710 Labs: The Cannabis That Tastes Like Dessert

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Despite the slowly dismantling stigma around the use of cannabis, plenty of people still have their negative notions towards this particular plant and somehow, it became deeply engraved in their minds. Not to mention the surrounding fright that the “high” is not worth the experience, taste-wise.

However, the release of 710 Labs has completely changed the game and addressed this snag right at the roots in the growing industry of cannabis with its rich-flavored and innovative products. Variations of breeds and weeds have been appealing to the taste buds of smokers and once they got a taste, that would be difficult to say no to. 

710 Labs is a cannabis company founded in Colorado. It has moved to Los Angeles after is growing popularity. They specialize in pesticide free, organic fed, small batch cannabis.

The extensive development in the available variants of cannabis-infused products has paved the way to rack up the demand amidst the pandemic. 

In an article published in the New York Times, the numbers even present that the recorded sale of cannabis in the United States skyrocketed a solid 46 percent increase over its sales in 2019, pre-pandemic. But how would that turn out right now, after the pandemic? Did the 710 labs continue to create the tasty treats they started before?

The Palate-pleasing Variety at 710 Labs

710 Labs has been a promising company in elevating its weed consumers’ experience. By organically manufacturing high-quality cannabis and incorporating different flavors into their products, 710 Labs has been an unmitigated success. Their strategy allows anyone to pick their specific favorite and keep the new and regular customers excited to try the rest of their collection of extracts, edibles, pre-rolls, vapes, and gears.

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710 Labs Products


  • Banana Punch #4
  • Blueberry Haze
  • Cake Popz #22 
  • Deep Line Alchemy 4 #12
  • Gak Smoovie x Sundae Driver 
  • Gak Smoovie #3 + Guava
  • Ghost Hulk #25
  • Jet Fuel Odder Popz #27
  • Lemon Tree + Pan Dulce
  • Old Family Purple x Jet Fuel Odder Popz #27
  • Sundae Driver
  • Triangle Mints x 710 Chem
  • Wedding Cake x Sundae Driver


  • Cake Popz
  • Chem x Munson Sachet
  • Orange Cream x Banana Punch


  • Lemon Tree
  • Lemon Tree x Tester 51
  • Rozay


  • 9 Pound Hammer x Pinez #16
  • Old Family Purple
  • Tropical Family Purple


  • Pod Battery


The rapidly increasing demand for 710 Labs’ products has resulted in the accelerating supply of cannabis in the market. While Ice Kream serves San Fernando Valley communities, including North Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Burbank, and more, the easy access via the 101 quickly delivers products to many areas of the city, too, including Bunker Hill, the Financial District, LA’s Historic Core, South Park, Little Tokyo, and Chinatown.

And because of the pandemic, the online shops have strengthened their availability through online stores, making their products available in just a few clicks and taps. Cannabis users can now pick their favorite product, enter their address, and sit back and relax until their order arrives. 

Since then, marijuana delivery has been a booming enterprise. As shipments are made, the discretion of the products comes with its discreet packaging. There would be little to less suspicion arising from the ice cream that adds an extra layer of privacy to the whole process of purchasing weed.  


This rich-flavored innovation by 710 Labs has created a new face for cannabis. Putting these innovations to work allowed weed to reach not only those who were already enthusiasts in the field but widened its scope as well for those who used to be hesitant in experiencing the wonders of this plant. 

If you are looking for a way to relax without having to sacrifice your food palate with toxic substances, try 710 Labs, and you might find a solution to your worries.

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