5 Best Types Of Dab Rigs For Sale in 2022 (updated 2023)

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A carefully curated list of the top dab rigs to try out this year.  

Learn about the 5 best types of dab rigs. Sponsored by World of Bongs, an online head shop with a massive inventory of 710 and 420 smoking accessories. Dab rigs for smoking cannabis concentrates continue to evolve with new and improved types coming out.

We take a look at the latest innovation when it comes to oil rigs. Keep reading to learn about the most popular and latest types of dab rigs for sale. This guide will help educate you on the differences, and advantages of each kind of dab rig.

The dabbing of marijuana extracts continues to grow each year exponentially. A lot of people are making the switch because of stronger highs acquired from it. 

Types of Dab Rigs

1. Portable Dab Rig Kit 

types of dab rigs

For a cannabis user who desires to try dabbing, finding the proper rig and accessories to use may seem overwhelming. There are multiple types of dab rigs, tools, and torches, but that's not a problem with a portable dab rig kit solution like the RIO.

Its compact size does not compromise, and has everything needed to take a dab while on the go. This is the perfect solution for those who enjoy taking big dabs, because the quartz banger has a lot of room inside it for concentrates.

A non-electric portable dab rig. It has a built-in torch and uses high-quality quartz and glass materials to smooth burn. This bundle also comes with odor-blocking silicone plugs, a custom dab tool, and a Stache RIO carrying case for an optimal travel experience.

2. Glass Dab Rigs

The glass dab rig is the most popular choice among cannabis concentrate smokers. The reason is because of its cheap price, and effectiveness. It does not cost a lot to go get a good oil rig for sale at a local smoke shop.

Online head shops such as World Of Bongs provide even deeper discounts because of the lower cost to operate their business. They have an inventory that most local head shops simply just can’t compete with. A huge factor that separates this online smoke shop with the others is their choice of premium brands. They have a massive selection of cannabis smoking accessories for sale too.

3. Mini Dab Rig

mini dab rig 1

MJ Arsenal produces mini rigs designed explicitly with a smooth, quality hit in mind. The rig and the 10 mm banger are made of borosilicate, a highly durable glass

A helpful guide is included when you purchase an MJ Arsenal product, proving their commitment to providing quality rigs to their customers. The World of Bongs online head shop has a ton of different options when it comes to mini dab rigs for sale.

These are the most popular type among people who enjoy the best flavors from their concentrates. The smaller dab rig allows for just enough filtration, so not much is lost on its way up to your pallet. 

4. Dab Bongs

dab bong for sale

A specialized hybrid bong can be used with a bowl for hemp flower or a banger for weed concentrate. They typically are small and look like weed bubblers.

Although they do have the ability to serve as both a water bong or dabbing rig, we suggest only using it for one. The reason behind this recommendation is that cannabis resin and its concentrate do not mix well together. If you insist on using it for both, we advise thoroughly cleaning before switching.

This 8.5 inch dab rig is fun and unique, making it ideal for smoking with friends.  It has a stable base design, comes with a bowl for cannabis flowers and a banger for dabs. It has a wide mouthpiece that ensures maximum airflow while smoking. It’s an excellent find for anyone looking to add a little flair to your day. It can be found at the world of bongs website.

Since we are on the topic of smoking cannabis, it's important to spread awareness about the dangers of pgrs weed. If you come across cannabis that does not look natural, and is very hard, it can be bad for your health. In fact, studies have shown that it can lead to cancer.

Don’t always trust your local street dealer, because plant growth hormones are meant to increase the weight of their product, so they can make more money at the expense of your health. Chances are they might not even know they are selling potentially harmful cannabis

5. Nectar Collectors

nectar collector types of dab rigs isolated on white
Nectar Collector

The Nectar Collector is nothing new, and actually came out shortly after the dab rig. It continues to be a popular choice as a portable dab rig option. It even evolved itself into honey straws. Both of these devices are used the same way, heating up the tip, and inhaling through the other side. They can not provide a hit as massive as dab rigs, but will still get you really baked.

These oil rigs can also clog up with cannabis extract residue often, especially with heavy use. This reason will require frequent cleaning so that you avoid taking a dab, and it clogs. If you're someone who does not mind these little extra steps, the Nectar collector can prove to be nice to use. It's really the best when it's the cleanest, so frequent cleaning will go a long way.

Dab Accessory Subscription Box 

Looking for an even better way to save on your dabbing accessories? Check out the mystery boxes available for sale with the option for cannabis or dabbing accessories on World of Bongs. Besides this fun way to save, there is a ton of premium and affordable dab rigs for sale.

This online head shop also has a massive following on instagram, with over 400,000 followers. They have built this following because of their high quality products for great prices. Their customers are frequently sharing their purchase online too and tagging them on IG. They provide fast shipping, and ship globally too! Have fun browsing their massive amount of products.

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