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In this Huni Badger Dab Rig review, we’ll be examining the self-proclaimed best portable dab rig on the market. However, Huni Badger is hardly the first dab rig company on the market to claim to be the best. What separates the Huni Badger kits from the rest of the portable dab rigs for sale? Let’s see if it’s hype or high-quality!

About The Huni Badger Kits

Huni Badger is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Claiming to set a new standard for the culture, Huni Badger was founded in 2015 to provide a high-quality portable dab rig that doesn’t require torches or power cords.

To stand by their products, Huni Badger offers a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty so you can rest assured that if something goes wrong in your first couple of years of use you can contact Huni Badger and get it sorted out!

Hun Badger Dab Rigs come in a variety of colors with the same functionality so you won’t have to sacrifice style for substance. You have your pick from:

  • Nitro Green
  • Black
  • Pearl White
  • Royal Blue
  • Crimson Red
  • Calico
  • Candy Purple

Powered by a single 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery, this dab rig is truly portable and ready to take on the go. The dab rig boasts operation with a single button and heats its ceramic element within seconds of starting operation.

The waterproof hard case is heavy duty and ready for what a portable dab rig may go through when being taken for use on the go. The package comes with a high-temperature and low-temperature HuniTip so you can operate the Huni Badger Dab Rig to the appropriate temperature required for your herbal extracts.

Also supplied is a 510 and 14mm adapter that double as mouthpieces and attachments for bubblers and water filtration accessories. Each Huni Badger kit also comes with 3 HuniPot containers to store your extracts when not in use. One of these HuniPots is located in the magnetic cap for convenient access.

One major downfall of the kits is that they don’t come with a lithium battery, so this will be an additional expense. Huni Badger does sell compatible batteries that you can add to your order, but that increases the final cost.

Best Features Of The Huni Badger Dab Rig

huni badger dab rig parts

Plenty of portable dab rigs on the market offer similar features as the Huni Badger. So, what truly makes this rig a good choice? Here are the top features of each Huni Badger Dab Rig kit:

  • Plenty of functionality for under $200
  • Safety feature that turns off the dab rig after 60 seconds
  • Reaches optimal temperature in just 10 seconds
  • Included adaptors double as mouthpieces
  • Beautiful colorways
  • Multiple glass water filtration and bubbler devices to add functionality
  • Accessories and replacement parts are readily available

There are indeed many competitors on the market in the same price range. However, the raving fans of the Huni Badger Dab Rig kits seem convinced that you can do no wrong by choosing this dab rig for your portable herbal extract needs!

Bubblers & Adaptors

One of the best things that the Huni Badger has to offer is the array of optional attachments to turn your dab rig from basic to advanced! Here are a few of the most popular glass attachments:

The Nectar Collector Honeybird Core Kit offers basic water filtration for the Huni Badger. Users rave about smoother hits and the ability to draw larger hits from the dab rig as well when using the Honeybird Core Kit. If you want to step up your water filtration game even more, opt for the Nectar Collector Honeybird Delux Bubbler!

The Huni Bottle IDAB comes in clear glass or colored glass options. The attachment features 3 percolation holes for smooth chilled hits from the Huni Badger. This add-on fits the 14mm adaptor included in the original kit.

The Badger Bullet Bubbler is the best choice for those looking for water-cooled dabs with a compact design. Since the Huni Badger thrives as a portable device, it makes sense that the Badger Bullet Bubbler is a customer favorite with its compact design.

If you don’t care about sacrificing the space-saving design of the Huni Badger, the Badger Fab offers the most flavor and best chilling effect of the attachments. However, this attachment is larger than the dab rig and tip combined, so keep that in mind!

Parts & Accessories

Huni Badger has replacement parts on their website whenever you may need to repair your device. Batteries and power banks are also readily available. While you could go out and purchase these from 3rd party suppliers, purchasing directly from Huni Badger ensures that what you purchase is fully compatible with your dab rig.

Stylize your Huni Badger Dab Rig with cases, wraps, battery covers, and pouches.

One particularly useful accessory is the Huni Dish. Available in many colors, this parabolic glass storage dish allows you to store your concentrates and use them directly with the Huni Badger as well. Users tout the storage ability, boasting the possibility of storing up to 12 grams in the Huni Dish!

There aren’t many other dab rig manufacturers that offer this much convenience for replacement parts, accessories, and attachments. This puts Huni Badger above most of the competition automatically!

Last Look At The Huni Badger Dab Rig

This Huni Badger Dab Rig review showed you one of the best on the market under $200. However, to truly get the most from this dab rig kit, you’ll likely be spending more on the attachments and accessories for maximal functionality. If this dab rig is in your budget, don’t hesitate to check it out!

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