Ganja Meaning in English

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What is the ganja meaning in English? Where did the word Ganja come from?

Marijuana, esp. in the form of a potent preparation used chiefly for smoking.

Also: a highly potent form of cannabis, usually used for smoking.

Ganja meaning in English

Common Slang Names for Weed


African broccoli
Antiguan Rocket
Alligator Cigarettes
Amsterdam's finest
Arathi (high quality)

Bake Sale
Bible worksheets
Bob Hope (footnote in w:Infinite Jest, by author David Foster Wallace)
Bobby Brown (common usage in US)
Boner Soup
Bongo (common usage in Cairo, Egypt)
Booboo sh*t (low quality) (common usage in the African American vernacular)
Boogity brown (low quality)
Brown Buddha
Brown frown (low quality)
Bubble kush
Bud (common usage in US)
Burger King (with a fork being the smoking tool of choice)

cactus green
Caracas (what Latinos call low-grade marijuana)
Carribean cabbage
cancer weed
cheatham (awful-quality weed), (South African English)
checkers (low quality)
cheech and chong
cheg (very small amount of resin)
chess (high quality)
Cherry (lit end of a Cigarette, Bong, Joint, Cigar)
chronic (high quality)
Chronicles of Narnia
comic books
combustible herbargy
course notes
Crop (often shortened to cro) (UK Slang)
curley wurley

dagga (from Afrikaans via South Africa)
Dat sticky icky icky, Poo We (Snoop Dogg)
Devil's Lettuce
Daniel Nuggetstone
Dan K. Buddinhash
diesel (low quality resin)
dime (a 10 dollar sack)
dirt weed (very low-quality marijuana that tastes extremely bad)
discarded bibles
dro (derived from hydroponics)
dub sack or twamp (20 dollars)

eighth (standard-quantity used for trading — 1/8 imperial ounce)
Edwardian Morris Baskerville
electric puha (from puha, a plant in New Zealand)

Forbidden Fruit
frodis (from The Monkees)
funk, (Australian English, Jamaican English)
Funky falafel
Fid or Fiddy (refers to a $50 in New Zealand)

gangster gumbo (a mix of several people's cannabis)
ganja or ganj (abbreviated) (from Hindi)
good advice (high-quality smoke)
good shit
goofy boots
grade — good-quality bud
Grandpa's medicine
grapes (purple weed)
green tea
Green crack
greenest of the goop (high quality)
greenest of the green
g-regs or gregs (general or generic regulars)
Guitar Hero
w:Guy Smiley
gwaai (pron. ga-why) (South African slang)

hash (hashish, Arabic for grass)
Hungarian Hummus

ice cream
indo or endo

Jazz Cabbage
Jazz Cigarette
Jay Tokenstein
Jobb The Finest there is
Jobb (God like)
Jupiter's beard

Kevin Bacon (euphemism for kine bud)
kibs or kibbies (short for kine bud)
killer herb, or killa (very common in Texas)
kind (short for kine bud),
kine bud (though commonly misinterpreted as “Kind” Bud, kine is the Hawaiian word for “excellent”)
Kush, (named for the “Kush” region of Afghanistan.)

lamb's bread
lemon G
little beasts (nuggets)
loud (high-grade)
lye (commonly used in the 1990s in the United States, prominently in a few rap songs (e.g. w:Life's a Bitch (song))

magic cancer
marijuana (originally subcultural)
Mary Jane
mbanje (Zimbabwe language Shona, Mannie Fresh or mannie)
Mecca (low-grade)
Method (Staten Island, NY)
Mexican kilobrick (low-grade, highly-compressed import)
Mezz (from Mezz Mezzrow, prominent jazz era dealer)
Microwave popcorn
mids (middle quality)
“Mostly [Maui Waui] man, but it's got some Labrador in it” [Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke 1978]

nay nay famous
nick or nickel (a 5-dollar sack)
nodge (small amount of hashish)
nug or nugget or nugs

