How to Choose a High-Quality Dab Pen?

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If you’re reading this then you know what a dab pen is, so we won’t waste any time explaining. It’s worth knowing that technology and design in vape pens and other devices have come a long way in a few years, so this article aims to inform you of the features and factors to look for when choosing a high-quality dab pen. Let’s get started!

What to Look for in a High-Quality Dab Pen

Before we talk about the first feature, we should say that a dab pen also known as a weed pen is usually specifically for vaping concentrate. You may want to look at other types if you intend to vape dry herbs or other products. What are the important factors to consider? Let’s begin with a couple of points about the heart of the vape pen, the battery.

Battery Power

You should look for a pen with as powerful a battery as possible. The terminology may be alien to you, so we suggest looking for a rechargeable lithium iron with a power output of 240mAh.

The length of time you get out of one charge depends how often you use your dab pen, but a casual user can expect to get perhaps seven day’s of use out of a full charge. Also ensure that the battery is rechargeable via USB for added convenience. 

510 Thread Battery

You will see the 510-thread mentioned not just in relation to the dab pen battery, but also with reference to all parts of a dab pen that can be unscrewed and replaced.

This size of thread has been adopted by the vape market as standard. You can therefore change parts such as the battery, compartment and any other interchangeable parts of the vape pen easily.

Be aware, however, that while the thread itself may be standard certain components can vary in actual size, so be careful when you are choosing accessories to ensure they will fit your vape pen. 

Airflow Quality

Airflow is vital in creating a quality vape cloud. The modern vape pen will be designed to provide airflow that is ideal for vaping your cannabis concentrate or CBD Oil should that be your preference. A top-quality pen will have an adjustable airflow option.

Why is this important? The level of airflow influences the taste and potency of the vape cloud. Greater airflow results in a cooler draw and a less harsh effect on the throat, and more vapor. Reduce the airflow and you experience a tight and warmer draw, and possibly a harsh feel in the throat.

Different users have different personal taste, so airflow adjustment is worth looking for in your dab pen. 

Safety Features of a High-Quality Dab Pen

While there is no flame involved with vaping as the vape pen simply atomizes the substance there is still considerable heat. It is easy to forget to switch off a vape pen when you’ve finished using. While the usual upshot of this is simply a dead battery when you least need it, an automatic cut-off feature is also a welcome safety feature.

You will find that most – if not all – vape pens come with this feature built in. Check with your retailer before you buy to make sure but generally, they will automatically shut down after 20 minutes or a similar time since last used. 

Variable Power Settings

One of the most important developments in the vape world has been the introduction of variable power settings. In the early days a battery was set at a certain voltage and would heat the substance to be vaped to a specific temperature at which it would atomize and create the vapor cloud. 

Manufacturers soon recognised that users may want a different type of hit – much as with the airflow regulator we talked about above – and began developing batteries that can be adjusted. We suggest you look for a battery or vape pen with at least three power settings for maximum versatility, as this will allow you to experiment with different temperatures and find the taste that you prefer. 

The most common settings are 2.8v, 3.2v and 3.6v – or low, medium and high – and while not great increments there is a notable difference between the three in terms of the harshness or smoothness of the vape. Talk to a retailer about the best options for you as vaping is a busy market with plenty of choice in quality vape pens. 

Design Features of a High-Quality Dab Pen

The aesthetics of the dab pen may or may not be important to you, but it’s fair to say there are some design features that we recommend you look for when choosing your dab pen. For example, an LED indicator that shows when the pen is switched on and ready for use is a useful tool. You may also want to consider the two different methods of operation – push-button and draw-activated. 

The push-button models require the user to select on and off, temperature and so on by way of a button on the outer case. The draw-activated models come to life when you take a drag on the mouthpieces. Whichever is preferable to the individual is personal choice, and each is equally effective when it comes to vaping. 

Looks and Style of a High-Quality Dab Pen

Finally, if you appreciate quality design you will certainly enjoy the looks of the latest dab pens. Designers have gone to work on what was a simple and rather bland concept and come up with some beautifully styled and yet still practical dab pen designs.

Sleek and compact yet good looking and trendy, the dan pen has become a much more desirable product not that they are actually being designed rather than simply consisting of a few essential components thrown together.

Find a reputable retailer that is established in the vaping market, and they will be happy to advise you about their range of dab pens and find one that has the features you want within your budget. Vaping has never been more enjoyable than right now, so start searching for your new, high-quality dab pen.

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