Top Marijuana Grow Room Equipment for Quality Buds

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What are the top marijuana grow room equipment for quality buds?

You may be tired of visiting marijuana dispensaries because it is costing you too much money and so you may be ready to start your own marijuana grow room operation. But, you are going to need the best grow room equipment for the best quality marijuana buds.

Therefore, it is important to know which grow room equipment to look for so that you cannot only grow your own pot, but have a better harvest. Are you ready to commit to growing marijuana? Well, let’s look at the top marijuana grow room equipment that you will need to control your pot and enjoy a successful outcome.

Marijuana Grow Room or Grow Tent

First, you will need a secret cannabis grow room inside your home or you could decide to use a grow tent. Whatever you decide, it will be up to you, but always be mindful that you will need top rated grow room equipment.

If you choose a grow room inside your home you have to consider drilling holes in your walls and ceilings to set up your LED lighting, reflective mylar and hanging bars. The opposite is true for a grow tent, but you will need exhaust vents, hanging bars and reflective mylar, which usually are already built into the tent.

Marijuana Grow Lights

Grow lights are also important to the success of your marijuana harvest and quality marijuana buds. Your marijuana plants need good source of lighting. Make sure you buy cannabis grow lights from a reputable hydroponic grow store. Invest in efficient and reputable grow lights.

Before you buy grow lights, make a calculation of how much lighting you need in your marijuana grow room. The simple calculation is 50 watts per square feet. Now, let’s look at the top marijuana grow room equipment that many marijuana grow operations are using, whether it is a grow tent or grow room.

The Main Equipment

Calvin and Hobbysits Cultivator

Calvin and Hobbyists Cultivator is the basic grow system for small marijuana grow operations. With it, you will receive:

  • A reflective grow tent
  • 400 Watt Grow light kit
  • An Inline Fan

The Pro:

The lighting that comes with this system will help you get more quality bud and a higher harvest yield. You will have sufficient room in this grow tent to harvest up to four – three foot marijuana plants. This is also an easy system to conceal.

The Con:

Height could be a problem since you have to keep your marijuana plants no more than three feet tall since that is the grow space that you will be working with. You will have to content with more heat and so you have to think about getting cooler intake air to cool the grow tent. The cost of this equipment is estimated at $440.

The Bud Tender

With this system, you get a grow tent and a yield lab with 600 watt HID kit. You also get an inline fan and an Intake booster fan.

The Pro:

The 600 watt will create a more efficient grow space and it is easy to hide in a laundry room or close space. The Intake Booster Fan gives good air flow and controls the temperature well. It can fit up to six marijuana plants.

The Con:

Height could also be a problem since you only can grow three inch tall marijuana plants. The fans also may be too noisy if they need to be turned on to lower the heat. The average plant for this system is about $627.

The Skywalker

With this you get a grow tent, a yield lab with 1000 watt HID kit. You also get an inline fan and an Intake Booster Fan.

The Pro:

With the high wattage, you get great tent coverage. You will be able to grow up to eight marijuana plants to full size, which is about 5 inches.

The Con:

It is no easy to find this system. It goes for an average price of about $897. The fan makes a lot of noise and the tent produces a fair amount of hot air.

The Cloud 9

This comes with a grow tent, 1450 watt LED grow lights, and inline fans.

The Pro;

You can grow more than six marijuana plants with this grow room equipment. You get less heat and improved performance and will able to manage heat more efficiently. This grow room equipment is easy to hide.

The Con:

If you were to flower early, then you would need more space. The equipment has a cost of $840, which may be expensive for some.

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