Old Toby

pakalolo (from Hawaii)
Party Parsley
Pineapple Express
Plingots (or “The Old Plingots”)
Portuguese plant
Pack (ie, “loud pack”)


Reggae cigarette
Reggie Miller (regs, low grade)
regs (regular strength)

sappad (low quality)
schwugs (middle-quality – portmanteau of schwag and nugs)
scooby-doo (common usage on UEA campus, England)
shake (leaf and seeds at bottom of bag)
sinsemilla or sinse
Shamya (bad weed)
Silly Spinach
smeed (northwest Ohio),
smookey smoke
snickle-fritz (low-quality bud)
soap bar (low-quality hash)
solid (resin)
sweet G

tacos (CHI)
taima (Japanese origin)
tiger fear
tree, forb
tin or tinny ($25 worth in New Zealand)

wacky tobaccy/baccy
widdle (common in Bergen County, New Jersey)
wizard (specifically high-grade cannabis, common usage in Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
Yarndi (an Australian aboriginal term for weed)


X box
Y Yankey-Doodle Z

Zoot (invented in Norwich in 1600)
Terms also from the 1930s period include:

Bingger (bong, water pipe)
Bone (marijuana cigarette)
Buge (water pipe, bong)
Billy (bong)
Bilge (bong)
Bunk (bad marijuana)
Cousin Mary
Elbow (pound)
Green Badger (high quality)
Grizz (gram)
Herbal jazz cigarette
Joint (MJ cigarette)
Juicy Fruit (a strain that smells like gum)
Key (kilo of marijuana)
Morning meds
Mother Mary
Onion (ounce)
Pizza (exclusively North America)
QP (quarter pound)
Roach (end of used MJ cigarette)
Sister Mary
Skunk (marijuana smelling like a skunk)
Spliff (a marijuana cigarette)
Sweet leaf
Twist (a marijuana cigarette)
White rhino (high quality marijuana – usually mixed with cocaine)
In the UK, cannabis is often referred to by quantity:

1/16 (ounce): ‘teenth' (sixteenth), Louis (the 16th)
1/8: eighth, eighter, single, Henry (the VIII), cut, slice, Garden Gate
1/4: quarter (ounce), quad, ‘Q', bottle (of water), farmer's daughter, mike vick
1/2: half (ounce), ‘halfie', ‘half-O', ‘halfer'
1: ounce, oz, onion Ozzy (Osbourne), ‘O', Oscar, zone, zip, Fosters
4 o's: QP, quap, Cutie Pie
9: bar (approx. 250g)
36: key, kilo (approx. 1 kg)
10^9: beenth (fictional term for a billion ounces)
£5s worth – ‘Dives'
£10s worth – ‘ten bag','tens', ‘benners', ‘ten bit', '10s poof', ‘a draw'
tuppence worth
Realistically though, unless you're safe with your dealer or you know the geezer who grows it, you're gonna get mugged off. Probably end up paying £10 and getting a 0.8/0.7.

In the US, cannabis is often referred to by price

Nickel bag, blunt (also referred to as a “nick”) — $5 worth
Dime bag (also referred to as a “dime”) — $10 worth
Dub – twenty bag, $20 worth
30 sack – $30 worth
50 piece (also referred to as an eighth or fatty eight) — You get 3 of that particular dealer's twenty bags (“dubs”) for $50, $10 in savings. Sometimes just comes in one bag/plastic jar.
25, or a quarter — It is $100 worth and works with the savings system by giving you $20 amount free with it.
Lid- $200 worth, It is usually the largest amount bought at a time. It is referred to as a lid because the height of the amount of marijuana in the bag is equal to the width of the lid of a bucket.
In the Northeastern U.S. it is common to speak of cannabis in terms of clothing store merchandise or food (e.g., a slice is 1/8 oz. (3.5 g))

