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The words “lemon” and “skunk” both have negative connotations (“I got skunked when I bought that car—it was a total lemon.”), but when you put them together, the result is something wonderful.

Lemon Skunk is an excellent hybrid strain worthy of any cannabis enthusiast’s attention. Whether you grow it in your garden or smoke it in your pipe, Lemon Skunk delivers the desired results. This strain seems to be a universal favorite, with mostly rave reviews from those who’ve tried it.

Lemon Skunk Strain Genetics

DNA Genetics, the creators of Lemon Skunk, hit yet another home run with this strain. Known for its portfolio of formidable cannabis strains, DNA is a name to remember, particularly if you’re a cultivator who likes to grow from seed.

Lemon Skunk is a very accurate name, because the cured flowers have a tangy lemon flavor with a milder skunky, dank quality as well.

A particularly lemony female pheno of Skunk #1 from Las Vegas was crossed with a Citron Skunk male from Holland. The zesty, lemony cross that resulted quickly gained popularity and developed an ardent following of devotees.

With a pronounced lemon quality and respectable THC levels, it seems that just about everyone finds something to like about Lemon Skunk—it’s the perpetual crowd pleaser.

The strain leans to the sativa side, combining genetics from Mexico, Colombia, and Afghanistan. The sativa/indica ratio is 60/40, which provides a nice balance.

What initially hits as a chatty, upbeat high eventually settles into an effect that’s quite functional but mildly relaxing. Those who use Lemon Skunk for therapeutic reasons report that it’s effective as a mood lifter for depression, an aid for nausea, and a pain suppression.

Lemon Skunk Strain Yield and Grow Times

This strain also ranks high when it comes to plant structure and yield. Anyone who knows the basics of cannabis cultivation should do fine with it if they remember to not get overzealous with watering and nutrients.

Plant height is usually pretty consistent and on the taller end of medium. Topping once will usually curb height and promote lateral branch development as well. Bud size usually is average, but the overall number of flowers can be impressive. Yield size rarely disappoints.

When it comes to the recommended harvest time, two options present themselves, and the cultivator needs to decide what he or she wants from the final, cured buds. If the desire is for something with strong lemon flavor—like lemonade—the best course of action is to harvest a week early.

If a more balanced, lemon/skunk quality is the goal, with the cured flowers smelling a bit like both lemon and skunk, let the plants go a bit longer.

Like the plant height, the lemon aroma and taste of lemon skunk is pretty consistent as well, although it does vary some, and there will be an occasional pheno that doesn’t have much of a lemon quality but definitely delivers in the THC department.

Lemon Skunk cures to a light, golden green color, and the buds are quite dense.

With a following as large as Lemon Skunk’s you can find it in quite a few medical dispensaries and recreational marijuana stores. Don’t pass it up the next time you’re perusing a tasty row of jars filled with sticky cannabis flowers for sale. You might just find yourself returning for more very soon while supplies last!

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