Important Stages of the Marijuana Plant Growth

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The growth of the marijuana plant has some important stages that it has to go through for a good harvest. The first thing the grower needs to do for the success of his/her harvest is to choose the right seed and to make sure that it is closely examined. Check the weight and make sure to pay attention to the color and the shape.

One thing that you will find challenging is telling whether the seed will be able to produce a female marijuana plant or male marijuana plant. Even the most experienced cannabis grower is unable to do so. Therefore, you shouldn’t feel bad about that. However, with this comes another challenge, especially when you are a novice grower. No grower, for that matter can determine which seed will produce the best harvest for their marijuana plant.

It is a fact that the female marijuana plant is the only one that can produce cola buds that are rich in trichome and that can be harvested to be smoked, used in a vape product, edibles or dab. 

The Male Plant

The male marijuana plant doesn’t do any of this. It can be detrimental to your marijuana harvest if both the male and female are grown side by side or in close proximity. There is one specific reason why this occurs. The male marijuana plant has one purpose only and that is to pollinate its counterpart, the female plant. But, that is not necessarily a good thing for the female plant and many growers try to keep them as far apart as possible. Let us dig a little deeper. 

The Germination Process

It is a given that you have your female seeds and male seeds separated at this point. This is very important for the germination process. It is best that you put the male seeds into a dark place such as a cupboard or closet. In fact, they should be in a different room than your female seeds; as far away as you can; just to be on the safe side. Male cannabis seeds have a strong impact on female seeds

The Female Seeds

When you separate them, then you will not risk cross contamination. So now it is time to germinate your female marijuana seeds.

Let’s go through the simple steps. You are going to soak these seeds in a cup of water. You can also put them in a damp paper towel and fold them up in it. The goal is to moisten the seeds for germination. If you choose to put in a cup of water, notice the seeds will float in the beginning, but will sink to the bottom of the cup as soon as it begins absorbing the water.

One marijuana plant is able to grow up to five feet in height and so before you know it, they can fill the room. Therefore, it is important to give the marijuana plant enough space to grow. That means, if you don’t have sufficient space, don’t put twenty female seeds in water to germinate

The Seedling Phase

Now, it is in the seedling phase where you will see a couple of embryonic leaves opening outward; directly from the stem. Make sure it gets sunlight; enough that your baby marijuana needs to finally break out of its seed casing. Soon, you will see more leaves growing out of the seed casing, which will have rounded points. Expect your seedling phase to last up to three weeks. This will depend on certain factors such as lighting, type of soil, type of marijuana strain grown, airflow, and humidity. 

The Vegetative Phase

The next phase for your marijuana plant growth is the vegetative phase. This is where the stem begins to get taller and thicker; developing into nodes. The nodes are going to produce more leaves and branches. This means that you will have to give it sufficient fresh water, good air flow, nutrients rich in nitrogen and sufficient soil space. 

Pre-Flowering Phase

Stage five is the pre-flowering or auto flowering phase, which means that your marijuana plant growth stage should have reached about five months. In this phase, the male plants have to be separated or it will pollinate the female plants. 

Final Summary on Important Stages of the Marijuana Plant Growth

The last two phases are the flowering phase and the harvest phase. During the flowering phase, the marijuana plant will continue its growth into leaves and sticks, if you don’t reduce its exposure to light. You will need to apply both phosphorus and potassium nutrients to your marijuana plant. Now it is time to enjoy the harvest and yield of your marijuana plant growth. 

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