Sock—1 gram
Shirt—1/8 ounce (3.5 g)
Pants—1/4 ounce (7 g)
Jacket—1 ounce (28 g)
Buyer: “How much do you think a pair of pants would cost?”
Dealer: “A pair of pants would cost $X.00.”
In Canada, similar terms to those in the UK are used, but grams are used in small quantities, and fractional ounces are actually weighed out in grams. For example, an “o” or ounce in most of Canada will be weighed as exactly 28 grams on a scale, which is an approximation. Common purchase units are the “half”, “quarter” and “eighth”, or “half quarter”, weighed out as 14, 7, and 3.5 grams respectively. Grams are used for lower quantities, and may be referred to as “grrs”.

In Australia, cannabis is usually sold in $25 bags (referred to as a “stick” or “wick” or a “twent”), $50 bags (referred to as a “fifty”), quarter “quart”, half ounces “half”, ounces and pounds, 1/8 can also be called a half-quarter. Dealers also occasionally deal $30 bags, common in Western Australia. On the sunshine coast most people sell in $10 bags or ‘tenners' or $50 bags.

In New Zealand, the smallest quantity you can usually buy is one gram, costing $20-25, which is referred to as a “tin” or a “tinny” due to generally being wrapped in tin foil. $50 bags are referred to as a “fid” or “fiddy”, and contain 3-4 grams. A “hundy” weighs about 7g and costs $100, although these are not always available. Larger quantities are in line with the Uk, Canada, and Australia, being measured in half ounces (“half”), ounces (“O” or “full”), and pounds.

In India, cannabis (and especially hashish) is usually sold in tolas, one tola being 10 grams. Interestingly, a tola is also the standard unit of weight used by jewelers and dealers often use jewelers scales to measure their product

Cannabis slang names

astro traveler
porreta (Spain), pothead
smot poker
space cowboy
space cadet
space case
beatnik (sometimes used derogatorily)
mota boy
tree hugger
nannies with glaucoma
trizer head
brody gusar
stucking foners (Spoonerism of fucking stoners)
smelly kid
dope head
weekend warrior
droseph jones
puff daddy
tree tripper
rocket man
Stan the Man

Cannabis cigarette/cigar

See also: Thesaurus:marijuana cigarette

bat, banana hammock,beedie, biff, biftah, bifidus, blunt (cigar emptied of tobacco and filled with marijuana), breezie, bleezie, Camberwell carrot (a very large spliff, the name comes from the film Withnail and I), (fat) chuffa, coner (tappered so that the joint resembles a cone), doobie, cannon or sometimes hand-cannon (After the miracle miss scene in Pulp Fiction) or fatty (large), shniz, fattie-bo-blattie, J, joint, jig, jibber, jazzbine, shizzle, dizzle, L.J. Simpson, Kingsize Marley (enormous), spliff, gotti or godfather (cigar emptied of tobacco and filled without cutting), rizle (made from rizla paper popular in the Middle East and South Asia), zoot, roach, illa finger, pinner (small), hog leg (girthy joint), rocket, hooter (hoot), dutchie, danish, vega, secret agent (normal cigarette emptied of tobacco and filled with pot), swish, a bat (refers to a blunt), backwood, wood, Gilb or Gilb bowl (small joint or pipe), jeezy, reefer shit, sploob of wifflig, Scoobie snack, L (a $10 blunt), swisher/swisha, Dutch Master, phillie, yellow submarine (from the Beatles), a cone (where the joint isn't rolled to look like a cigarette but to be cone-shaped to hold more marijuana), Zeppelin (the elusive “100” hitter), bar up a blunt, dog leg (large misshapen fatty).

