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King Palm has made a name for itself as one of the best smoking cones for cannabis and not require rolling. They won 3rd place in the 2017 Cannabis Cup, and are frequently on the list of the best marijuana cones for sale.

Their products are all tobacco-free, making them a popular option with cannabis smokers. They have sizes of pre-rolled cones ranging from 0.5 grams all the way up to 5 grams. Their leaf wraps are hand-made and all-natural, making them the first choice among many smokers. Expect a similar experience comparable to hitting a blunt, but without any rolling required or inhaling tobacco. 

King Palm marijuana cones are made with the Cordia leaf, and it's grown organically in South East Asia.

Natural Flavors

marijuana products on green surface, smoking cones
King Palms Smoking Cones

King Palm offers some of the tastiest filter tips on the market. With flavors including grape, banana cream, margarita, lemon haze, berry terps, and more. The flavors available at King Palm are noted to be subtle yet potent and tasty, offering the smoothest and best-tasting experience you’ll ever have. Their flavors are noted to be delicious but not overpowering and have an aroma that will have you coming back for more. 

Best Blunt And Joint Filter Tips

smoking cones 2

King Palm is also known for changing the game with their corn husk filter tips, and they are available for sale too. These filter tips are not only biodegradable, but they remove the harshness that usually comes with smoking a joint or blunt. King Palm’s filters enable you to have a cool draw without the typical taste. These filters are also specially designed to prevent a mess by not staining your mouth or fingers. These filters are also tight, so you can forget about anything falling out. 


For the quality you’re getting, it almost seems criminal how low their prices are. For example, two Mango OG seven mm filter tips are just $1 on the King Palm website! 

You certainly won’t get this outstanding quality for less anywhere else. 


King Palm’s packing is simple and attractive, and keeps the weed cones safe from damage. The packaging procedure used by King Palm makes sure that the products inside stay as fresh as possible for as long as possible. The packages are always humidity controlled and are able to stay fresh for as long as 18 months! 

All Natural 

The team over at King Palm prides themselves on using all natural ingredients. One of the many things that sets King Palm apart from the rest is their use of the Cordia flower. The Cordia that King Palm utilizes is found in places like Singapore and Malaysia. All King Palm cannabis products are completely biodegradable and sustainable, so you never have to feel bad about harming the environment. 

Another thing that makes King Palm really special is the flavor. Customers praise the clean and natural taste, although it is very subtle. 

Slow Burn

Everyone wants a slow burn when smoking. King Palm knows this, so they have designed their marijuana cones to have the slowest and smoothest possible burn while still being enjoyable.

Why You Should Buy King Palm Blunt Smoking Cones

As mentioned above, King Palm is the number one place to get organically grown leaf wraps that are hand-rolled, and ready to pack! You can also find filters, and a bunch of 420 accessories. They have 23 delectable flavors, are completely environmentally friendly, budget-friendly, and have an incredibly smooth and slow burn.

King Palm is completely tobacco-free, making them a much healthier option instead of smoking something else that includes tobacco. The filters and rolls are also tight so that nothing falls out. It should be obvious by now that King Palm is the best choice whether you just started out or have been smoking for decades. Check out this list of the best weed cones for sale in 2021, which King Palm made it on!

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