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While it may seem simple to pick a pink dab pen for a gift, the best dab pen gift ideas include functionality, expandability, and quality in addition to the style aspect of the dab pen. So, let’s examine things you should look for when choosing a pink dab pen and some of the best options currently available to gift your friend, family member, or loved one!

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Dab Pen

Here are the functions of dab pens that matter the most and what you should look for in a quality dab pen(beyond the style!):

  • Airflow – The ability to adjust the airflow and have reliable airflow will make or break the quality of your pink dab pen.
  • Battery – Is it rechargeable and/or long-lasting? The less you have to worry about the battery, the better.
  • 510 thread – the majority of oils come in the 510 thread, so the pink dab pen should be 510-compatible.
  • Multiple power settings – being able to adjust the power to adjust the dosage can make a deb pen great for any level user.
  • Warranty – Dab pens tend to get used and abused. If the company offers a warranty, you can ensure that if/when something happens, the person receiving your gift can get the problem remedied from the company you purchase the dab pen from!

The Top 9 Pink Dab Pens

Here are some great options for pink dab pen gifts!

510 Threaded Battery Hot Pink Glitter Vape Pen

This pink dab pen by Stay Lit Designs is a good budget-friendly option. Compatible with oil, cartridges, and concentrates, this pink dab pen offers two battery sizes to offer the best battery functionality for the person you are buying for.  Being 510-compatible and featuring a discrete design that can go with you anywhere, it’s hard to go wrong with this one!

Slim Pen Twist

This Atomic Pink vape pen by Ooze offers style and functionality – perfect for a gift. It comes with a smart USB charger, which should be the only charger you use with this Ooze pen to keep your warranty. It features variable voltage options and safety features to optimize its usage. Simple and beautiful, quite the combination!

Yocan Evolve Plus Wax Pen Kit – 2020 Edition – Sakura Pink

yocan pink dab pen
Yocan Dab Pens

This pen features a beautiful hue of pink and the benefit of simple usability. Even the complete beginner to dab pens can pick this one up and figure it out quickly. Simplicity and discretion is the name of the game for this Yocan wax pen kit. It’s not cluttered with too many features or attachments. It’s simply a low-profile pen to get the job done and look stylish while doing so!

CCELL Palm Vape Battery

The CCELL Palm Battery in pink is inhale activated, offering buttonless technology. While it is designed for CCELL cartridges, it should fit almost all 510-compatible cartridges. Chargeable with micro-USB, this is stylish and discrete. While not strictly matching the pen definition, it is compact enough to fit into the same category. If you want something that stands out from the rest of the dab pens on the market for your gift, this may be the best choice.

HEX Craft Battery

This HEX Craft Battery comes in a stylish pink design that is elegant and affordable. 3 heat settings are offered and this pen is 510-compatible. Recharge it with the included USB cable and save battery life with its built-in power-saving mode. This is a great choice for those on a strict budget but still want to deliver a stylish and functional vape pen.

Pink Classic Vaporizer

This pink dab pen by CloudVapes offers the best of discretion and portability. It also features plenty of accessories to add to the functionality of your gift. The bundle upgrade doesn’t add much to the final price but is sure to impress when your gift is handed over.

350 mAh Twist Control

4 Score offers this sleek pink battery that offers variable power between 2.0-4.0v. The preheat function offers convenience when using this dab pen with any 510 cartridges. The USB charger connects directly to the 510 adapter, keeping things simple.

The Dream Vaporizer Pen

row of vape pens on isolated white, pink dab pen
Dream Dab Pens

HighTimes awarded this dab pen the best vaporizer of 2016 and it’s still a good gift idea 5 years later. Wax, shatter, and crumble are all fitting for the Dream vaporizer. This vape pen truly treats your concentrates properly by avoiding the combustion of your dab. Adjust the temperature just right for your product! The rose gold color is simply stunning.

Verified Nova 510 Vape Pen

Safety and quality are the main focus of this rose gold vape pen. Compatible with most 510 cartridges, this dab pen makes for a great gift. Previous buyers have noted that this unit is great for beginners and makes a perfect present for those looking to try their hand at vaping. Smooth hits and variable power make this single-button vape pen a great option.

Don’t Forget The Accessories!

Stands, cases, pouches, wraps, and much more can add to the style and functionality of the new pink dab pen. Many people don’t know that accessories can turn a basic vape pen into something special. Make sure to consider this before making your final decision on which dab pen you choose to purchase!

Turn These Pink Dab Pen Gift Ideas Into Reality!

If you make sure you examine each prospective pink dab pen you plan to gift with the aforementioned qualities you will ensure your present is worth the purchase! To simplify matters, simply choose one of the pink dab pens listed above. Surely there are other good options on the market, but you can’t go wrong with what’s listed in this article. Have fun gifting!

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