To roll a cannabis cigarette

roll a cannabis cigarette joint

ball up (toronto), deck up, chin up, bin up, bill up, scroll up, construct, get busy, do something constructive, put one together, strap one, build it, build up (All UK nomenclature), roll a joint, roll a J, twist one up, get one on, rack up, skill up, skin up, flip, roll it up, do the decent thing, roll a doobie, spin up the FTL, wrap one up, do work, doing the work, doing one's work, wrapping the rascal (Italian), rolling passage, rolling thunder, rapping 'bout wrapping, wrapping green, little Pud, twist then shout, the thin white prince, toke'n on my love, the pressurized pleasurized, space module, put the skinny on, to skin one, the skin game, little tighttie, s'not funny

To smoke Cannabis

4:20, bake, bite the blues dog, blaze, blizz, blow trees, (smoke a) bowl, box out, bubble, bun, burn, burn a Green Disk (computer slang), burn some rope, cane (or kane), cannabize, chief, chillin' on the moon, chong, choke, choof, clambaking (smoking grass in your car), close yourselves in a bathroom, conversational bread throwing, cutting the grass, dance with Mary Jane, do the deed, doade, droppin' Ds, dutchy (to smoke in a confined, eatin' southern cookin', fire up a rocket, fish bowl, fixin' to burn, fly Mexican Airlines, fly to the moon, flyin, (get some) fresh air, fry, fuck a bitch, get blasted, get caned, get chinese-eyed (Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke), get elevated, get happy, get lit, get toasted, getting toasty-toast, get rekt, (to play) golf, go bowling, go for a “special” walk, go on a walk with Droseph Jones, go on an “L ride” (drive while smoking a joint or blunt), go to the fun house, going out to the back forty, going to mars, grab a memory masher, grass ski, grazing In the Grass, (to have a) green day, have a celebration, have an attitude adjustment, Hawaii hot box, hittin' it, hotbox, ignite, Jamaican bake (to smoke in a hot shower), joint sub-committee meeting (from the movie Dazed and Confused), jumping through hoops, killing a skunk, light a fire, light up, listening to your iPod, looking for water on Mars, pack the pipe, pet the green gerbil, play tennis (when you and a friend are passing a joint or pipe back and forth — inspired by the late Mac Dre), playing a C major, poke smot, puff, raise one, reaching for the stars, read a good book, reasoning session, recharge, rippin, roast, rollin' and tumblin', rub the hot muffin on the west side, running in an endless field, safety inspection, safety meeting, schmape, scratchify, sesh (from session), shakin' hands with God, sizzle a blizzle, smeez a beez, smhack-a-shmowl, Shmerk-a-Berl, smoke weed, smokin the panda, smoo rocket, spark, spunk it, steam, strummin the rusty banjo, study economics, study philosophy, take the Marrakesh Express, talk politics, talk to Larry, talk to Sampson, talking da trash, talking to Lando (Character in Star Wars; implying to get sky high), tax, throw bread, to hit a cut (to smoke while driving), to put one in the air, (to go) to the Bat Cave, toke (up), tootin, toss a slice, tour, try on some Michael Jordans, wake and bake (smoking in the morning after waking up), walk the green dog, watching the ducks (smoking, usually a blunt and outside)

