7 Marijuana Strains to Excite New Growers In 2023

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Mastering cannabis growing is no mean feat, so Cannabis Reports came up with 7 marijuana strains to excite new growers in 2023. It would be a lie to say that this takes out all the hard work. However, with a little effort, you should have a bountiful canopy.  

First Things First

There are a few things that one must consider when trying out pot farming for the first time. A rule of thumb is to keep things as simple as possible. Getting a good crop at the first attempt will encourage you to try out something else in the future. On the other hand, failing at the first attempt discourages many from subsequent trials. Therefore, keeping it simple increases your odds of success.

  1. Go for hardy strains

You are likely to make a couple of mistakes when you try this for the first time. This can be things such as exposing the plants to excess light, heat, warmth, or cold. Plants that are susceptible to minor fluctuations are likely to succumb to such fluctuations. On the other hand, hardy strains tend to be more patient with you.

  1. Use feminized seeds

Feminized seeds will save you the headache of weeding out male plants on your own.

  1. The shorter the flowering period the better

Again, since you want to keep it simple go for marijuana strains that flower within the shortest time possible. Some strains will be flowering within seven weeks, this is just perfect. Especially when you are growing outdoors and have little control over the elements of weather, you want to be in-and-out within the shortest time possible.

With that little background, here are the seven strains that are easy for new growers to maneuver around.

7 Marijuana Strains to Excite New Growers In 2023

1. Easy Sativa

It’s easy and its sativa; this is an easy strain to grow whether done indoors or outdoors. It’s a hardy strain that can take minor fluctuations  in its stride. Being a sativa, it takes a while to flower, 12 weeks roughly.

However, expect it to do pretty well throughout the journey. This sativa will surprise you with a bountiful harvest; 400-500 g/m². The buds are dense and sticky, boasting of a THC content that exceeds 15%. Expect a strong cerebral buzz and significant munchies upon harvest and ingestion.

2. Papaya

Papaya is an indica dominant strain that’s as hardy as it gets. It fights off diseases and pests pretty well, giving a beginner a fair chance at success. Being an indica, it flowers in a short time, rarely going beyond 9 weeks. The buds produced are heavy and resinous, a good reward for your diligence. 

3. Super Skunk

Being a descendant of the legendary Skunk #1, this strain is both pungent and hardy. It’s an indica dominant strain that gives a potent body stone. It flowers within 7 weeks and gives a yield of 400-500 g/m² in SOG. It requires basic care during the grow period making it a good choice for beginners. 

4. Dark Angel

Dark Angel is a balanced strain with 50% indica and 50% sativa. This property endears it as both a medicinal and recreational strain. It is a cross between the popular Jack Herer and Cheese strain

It’s a good choice for first-time growers because it requires “minimal supervision” during the growing period. Feminized seeds are easy to come by; this will simplify the process further

Dark Angel does well both indoors and outdoors. It flowers in 8 weeks and gives high yields of up to 550g indoors.

5. Black Domino

Black Domino is an indica dominant hybrid strain that gives a full-body stone. It has a skunk smell that leaves behind spicy notes on the exhale. Beginners will enjoy growing this strain for two reasons: it takes a short time to flower and is pretty much hardy. The yields are also decent and are a good reward for the effort. Expect to get 400-500 g/m² in SOG after 8 weeks.

6. Cheese

This strain has a sweet and citrusy aroma, quite contrary to what the name suggests. It is a cross between Swiss Miss and the popular Skunk #1. The plants grow short and wide and may require spacious rooms for indoor grows. This strain is sativa dominant though it has indica characteristics. It flowers within 8 weeks. New growers will appreciate the fact that it requires minimal TLC to do well. 

7. White Widow

Despite the odd name, White Widow is loved for many things. It has high amounts of THC making it a favorite for recreational users and those seeking pain relief. The scent is mostly piney with some musky notes from afar off. It does well indoors where it flowers in 8 weeks. The growing difficulty is easy and the yields are high. 

Growing cannabis is an intricate science, something to be mastered over time. However, it is worth every effort, especially if you are a regular user. This will not only save you a lot of money but it will give you control over the quality of weed that you consume. 

Over time, you can experiment with different strains and growing techniques. But for a start, don’t sweat it. You can always start with these 7 strains to excite new growers in 2023.

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