5 Tips For New Medical Marijuana Patients

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Typically, navigating the medical marijuana world can be a bit overwhelming for new patients. With things like dosing, strains, CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) ratios, delivery methods, and many more, there's a lot to learn about medical marijuana. Take note that before you try marijuana, you need to make sure it's a healthy and safe option for your particular health condition.  

With that in mind, below are five tips for new medical marijuana patients to consider, guiding you towards the right direction.

5 Tips For New Medical Marijuana Patients

1. Perform A Thorough Research

Like any new market, consumers should know what they're purchasing. Because of this, new patients like you need to educate yourself about medical cannabis products. For instance, it can be an excellent idea to conduct a thorough research about the medical marijuana industry through the following ways: 

  • Reputable online resources: There are reliable websites that offer credible information about the ins and outs of using medical cannabis products. Also, some digital resources can give some information about the different brands and manufacturers you may be looking for.  
  • Clinical studies: Aside from online resources, your research should also include some clinical studies about the use of medical marijuana to treat or prevent illnesses. Fortunately, there are many organizations that have conducted some scientific studies to show the effects of the cannabis product and other related results.  
  • Medical marijuana users: The valuable information from other medical marijuana may also help determine whether a specific product would be best for your situation. Since they have more experience using weed, they may give you some recommendations on what brand or product to use for your condition.  

2. Get A Medical Marijuana Recommendation

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For new medical marijuana patients, a recommendation from an experienced doctor may be necessary before buying any cannabis products. Without a recommendation, you may be unable to access the dispensaries and other related services. 

To obtain the said medical marijuana recommendation, it's essential to contact a doctor for an appointment. If you're looking for trustworthy medical marijuana doctors, you can check out some websites that provide a directory of practitioners to choose from.  

Once you find a doctor and get an appointment, they'll schedule you for a physical exam and ask some questions to assess your medical marijuana treatment plan. When everything is complete, the doctor will give you the recommendation, and you'll be ready to obtain the card.  

To get your medical marijuana card, you may need to fill out the application completely. Make sure to provide the necessary identification documents to expedite your application process. Also, be prepared to pay an application fee to finalize your legal authority to use medical marijuana for some common medical conditions.  

3. Know What To Do When You Visit A Dispensary

It's also crucial for new medical marijuana patients to learn what to do when they visit a dispensary. Typically, you don't need to be anxious when going to a dispensary since the people there are friendly and willing to assist you with your needs. Once you're there, they'll record your identification and take your card to start the buying process.  

On the other hand, it's important to remember you don't need to visit only one dispensary. If the product you're looking for isn't available there, you're free to look for other dispensaries to get the medical marijuana product you need.  

4. Select The Right Medical Marijuana Product

Although your doctor recommends using medical marijuana, it doesn't include the specific product you should try for your condition. As such, you need to choose the appropriate product right from the beginning. 

However, you should know that there are some factors to consider when finding the perfect medical marijuana for your needs. These can include: 

  • Strains: These refer to a classification for the various plants that medical marijuana is derived from. The familiar strains are cannabis Sativa, cannabis Indica, and cannabis hybrids. The Sativa plants are believed to be effective in treating conditions like chronic fatigue and depression. The Indica plants, on the other hand, are said to be a better treatment for chronic pain and insomnia since they may help relieve pain and soothe nerves. Hybrid plants are believed to be a good way of treating patients with more serious medical conditions.
  • CBD and THC levels: Another critical factor to keep in mind is your chosen strain's CBD or THC level. Unlike THC, CBD isn't a psychoactive compound. Hence, for medical marijuana patients like you, products with low THC levels are more likely recommended due to their relaxing health benefits.  
  • Preferred type: There are many ways to consume medical marijuana. As such, most manufacturers produce different kinds of products, such as edibles, topicals, and vapes. The edibles are the popular type since they're easy to consume and digest. You can also mix them into your drinks or food. On the other hand, the topicals can be great for people who need a localized effect of medical marijuana to ease chronic pain. Lastly, cannabis vapes are also another popular type for patients due to their ease of use.

5. Begin With A Low Dose

Like any other medication, medical marijuana requires the right amount of dosage for it to be effective. For instance, when you take a low dose, you may not experience any effect. But if you consume a higher dose, you may obtain some side effects.

Therefore, if you're a new patient, the safest thing to do is begin with a low dose of medical marijuana and gradually increase it until you reach the comfortable amount your body needs. By doing this, you can stay safe and healthy while using the cannabis product for your health problem.  

However, it's still best to talk to a physician about medical marijuana use so they can recommend the correct dose for you.   

Bottom Line

With more patients getting happy and satisfied with the health benefits of medical marijuana, there's no question why many places approve its use for health purposes. Therefore, if you're ready to try medical marijuana, keep these tips in mind to make sure you do the right thing. By educating yourself about cannabis products, you can stay safe and healthy at all times.


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