Cannabis intoxication

abolished, annihilated, bained, baked, bakaked, battered, beat, Being Delta (as in high as an airplane) binned, blasted, blazed, blitted, blitzed, blowd, blunted, bonged, blousted, blown, booted, bouldered, buzzed, burnt, canned, charred, cheeched, cheesecake-factoried, Chernobyled, chiefed, chink-eyed, chronicalized, crispy, damaged, disaster mode, done, deepfried, elimibaked, faded, fishbowled, fizzed, fizzled, fried, frying-panned, fucked (up), ganked, geeked (out), gone, goofed, gooned, greened, grilled, grizzly-eyed, hammered, hazed, high, homogenized,hmonged, hung up, incredibaked, irie, jazzed, Jesused, jimmy chonged, kained, keyed, kettled,k killed, Kinda grabs ya' by the boo-boo, don't it? [Up in Smoke (1978)] lean, lit, lifted, licked, likd,liv'd, loomed, loomed out of one's skull, lighting the largest doobie with bobby M, on the loom city bus, mashed, medicated, merked, monstertrucked, mullered, munged, nailed, obliterated, owned, peaced (out), pimp-eyed, rinsed (out), ripped, screechin,shredded-wheat, smashed, spaced (out), spliffed, sombreroed, stoned (to the bone), slowcooked, shotty, tanked, taxed, thrown, toasted, torn up, tossed (out), tripped, trippin balls (more intoxicated than usual), trippin (out), totaled, twisted, vagina-eyed, wasted, west, wrecked, wapped, warped, zoned (out), zonked, zapped, zooed, zipped, bunnin (means to hit yachts with a group of people), quaked, shitfaced, stucking foned, ropey, dunski, wearing the arm-hat (placing one's forearm on one's head while intoxicated), go to the place where the NSK hangs, shakin' hands with God, looking for water on Mars, chillin' on the moon, riding the green train, ghostfaced, transcended, zakked out, billied, P.O.D. or P.O.D.'ed (Past-Over-Dose as rapped by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony), tweeded, seizure salad.

Effects of cannabis

effects of cannabis

blasted, bifta'd burnt, burnt out (fatigued), buggin' out (paranoid), munchies or munchin' out (hunger), cottonmouth or pasties (dry-mouth), green out/green fever (get sick), red eye-jedi,whitey or “throwing a whitey” or white-sheet or a Casper (state of fear/paranoia(prang) and/or nausea/vomiting where your face actually goes pale), toasted, zonked, wheezin', sloshed, zone out or zoning, get red eye (to have red eyes), zoned, blown, blazed, blowed, well caned (stoned), typical cannabis effects include: a calming or euphoric feeling, disorientation, giddiness, easily laughing, numb face, feelin like jelly, enhancement of colors, lights, sounds, especially music, and a compulsion to constantly check your rearview for the 5-0's (police), mushy memory, fantasies, dunzo, altered reality, head trip, dream-like state, visionary, creativity, depersonalization, disassociation, inspiration, genius, drooling, twitching, brokeness, paranoia, zakked out,wasted man! Jacked up, (shot at and missed, shit at and hit),elevated,chinese eyed, zombified, gone.

Cannabis paraphernalia names

Vaporizer, bat or batty, billy, bong, Bong Dong, bowl, bubbler, carb, carburetor, chalice, choke, cone, dugout, glass pipe (piece), graffix, hammer, hitter-box, hookah,hot knife, hurricane, kouchie/kutchie, one-hitter, piece, power-hitter, resin chamber, roach clip, roor, shotgun, shotty (gauzeless bong) sneak-a-toke, springer, spoon,pop-can pipe, steamroller, stone, toot, waterfall bong, wraps (blunts), rolling papers = papes, also meaning money on the “street”, apple and carrot bong, zoomer or zoom tube, zong, B.T. bottle (bottle toke), zig-zag, chillum (single hitter, one hitter), gravity bong, gas mask, third lung (lung), buckets, one hitter, ez wider, weed whacker, reverse gravity bong, binger, catapult, space out, flux capacitor, diggery (diggery-doo), sir marks-alot (marker bowl), cereal bowl bowl (cereal bowl comprised of an additional attached bowl to smoke while eating cereal), J.O.B.'s (joint paper), utensil, oney, one-y, spoon,super gay, high as tits.

Cannabis strains

cannabis strain names

A…A10 strain, Afghan Goo strain, AK47 strain , Alaskan Thunderfuck weed, Albert Walker strain, Alcopolco (Acapulco Gold strain) Gold, Alfalfa Skunk strain, Amnesia strain, Agent Orange strain, Ace of Spades weed, Amnesia strain.

