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Orange Crush strain can be found in nearly any stoner’s fridge at some point in time. Citrus strains deliver flavors that have made them favorites in the cannabis industry.

The strain can be good for moderate users while beginners might want to be a little more cautious. Working your way up to more potent strains can be done over the course of time. Below will include all you need to know about the Orange Crush marijuana strain.

Lineage Of The Orange Crush Strain

Orange Crush is a Sativa-heavy hybrid of California Orange and the classic Blueberry. Expect the high to hit your head yet keep it clear. The strain should be reserved for a lazy day.

Calfornia Orange only sports around 10 percent THC so beginners can indulge without worry. You will be motivated and energized with this strain. Some people use this to knock out errands due to the immense focus this strain gives them.

Blueberry is an Indica-dominant hybrid that has won the Cannabis Cup on multiple occasions. The strain sports up to 24 percent THC and can be perfect to help you drift off to sleep after a tiring day.

Strain Yield Of The Orange Crush Weed Strain

Orange Crush is versatile in its growth and it is very durable in terms of the ability to be grown. You can expect 10 to 12 ounces when grown indoors. Outdoors a grower can expect up to a pound or a little bit more per plant.

Flowering Phase Of The Orange Crush Pot Strain

Orange Crush has a flowering period of 70 to 77 days. The strain is very resistant to both pests and mold. The strain does not have to be well-ventilated when grown indoors which makes it the perfect strain for a new grower.

The strain is neon green with orange hairs with trichomes to make this strain very attractive.

THC Percentage Of Orange Crush Strain

Orange Crush comes with 17 to 23 percent THC. The strain should be reserved for those with experience but you don’t have to be a daily smoker to enjoy it.

Taste And Aroma Of Orange Crush Weed Strain

Orange Crush has an unsurprising aroma and flavor of oranges. The aroma has a sour hint to it while sporting terpenes like Valencene, Caryophyllene, Linalool, and Ocimene.

Valencene has the flavor of oranges while helping reduce inflammation.

Caryophyllene has a spicy taste that reduces inflammation and chronic pain.

Ocimene has a sweet yet woody flavor that can help increase your energy levels.

Linalool can also help reduce pain and can be found in a number of strains with Blueberry as a parent.

Medical Ailments Orange Crush Strain Can Address

Marijuana will continue to be studied after federal legalization due to the many benefits that consumers have found medically. Funding after federal legalization will be far less complicated which is something to look forward to. Orange Crush can help provide relief for those suffering from the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Migraines
  • Mood Swings
  • Nausea
  • PTSD
  • Stress

The CBD content of Orange Crush is not anything to brag about although it still has medical benefits for most consumers. Do not discount the various terpene/cannabinoid profiles when it comes to finding relief from cannabis.

Price Of Orange Crush Weed

Orange Crush is a bit pricey at $20 per gram. You can expect to pay $65 or more for 1/8th of an ounce.

Orange Crush Weed Seeds

Orange Crush seeds are widely available at various seed banks. You should not order these online as it is illegal to have these seeds shipped. Head to a dispensary or to a fellow grower to acquire seeds rather than risking anything from a legal perspective.

Final Thoughts On The Orange Crush Strain

Orange Crush is going to be a favorite of those that love strains with citrus flavors. The beauty of the strain is that it will be quite easy to grow which is a huge bonus. What are some of your favorite strains on the market that have a great citrus flavor?

Orange Crush is a hybrid strain of Cannabis that has garnered the distinction of being one of the most sought-after strains in the world. Orange Crush was created by crossing Orange Bud and Crush. Because of the vibrant orange color of its buds, this plant has a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Orange Crush has an aroma that is a combination of citrus, earthy, and sweet smells, which makes the experience of using this product exceptionally pleasurable and gratifying for the user.

When it comes to its effects, Orange Crush provides users with an uplifting high that helps to boost attention while also contributing to an increase in mood elevation. It also gives consumers a sense of relaxation and creativity, which can be beneficial for undertaking creative undertakings or activities. The strain's potential to alleviate symptoms such as stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, inflammation, nausea, and fatigue has contributed to its rise in popularity among people who use cannabis for medical purposes.

Orange Crush has THC levels that are normally between 15 and 20%, making it a strain that is best suited for more experienced consumers. Someone who is just starting out with cannabis may find the high THC levels too overwhelming. When eaten in excessive amounts, this hybrid strain, like many others, has the potential to induce feelings of paranoia and disorientation in the user. Because of this, it is essential to begin with a low dose and gradually increase it until you reach the level that feels right for you.

Orange Crush is typically grown inside, although it is capable of flourishing when grown outside under the correct circumstances, including sufficient exposure to sunlight and high-quality soil. This particular strain, when cultivated correctly, develops dense buds that are completely covered in trichomes, which gives them their distinctive orange hue.

Orange Crush is consistently ranked as one of the most popular strains in the world. This is largely attributable to the fact that it produces potent effects that are beneficial to the users in terms of both their physical and mental well-being, while at the same time remaining pleasurable due to its pleasantly sweet aroma and flavor profile. Due to the high THC level of this strain, it may not be appropriate for first-time users; nonetheless, seasoned cannabis connoisseurs are certain to delight in each and every puff of this incredible combination!

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