Hawaiian Haze Hemp Strain Review

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There are plenty of hemp strains on the market. One of the best strains is Hawaiian Haze. Hawaiian Haze is a strain resulting from crossing Hawaiian and Haze species. It has a unique flavor with a mix of tropical fruits and a sprinkle of pine and wood.

Strains come in different flavors, and it is always good to sample various strains before settling on the one you like. This article will talk more about the Hawaiian Haze strain including factors to consider when choosing a strain.

The Hawaiian Haze Hemp Strain Genetics

This strain is a breed between the Early Resin Berry and DC Haze strains.

The main benefit of this strain is the therapeutic effects it delivers. Hawaiian Haze contains high CBD content that helps your mind and body relax. It has a low THC content. This is a good strain for beginners.The ratio of CBD to THC is around 20:1. It is recommended for people looking for something to calm their minds and body without the unnecessary side effects.

It is also rich in terpenes that influence the strain's overall flavors and tastes. Hawaiian Haze possesses a rich fruity taste with a tinge of pine. Besides influencing flavor, terpenes also have plenty of health benefits. 

This strain is a breed between the Early Resin Berry and DC Haze strains.

You can also go for the gummies, oils, or tinctures if you don't like smoking. However, you need to be careful to avoid overdosing. Overdosing can have some side effects, for example insomnia or nausea.

How to Buy Original Hawaiian Haze

Buying original hemp is very important because marijuana is still illegal in some states. The difference between hemp and marijuana is the THC content. Hemp products must comply with the 2018 Farm Bill and ensure that you buy Hawaiian Haze with the legal amount of THC allowed in the Farm Bill.

It is recommended to buy hemp products from big or renowned brands. One of the best online weed shops is Cannaflower. The good thing about most big hemp brands is that they own hemp farms where they grow their crop.

They also ensure that the produce is grown organically without using any inorganic fertilizers or chemicals. The product will also come with a certificate from a third-party lab to show that it is organic and fit for human consumption.

All hemp strains come with distinct flavors, and finding the best that tickles your taste buds can be challenging. It is always a wise idea to read through reviews from other buyers. You can also buy box packages with various strains to sample.

Hawaiian Haze Strain Final Thoughts

The use of hemp is becoming quite prevalent thanks to its health benefits. Research is still ongoing, including if hemp can be used to manage and treat some diseases. Buying different Hawaiian strains can be pretty challenging, especially in a field where the FDA does not monitor product quality and authenticity.

If you're buying the Hawaiian Haze strain for the first time, try and get your product from a renowned weed dispensary. Some strains can be pretty expensive but are well worth the price.

In a nutshell, Hawaiian Haze is excellent if you're looking for something to smoke after work. This strain has some top-quality therapeutic benefits and it puts your body and mind at ease. After smoking this strain, you will fall asleep quickly, especially if you smoke it in high doses.


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