B…Blue Dream strain, Blue Lightning strain, BC Bud strain, Beasters strain, Big Bud strain, Binger strain, Bin Laden strain, Blaze strain, Blueberry weed, Blueberry Headband weed, Blueberry Hybrid weed, Blue Berry Yum Yum strain, Blue Mystic strain, Blue God strain, Brain Melt strain, Brown Frown strain, Bubblegum strain, Bubblicious strain, Bullrider strain.

C…California Orange strain, Cali Mist, Cat Piss, Chemdawg, Cherry Organic, Chocolate Chunk, Chocolat Thai, Chronic, Chuffa Puffz, Coco Romulan, Crawling King Snake, Crippy, Crypt, Crystal, Cheese, California skunk, Cherry Skunk, Cherry Pie, Crunchberry Kush (Tommy Chong Certified)

D…Daydream strain, Deisel weed, Dog Shit strain, Dr Who strain, Durban Poison strain ,Dutch Skunk strain, Dynamite strain, Dedaloo Blue Unicorn, Doobie Snacks, Desert Star (Tommy Chong Certified)

E…Early Misty strain, Emerald strain, Electric Peach strain, Endo strain, Eternal Thanks strain, Emerald Jack strain

F…Fat Boy Juicy, Fleet Wheat, Fighting Buddha, Fire, Four Way, Frankenstein strain, Frosty Berry strain, Fuzzy Wolf, Fitchburg Gold strain

G…G-13, German Murder, Goo strain, Grand Daddy Purps, Grand Daddy RIP, Grapefruit, Green Crack strain, Green Badger strain, Green Dot strain, Green Dragon, Green Goblin, Green Pimp strain, Green Goblin Afghani strain

H…Hawaiian Gold strain, Hayley's Comet strain, Headband Kush strain, Hindu Kush strain, Hog's Breath strain, Hot Box strain

I…Ice strain, Ivory strain

J…Jack Frost, Jack Herrer, Jackie White, Jamaican fire, Jamaican Grape strain, Jamaican Red strain, Jock Horror strain

K…Kali Mist, KB, Kill Bill strain, Kitty Kush strain, Kona Gold strain, Kotton Kandy strain, Kush strain, Kushage strain

L…La Canna, Larry OG, Lavender strain, Lime strain, LSD strain (Lemon Sour Diesel), Lui strain

M…Mango/Trainwreck, M39, Magic Dragon, Main Wreck, Mary, Masterkush, Matanuska Thunderfuck, Maui Wowie, Mellow Submarine, Mikado, Mother Sativa

N…Nebula, Northern Lights, NY Sour Diesel strain

O…Ohio Gold strain, Old Gangster Bubba Kush, Old Gangster Kush, Old Man strain, Orange Kush, Orange Mango strain

P…Pacific Blue, Pakalolo, Panama Red, Passion #1, Pheney's Phog, Phil Pot, Picolo Green, Puna Budda, Pure Light, Pure Power Plant, Purple Haze, Purple Kush, Purple Urkle

Q…Questionable Kush

R…R-2, Rainy Day Woman, Reclining, Revolver, Rhiannon, Ridgeway Stealth Weed, Ridgeway Stinky, Romulan, reggies

S…SAGE, Schwagg, Schwooberry, Secret Sauce, Sgt. Pepper, Shipwreck, Snoop Select, Shiva, Silver Haze, Souerr Lemon Diesel, Skunk, Snow, Snow Cap, Snow White, Soma, Sour Diesel, Strawberry Kush, Strawberry Cheesecake Strain, Sugar Babe, Sugar Shack, Sunshine, Super Schwagg, SuperDoade, Strawberry Cough, Super Goo, Swazi Safari, Sweet Island Skunk, Sweettooth, Snoochie Boochie Noochies, Speed Weed

T…The Obnubilation, Top 44, Trainwreck, tutti fruity strain

V…Venus Green strain

W…Wavy Gravy strain, White Rhino strain, White Russian strain, White Widow strain


Y…Yoda, Yucan Gold strain

Cannabis potency

Skunk: high grade potent cannabis, unmistakable aroma.

