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Nutra cleanse. Passyourtest reviews
Pass Your Test. Nutra Cleanse Review., owned by Veritas Sales, has been in business for more than a decade, and their Nutra Cleanse products are manufactured in FDA-approved GMP labs in the United States.

PassYourTest Review

Company Headquarters: Phoenix, Arizona, United States.

Range of Products: Pass Your Test currently sells four different product types, each with a few options.

Price Range: Price ranges from $59.95 for Clean Shot, a strong 2.5 oz drink and capsule combination that is a quick and efficient way to eliminate toxins from your body, while 5 Day Extreme Detoxification is available for just $109.95.

What Sets Pass Your Test Apart?

No substance on the planet can “guarantee” that you can pass a pending drug test because there are far too many variables at stake, including your size and weight, how much THC you already have in your system, and how closely you follow the detox program's instructions.

Here are five reasons why we think Pass Your Test products deserve your attention. (Nutra Cleanse Detox)

  • 20+ years of reputable ratings
  • All exclusive drug cleansing products come with easy-to-follow instructions and phone call support.
  • Nutra Cleanse products come with a “Satisfaction Guarantee,” which means that if one of the services doesn't work for you, you can return it for a refund.
  • All of the Pass Your Test products are produced in DHHS and DEA-certified facilities in the United States.
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Pass Your Test Review of Products

1. 5-Day Extreme Detox By Nutra Cleanse

Have you been exposed to a lot of toxins? Then this program is tailored for people like you. With this 5-day extreme detox by Nutra Cleanse program, all toxins are permanently eliminated.

The pass your test program is backed by permanent cleaning products with customer service and optional daily email or text reminders to ensure you meet your cleansing goals. What more, you get a 100% money-back guarantee. 

2. 10-Day Ultra Detoxification Program

We are all well aware that the burden of daily exposure to toxins may have deeper repercussions on our lifestyles. This program is also recommended for someone weighing 250 pounds or more, regardless of toxin levels. With this 10-day detox program, all toxins are permanently eliminated.

If you know, for instance, that your drug test is coming up in the next two to three weeks, we recommend the 10-day program over the 5-day, despite the fact that it is significantly more expensive. Also, if you weigh 250 pounds or more, the 10-day program is highly recommended.

Finally, keep in mind that the 5 and 10-day Permanent Cleanses were designed specifically for urine drug testing. If you want to detox your hair and blood as well, the 10 day Extreme Total Body Cleanse Program is the way to go. 

3. Fail-Safe Kit Reviews

Fail Safe Kit Nutra Cleanse


The Fail-Safe kit is for people who have been exposed to a lot of chemicals and want to cleanse their bodies quickly. Regardless of toxin exposure, the Fail-Safe Kit is the product we recommend for those with a high body fat content or high weight levels.

The Fail-Safe Kit is highly recommended for heavy marijuana users aware that they have a high level of toxins in their bloodstream. This simple kit will help remove toxins from your system, allowing you to cleanse the same day. 

How long does weed stay in urine? That depends on how much cannabis the user has had and for how long prior to being drug tested. 

4. Clean-Shot Drug Test

Last on our list of Pass Your Test review is the Clean-Shot. For $59.95, you can get a 2.5 oz clean shot drink and capsule combination that is a quick and efficient way to eliminate toxins from your body. It works with your body to break down toxins to get them out of your bloodstream as soon as possible. The clean shot approach is for those who have high toxins levels and want to cleanse the same day.

Does Nutra Cleanse Work?

Pass Your test review

It's hard to say. Regular use of thc for many years is difficult to clear out of the blood any sooner than 30 days, and for heavy pot smokers can take even longer. On thing is for sure, Nutra Cleanse has sold many drug detox kits, so that might be a good sign. Most people find PassYourtest, Nutra Cleanse products to work very well and to help pass a drug test very mush easier. 

Does Nutra Cleanse work? Yes, it certainly does. 


Do you have any experience with drug test kits? How has you experience been? Any of them work and help you pass a drug test?



*Some of the links in this article may result in a commission for us if you purchase through them and we appreciate it! Thank you!

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2 thoughts on “Pass Your Test Review & Best Coupon”

  1. If you want to pass a drug test try Nutra Cleanse or Pass Your Test products. I recommend the Nutra Cleanse 5 day detox kit. Or the clean caps. Or the Nutra Cleanse fail safe kit.

    1. Yes i used some products from Nutra Cleanse and found them helpful for passing a weed drug test. It cleared the THC out of my system fast and I passed my drug test.

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