laws.

Unfortunately, cannabis is still outlawed for growing purposes in many countries. This means brands must find other ways to get around this barrier. Seed City is a perfect example of how to navigate the cannabis seed market where laws are in place. They offer all their seeds for the perfect souvenirs and do not discuss cultivation or brand as a growing product.  

Cannabis Seeds Market Expected To Grow In Next 5 Years 

The cannabis seeds market is a global and continuously expanding market. Seed categorization is most often broken down by types of seeds, strain types and countries.

Types of seeds sold include regular, feminized and autoflowering with regular seeds being the most popular and projected to grow. Indica strains are currently dominating the markets as well although hybrid seed sales are set to dramatically increase.

A recent report published by Data Bridge Market Research predicts a 14.5% annual increase in cannabis seed sales over the next seven years, set to bring in close to $724 million by 2027. Cannabis seed retailers covered in this report stem from a host of countries.

Countries with the highest cannabis seed sales include the United States, China and Spain. This report also discusses the shift in companies expanding into organic seeds as a focus for health. This makes sense with the recent increase in legal use for cannabis medical purposes.

Premium Online Cannabis Seed Banks – Seed City

Seed City is a globally known and reliable cannabis seed retailer. They offer the most perfect novelty seeds and strains to add to your collection. They pride themselves on giving users seeds with great flavor names and classic collector items.

Working with only the highest quality brands and breeders helps to keep their online cannabis seed retail site continuously growing.

They were founded in 2010 in the United Kingdom as a small group of collectors with a passion for fine marijuana seeds. Their passionate drive behind building this company has helped them with their success today.

Customers love the quick and discreet worldwide shipping. They offer a user-friendly experience where consumers can browse seed strains, types, and sizes. Stay updated on new products and information on their strains by following their Instagram @seed_city. 

Seed City is dependable when it comes to choosing authorized and the best cannabis breeders. Check out some of their consumer’s favorite brands and Seed City choice strains below. 

Seed Breeder Companies

Barney Farms Seeds

Barneys Farms is a world renowned cannabis seed breeder that has been active since the 1990s. Founded out of a coffee shop in Amsterdam, the weed capital of the world, they definitely know their product. They are known for famous strains such as Gorilla Zkittlez, Willie Nelson, and Wedding Cake. 

Seedsman Seeds

Seedsman seeds are an intimate network of seed providers. They were founded in 2002 and have been active ever since. While they do not breed themselves, they bring together the world's most reliable breeders to offer retailers the finest selections.

Seedsman is an interesting brand because they score some of the most luxurious seed breeders in the market, and due to certain laws, some of these breeders choose to keep their names secret. Check out some of their favorite strains, such as Nemesis, African Buzz, and G13 Haze. 

Growers Choice Seeds

Growers choice is a fan favorite and seed city classic. They offer some of the most famous and finest strains of cannabis seeds on the market.

Growers Choice has proven themselves to be experts in the industry by incorporating new growing techniques that allow them to experiment with different strains. They offer auto flowering and feminized seeds. The two rock stars that gave Growers Choice its name to fame are Purple Dosi Punch and Rainbow Runtz. 

Their Purple Dosi Punch is one of the most sold seeds on Seed City. This feminized seed and Indica strain are known for their deep purple and orange trichomes with berry flavors. Rainbow Runtz is another classic that gives users sweet flavors. This seed is a perfect souvenir for any collection combining the three famous Zkittlez, Do-Si-Do, and Gelato. 

Exotic Strains Available From Online Cannabis Seed Banks 

As mentioned above, Seed City offers some of the most reliable brands. Many are known for creating some of the craziest and most exotic strains out there. These are perfect souvenirs as part of a collection or cultivating flavorful plants for potent terpenes and tasty hits. 

Peanut Butter Breath Strain

This classic strain is offered on Seed City by the reliable brand TasteBudz Seeds. This dense Indica-Hybrid strain breeds together Do-Si-Do, OG Kush Breath, and Peanut Butter Cookies. TasteBudz has over 30 years of experience in the industry and loves to get creative with their strains


Sherblato strain is an Indica-Dominant hybrid that is crossed with two famous strains and is perfect for any souvenir collection. Crossing Sunset sherbert and Gelato, this sweet strain is filled with vibrant purple, green and orange hairs. This strain is brought to Seed City by Flavour Chasers.

This unique brand was founded in the UK but runs all their breeding and operations out of sunny California, USA. California is known for its relaxed cannabis laws, which help them to produce more products and strains. Check out their Instagram @flavourchaserseeds. 


Another intensely flavorful strain offered by TasteBudz Steeds. This bright orange and green Gelonade is an excellent seed for any collector passionate about cannabis. Crossed with their sweet sunset sherbert and a punchy thin mint GSC, this seed combines two classics into one.  

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