Skunk Bud Killer weed, lovingly cultivated high potency chronic.

dro: high-grade cannabis, grown with hydroponics, that is usually more expensive.

headies: a step above beasters; a general category for the best cannabis.

beasters: seedless cannabis, generally low quality, commercial grade.

mids: medium-grade cannabis.

the kill: highly potent cannabis.

‘chronic: high-grade product, or in combination (“laced”) with cocaine. piff.

piff: high-quality marijuana. Terms such as “that's that piff,” or “this bud is mad piff” are common among certain marijuana consumers. Used almost exclusively in New York City. The East Coast equivalent of chronic.

bud: refers to the buds of the Cannabis plant. Bud may be high- or low-quality depending on several factors. Contrary to popular belief, marijuana leaves are usually not smoked (unless covered in resin from nearby buds, though such leaves are usually used for hashish production), rather it is actually the buds which are smoked. The buds of unpollinated female plants are preferred because these plants will focus their energy on resin production in order to catch pollen from the male plants (this resin is the only part of the plant which contains any usable quantities of psychoactive chemicals).

shake: debris that shakes loose from brick or bagged marijuana.

kine: (a.k.a. kine bud or simply kb, often mistaken as “kind” or “kind bud”) refers to sinsemilla (from Spanish, meaning “without seed”) marijuana of high quality.

schwag or stress: refers to low-quality bud. Often dry and brownish in color rather than lush and green (however, looks can be deceiving). This is also called “brown frown”.

dirt weed (or Brown Frown): often refers to brown, withered-looking buds which are usually impotent, although potent “dirt weed” is not unheard of. This term is seldom used synonymously with “outdoor” (see below).

regs: Marijuana of low to medium quality.

street weed: low-potency marijuana, comes from the implication that people selling weed on the streets to all comers are selling low-grade, mass-produced marijuana as opposed to high-quality product.

Bunk- low potency weed, can also mean getting shorted.

Skimp- Getting shorted or just low quality.

Waste- marijuana leaves and stems that are crushed instead of buds (only in Oregon).

Ditch Weed- low potency, probably wild and un-nurtured.

’’’Bush’’’: low quality weed that is always outdoor-grown, sometimes wild, and often with leaves mixed in. Mainly sold to teenagers and/or at a low price for making edibles with (New Zealand slang)

Gas: Highly potent weed, the term “gas” refers to weed with a strong odor, much like gasoline.

Miscellaneous cannabis-related slang

Bogart: (double-toke, hog a fattie, selfish with the stash) stank dank fatty (as in that's one stank dank fatty) beat (as in a finished bowl, e.g., “this bowl is beat yo”), to pick up (to buy or collect cannabis), to cop (to buy cannabis), to chop or shot (to sell cannabis), to deal or to sling (to sell cannabis), to be live or to be doing good (to have cannabis to sell), holding or Holden Caufield (possessing cannabis), cached (finished—said of a pipeful of cannabis; also for the smoker's bloodshot eyes), bogart (to take too long in consumption without passing in a social setting), parking on the grass (same), politicking or microphoning (same), kicked (finished—said of a pipe full or a bong), snap (to smoke an entire bowl in one inhalation), Gridlock, killer, indy or indian or baseball or taxi or Chicago or Jamaican hits or marathon or suicides or Mexican sweat (the practice of not exhaling a toke until the spliff has been passed to everybody), two toke pass (the act of taking one toke normally and another to be held in without exhaling until the spliff returns), heady or heddy (used to refer to high quality or highly potent marijuana), hippie hit (hitting a section of a bowl in order for others to get an equal “green” hit. AKA cornering it), pooched (finished—said of a pipe full or a bong), puff puff pass (method of smoking blunt or joint, two hits then passed), baptize, to invoke red monkey (a spotted violation of the rules, a ‘party foul'—to drop the joint/spill the bong/mess up rotation or such), rape or choke (to choke while taking a hit), murph it (to cough or laugh into the bong and spray water everywhere), running the kermit (to drop off bags of cannabis), green hit (the first hit of a freshly-packed bowl, where the marijuana is still green), gazooted (state of being very high), King Kong (two cigar blunts, such as GAME, rolled together to make a very long blunt), Gary Payton (the name for a twenty-dollar sack of marijuana, after the Seattle Supersonics player's number was 20.

