CBD Helps With Cigarette Addiction

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Smoking cigarettes has been one big epidemic that we can’t control. Not only does it affect you, but also your loved ones that are close to you. The continually growing taxes on them make it more and more costly to buy. Smoking addicts have to deal with several other problems, such as irritability and hypertension.

So, if you’re looking to quit smoking for good, your solution may be CBD. Studies have shown CBD helps with cigarette addiction.

How Your Body Becomes Addicted To Smoking?

Many people believe smoking addiction is not real. But the fact is, smoking is just as addictive as alcohol and other well-known addictive drugs. Once you start a dependence on cigarettes, it is highly improbable to quit.

This occurs due to one particular drug in cigarettes that, once inhaled, enters your bloodstream and reaches the brain to affect it within 10 seconds – Nicotine.

How Nicotine Affects Your Brain

Nicotine, once inhaled, reaches your brain and causes it to release a chemical called epinephrine, commonly known as adrenaline. This hormone increases your heart rate and blood pressure.

Nicotine also forces your brain to release a chemical that makes you happy, called dopamine.  Eventually, your body becomes accustomed to the nicotine intake. It starts developing resistance to it because while these hormones are important to you, releasing them like this causes a lot of damage to your organs.

Thus, you, who are accustomed to that feeling, would want to smoke more cigarettes for the same effect to continue. Eventually, you will start to have a dependence on nicotine for reaching the same feeling.

Does CBD Help With Nicotine Cravings? And How To Take It

CBD or Cannabidiol is a chemical compound that is said to be able to help you with nicotine cravings. Can CBD help you quit smoking cigarettes? Studies show they can.

CBD is popularly known to help many smokers quit smoking by replacing nicotine dependence on the body. One popular method that is used by many ex-smokers is vaping CBD oil and refusal to have the mouth stimulation associated with cigarette smoking. Others prefer pills or inhalers to help them cope. All methods are known to assist you in controlling nicotine addiction.

CBD is naturally derived from hemp and does not have any compounds that can give you any side effects. This makes it ideal to act as a replacement for nicotine to help you quit smoking. CBD is shown to help you battle tobacco withdrawal symptoms and finally reach a point where you’re no longer addicted to the drug.

Studies on Taking CBD to Quit Smoking

According to a recent study conducted in 2018 in UK laboratories, 30 non-treatment-seeking participants were given CBD or placebos to study their effects on them. The study showed that just a mere 800 mg CBD intake given regularly could greatly help you overcome cigarette addiction compared to others that used placebos.

The study assessed withdrawal, craving, and side effects along with heart rate, pulse rate, and other smoking-related cues regularly to have a clearer picture. CBD was proven to be the better helping agent in all the parameters that were assessed.

CBD Reduced Cigarette Consumption

One other study from 2016 had randomly selected people to take part in a preliminary study to see if Cannabidiol or CBD can help reduce smoking. A total of 24 people were divided into two groups and given an inhaler to use whenever they felt the need to smoke.

The twelve people with the placebo did not seem to have any difference in their smoking patterns. However, the twelve with the inhalers that had CBD showed to have reduced smoking by almost 40%! This showed that CBD had an excellent chance of helping you quit smoking in record time!

CBD Helps With Cigarette Addiction Conclusion

Using CBD is a safe and natural way to help you quit smoking. It has been shown to have no side effects and has also been proven to give you quick and permanent results in your battle against nicotine addiction.

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