Whip Versus Balloon for Cannabis Vaping

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Vaping is a confusing topic for most newbies, let along whip versus balloon for cannabis vaping that is pure rocket science.

But reading through this article will demystify all there is to vaping methods.

If you want to switch to tabletop vaporizers also known as desktop vaping, from smoking cannabis then you will have to understand it well. This is the only way you can get to fully enjoy all the flavors you want from your weed. There are two styles you can use in desktop vaping, balloon and whip. Of course both have a number of upsides and downsides which we shall review below.

Desktop vaping allows you to have exact temperature readings and adjustments. It gives you the chance of dialing the precise flavors you want from weed. It can last for long because the battery has a long life when compared with its compact counterparts. You can plug it at your home’s socket or any place that has a socket.

A table top vape is the one that accommodates accessories like whip and balloon. The large battery and tank are what gives it the ability to have those two attachments, whip and balloon. Desktop vapes are expensive but the flavors they allow you to get from your weed are worth the money.

Both balloon and whip vaping will give you the same benefits you want, however you will still have a preference. Here is the difference between the two methods:

Which Style Of Tabletop Vaporizer Is Best?

You have to weigh many factors before you decide which vaping method to go with. The difference between balloon and cannabis vaping depends mostly on the weed flavors you want to experience and how high you want to get, not forgetting the vapor density.

Let's take a deeper look at both methods.

Whip Vaporizer

A whip is a glass or silicon tube available in different sizes. It connects to the chamber where the vapor comes out from the device. It delivers vapors direct to the mouth of the person. There are advantages and disadvantages of using the whip vaporizer.

         Pros of using whip vaporizer

  1. Easy to connectyou just connect it to a table top vape and you are ready to enjoy your flavors
  2. Dense vapor- a whip gives you the chance to inhale dense vapor because you can control how quickly you want to inhale the vapor. Inhaling it slowly brings more vapor and increasing it you end up getting strong and huge hits because a lot of air is present in the vaporized material. The most advantage here is that the number of strong hits you can get is not limited by the size of the bag. Any size will help you get the hits that you want as compared to balloon vaporizer.
  3. A whip also gives the chance of knowing how much you are vaping by tracking it. Put the amount that you want and begin vaping.
  4. The only thing that limits your vaping time with whip vaporizer is the time taken between changing the materials while with the balloon everything depends with the amount of vapor in the bag.

Cons of using a whip vaporizer

  1. Easily breakable-whip vaporizers are mostly made using glass and this makes them fragile to breaking most of the time and the fact is that if they break a lot then they are not giving you value for your money.
  2. Learning how to change the screens of a whip vaporizer also takes a lot of time in order to know how exactly to change them correctly.
  3. A whip vaporizer does not give the user a chance of carrying it around because the tube is attached. This limits you carrying it to whichever place you want to vape from.
  4. Whip vaporizers also need a small learning curve; you need to learn how the density vapor is controlled by ensuring correct means of inhalation.
  5. Let not the length of the tube lie to you that it cools the vapor once it reaches the mouthpiece. That is not the case; the heat can shock you, be careful, most especially if you are new to whip vaporizer.
  6. Cleaning and maintaining the whip requires a lot of effort. You have to learn how to clean it well and sometimes it can be hard.

Balloon Vaporizer

The balloon is a plastic bag that is usually attached to the vaporizer that fills up with vapor. When it has filled with vapor it is ready to be vaped using the mouthpiece that is mostly located at the end of the bag.

Pros of using balloon vaporizer

  1. The most important benefit of balloon vaporizer is its portability. Once the balloon is fully filled you can go with it anywhere and enjoy with your friends unlike the whip vaporizer where you have to stick in one place.
  2. Unlike the whip vaporizer that does not cool the temperatures, the balloon vaporizer allows you to enjoy and inhale cool vapor thanks to the space inside the balloon. You need not to worry that it can harm your lungs or throat.
  3. The balloon vaporizer does not have a difficult learning curve like the whip vaporizer; with the balloon vaporizer you just need to wait for the balloon to fill in and the amount of vapor here does not depend on your inhalation speed.
  4. Vapor quality is much smoother in balloon vaporizer unlike in whip vaporizer; it offers rich flavors that last for a while.

Cons of using balloon vaporizer

  1. The vapor in the balloon bag does not last for long. Sometimes it can last for 10 minutes and this can be discouraging because maybe you won't have enjoyed the weed as much as you wanted.
  2. Unlike in the whip vapor where the hit size does not depend on the size of the bag, to get a good hit and strong hit size with balloon vapor depends on the size of the bag.
  3. In balloon vaporizer you may have to wait for a long time before the bag is filled so that you can enjoy.

Whip or Balloon For Vaping?

Once you know what you want, your vaping experiences can be great using either whip or balloon vapor. It all comes down to a person’s preference and their expectations.

For now, that our honest take on whip versus balloon for cannabis vaping.

Happy Puffing!

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