A forty dollar sack of marijuana is sometimes referred to as a Shawn Kemp, the former star player for the Supersonics who wore the number 40), Chicago; Lightning rounds/speed boating (to hold a toke until the joint, pipe or bong returns to you), bear-a-toke (to lift someone from behind and bear hug them while leaning backwards while they hold a toke until they cannot hold it any more ((People have been known to pass out from this))(Known as ‘Angel' in Midlands UK) ), (USA): blown, blowed, blunted, throwed (can mean intoxicated on anything, but especially from marijuana), blazed, “on that level”, chiefing, chief. “Ghosting it,” or ghost: to hold in the smoke for an extended period of time until, upon exhalation, no smoke is visible. From the North-east (specifically New Hampshire & Maine): cheebulate (to smoke with a group). Uncle Lars or just Lars (Cannabis, any quality). Smunchin' (wanting to get high).

Hot box or a Dutch Oven (to smoke in a vehicle or room with all the windows closed), also called fish bowling, twenty twen-twen (a $20 bag, from the movie Friday), to be a Jerry aka camper Jerry (e.g. Hey camper Jerry, pass the bong): to take an excessive amount of time before passing a rolled joint or to not pass a pipe or bong after you are done using it, often used when smoking partners are intoxicated and distracted. “Shut the f*ck up and spin up a dog leg.” Pause for the cause: to take a break, particularly from a video game, to smoke. Rattle a fat one (inhale a large bong).

Overview of Ganja Meaning

Ganja is a term that refers to a specific strain of cannabis that is common in many parts of the world. Ganja is also referred to as ganja. The term has a long and fascinating history, with deep roots in the culture and traditions of the Indian subcontinent. These roots can be traced back to the time when the term was first used.

Ganja is a common name for the cannabis plant in Hindi, which is where the term “ganja” originated. In some regions of India, people also call it “charas,” and it's also known as “bhang.” Cannabis consumption has been an integral part of Indian culture for hundreds of years, as evidenced by the fact that references to it can be found in ancient texts such as the Vedas and the Puranas.

Ganja has a long history of use in India, both for therapeutic and recreational purposes. [Citation needed] It is frequently employed in religious rites because of the widespread belief that it possesses both spiritual and curative powers. Ganja has not only been used for its traditional purpose, but it has also been mined for its oil and fiber in the past.

The term “ganja” became synonymous with a specific variety of cannabis that was grown in the Caribbean and other parts of the Americas as the use of cannabis became more widespread across the globe. This particular strain of cannabis is well-known for having a high concentration of THC, which contributes to its psychoactive effects when smoked.

This specific variety of cannabis is frequently referred to as “ganja” in the parts of the world where English is the primary language. It is frequently associated with reggae music and Rastafarian culture, both of which have contributed to the rise in popularity of ganja in many regions of the world. [Cannabis]

In many regions of the world, the use of cannabis is still subject to heated debate, and the possession and consumption of the drug are still criminalized in some nations. On the other hand, there is a growing recognition of the potential medical benefits of cannabis, and many countries have legalized the use of cannabis for medical purposes.

In general, the history of the word “ganja” can be described as being both rich and complex, with its origins lying deep in the culture and traditions of the Indian subcontinent. There is a growing recognition of the potential benefits of cannabis, despite the fact that its use is still controversial. Additionally, it is likely that the term “ganja” will continue to be a part of the global lexicon for many years to come.


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