Ultimate Guide to How to Roll a Joint

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Do you want to learn how to roll a joint with a dollar bill? Rolling weed, especially for beginners, comes easily for some, but most people find it hard to get the hang of. The method primarily discussed here is commonly termed as the dollar bill method. Let's learn how to roll a joint.

How to Roll a Joint with a Dollar Bill

This method creates a joint roller using a dollar bill. The dollar bill will enable you to create perfectly rolled joints effortlessly, and speedily every time. It is the go-to method on how to roll for beginners.

Here is a list of what you will need:

  • Dollar bill

The truth is any bill will do the job. Dollar bills are the cheapest bills around, so most people can afford them – hence the name of this joint rolling technique!

Put your dollar bill on your table or rolling tray.  Make sure it is pressed flat on the surface and is placed horizontally. The table should be at a convenient height for you to reach and work on.

  • Weed

First, remove the stems from your weed. It will prevent your dollar bill from being pierced by the stem when you roll it. Grind the cannabis into a rough texture using a weed grinder, a finger grind, a pair of scissors, or any homemade grinder.

You may experiment with different grinding materials to see the texture you prefer the best. Most people choose a rougher texture to one that is fine. Very fine buds tend to become bogged with resin and too hard to hit.

You will need about 0.5 g of marijuana per joint. If you are unsure about your estimation, use a scale to weigh the weed.

  • Joint Paper

The paper should be a similar size to the dollar bill it will replace. Remember, you are not smoking the bill. The bill is only for practice. The joint paper has an adhesive side that must face you.

Almost every single smoker faces the temptation to compromise on a joint paper. Some people like to get creative with alternatives such as, aluminum paper, printer paper, or corn husk.

Stick to using only joint paper. Joints are healthier, and they are the best way to enjoy your weed.

  • Rolling Tray

A rolling tray is optional but highly convenient. It makes cleanup more manageable and your rolling up process much tidier. Weed may often spill from your joint, especially in your first few tries. A rolling tray makes it easier to scoop up spilled weed and put it back into the joint.

The Dollar Bill Technique

Step 1: Start by folding your dollar bill in half.

Step 2: Put some already ground weed inside the dollar bill, at the center, then spread it out evenly. Don't put in too much weed, or it may be difficult for you to roll, or you may end up with a joint with a fat center. Use one hand to shape the joint as you spread the weed.

Step 3: Lift your bill vertically towards you. Fold the dollar bill into half, ensuring that the cannabis remains at the bill's crease.

Step 4: Use your thumbs to push the bud close to the bottom of the crease. This is achieved by making rolls with your fingers backward and forwards.

Step 5: Insert the rolling paper inside the bill underneath the weed. Ensure that the part with the adhesive is facing towards you and lick it.

Step 6: Roll the bill slowly upwards. A good joint is not rolled too tight. A very tight joint is difficult to smoke. If some of the weed rolled up spills out of the joint, pick it up and add it to the end of the joint, then twist it and light that side up first.

Step 7: Pack your joint well, using a pen or any material with a long end. Packing your joint will give you a burn that is even. Ensure that the cannabis is down and comes into the top part of your joint.  Pinch the top and flick it both ways, in a light motion until you are satisfied with the packing.

Don't Get Too Stoned

Now that you know how to roll your joint, you may be tempted to get too high. Resist that temptation. Symptoms of being too stoned include anxiety, paranoia, dizziness, and nausea.

Things that help you recover from being too high include the following:

  1. Take CBD

CBD has been proven to antagonize the effects of too much marijuana by modulating THC receptors.

  1. Make Yourself Comfortable

Put on comfy clothes. Turn down your television, or even better, put it off completely. Turn down the music. Lay down and breathe in and out until you feel less anxious.

  1. Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water. Water prevents your mouth from feeling too dry. It also combats anxiety and helps you to focus on something else.

  1. Eat Well

Order your favorite meal. Try to think positive, calm thoughts and purposefully reaffirm yourself.

  1. Take A Nap

Take a long nap. The feeling of being too high will most likely have passed by the time you wake up, and you will feel like yourself again.

How to Roll a Joint Conclusion

You will get better at rolling a joint with a dollar bill as you practice. Pretty soon, in the eyes of newbies, you will be seen as a rolling genius. It is a skill that is perfected by repetition and never forgotten after being mastered.

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