Ultimate Guide To How Much Weed in a Joint and How to Store it

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For the person who smokes cannabis and has a practical approach toward it, that person would keep stashing their pre-rolled cannabis joint so as to reach for it and not have to sit down, grind the buds and roll the joint. In other words, the pre-rolled joint makes it easy and faster to get to that THC high.

However, it is no use to roll your cannabis joint and not stash it in the right place or in the right way and then when you reach for it; you find that it is stale. Then that would defeat the purpose of what you are trying to accomplish.

Keeping Your Cannabis Joint Fresh

There are some cannabis smokers that love to roll up their cannabis joint so as to have it on hand when they need it. Preparing this way is the practical way of doing things, but there are some people that prefer to just keep their cannabis bud in a closely tight jar and then reach for it at that time to make their cannabis joint. In so doing, it will remain fresh and ready when needed.

If your joint is not stored properly, it could go bad and then when you are ready for it, you will find it is of no use to you and you would have wasted your time rolling it. For one, you should store your rolled cannabis joint in a container that is portable and won't go bad, if you were to move it from one place to the other.

Storing it in the right container would also limit any damage to the contents. Let us first see how long you are able to store your rolled cannabis joint.

The Time Factor

Rolled cannabis joint are able to be stored for a long time, even more than you could imagine. This is especially true when the plant material that you use inside the joint has gone through the appropriate curating and drying process. If you were to store your joint in an area where it is damp, it is obvious that you would begin to see mold.

If you were to store it in open air, you would find that the cannabis joint would last much longer, but it would also be degraded and so for that reason, the potency, smell and taste would not be the same.

When you store a joint inside a container, this will prolong its shelf life, keeping it tasty and fresh when you get ready to light it so you can get high. In an airtight closure, the buds will be kept in better condition. In comparison to leaving them on the table the airtight container provides more protection.

Now that we have an understanding of the importance of storage, let us now look at the various storage methods that can prolong your bud's shelf life.

Cannabis Joint Storage Methods

The Saverette

If you prefer getting high with your cannabis joint, then the Saverette is the ideal method of storing it. It is a small device that can be used in a multipurpose fashion. It keeps the joint intact and fresh. You can even use the saverette to store joints that have been smoked, but only partially.

Torpedo Cone Tubes

The Torpedo Cone Tube is similar to the Saverette. It is similarly structured. It is small and sleek enough to put in your pocket and take around with you. They are ideal for transporting because of the protective layer that they offer, which will prevent the cannabis from getting crushed and twisted. They come in different colors.

Zip Lock Bag For Storing a Joint

The traditional form of storage is a zip lock bag, but these have downsides. If you were to put a half-smoked joint in the zip lock bag, it could burn a hole in the plastic. In addition, you are going to have to deal with moisture, which in turn will cause your buds to have mold.

Re-use and Recycle The Joint

You can also use a pill bottle and cigar tube to store your rolled cannabis joint. No matter what method you use, you will be able to keep your cannabis fresh and tasty.

How much Weed in a Joint

To figure out how much weed in a joint it will take to roll a nice joint always consider how many people will be smoking from the same joint. The standard amount of weed in a joint is estimated at 0.32 grams (0.01 ounces). Of course if you want a fat joint add more cannabis to it.

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