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With the recent increase in cannabis legalization, online headshops are becoming more and more popular and buying bongs online is becoming more convenient.

Online smoke shops give users a more personal experience by bringing the ease of shopping for smoke pieces to users' fingertips. They are a one stop shop to find all your necessary smoke products like glass bongs, silicone bongs, dry herb pipes, rolling trays, dabbing accessories, and more.

With the increase in the number of options, it’s important to be mindful of online headshops and the quality of pieces they offer. A hidden treasure and highly rated online headshop selling the best bongs and featuring some of the most innovative reputable brands is World of Bongs. 

World of Bongs is a world-class online head shop offering their customers only the most high quality products at the most modest prices. They offer free, discreet, and worldwide shipping for anyone looking to buy bongs online.

Users can also find a comprehensive customer support team on their website for any questions about products, orders, or their accounts. They offer tons of products ranging from water bongs, dry herb pipes, rolling trays, nectar collectors, ashtrays, and more.

World of Bongs was founded in 2012 to build a community of cannabis pieces with extremely low prices. World of Bongs is especially known for being one of the largest inventories of water bongs. They have cheap water bongs for sale, ranging from $10-$300 for every consumer's price point.

With various colors, sizes, and styles to choose from, bong lovers everywhere can expect to have the most inclusive shopping experience on World of Bongs. 

Whether users are looking for a thick glass bong with high quality art or a durable and almost indestructible silicone piece, consumers can find all their needs on WoB. The site offers cute bongs that are smaller, more portable, and have an emphasis on design. For other kinds of users, they offer more luxurious bongs online with features such as their percolator bongs.

Not only does this premium online headshop invest their time into building the best of smoke devices, but they also provide users with the most up to date cannabis information. 

World of Bongs Community 

buy water pipe bongs

World of Bongs head shops prides themselves on offering great smoke pieces and bringing a community of worldwide cannabis users together. They are the top option for buying bongs online. They have created a network of the most respected glass artists, suppliers and lovers.

By building a base that speaks directly with their customers, they are able to meet the needs of their consumers by reflecting it in their products. World of Bongs has an Instagram with over 441,000 followers for direct contact with their shop.

Here consumers can keep updated on exclusive promotions as well as ask questions about products and shipping. They also consistently post up to date information about their shop, products, sales, events, and more. Follow their instagram to be submitted in a monthly giveaway by simply following, sharing, and tagging them in a post.

Users have won cannabis-themed boxes of up to $200. These boxes come with some of the best quality pieces on their site. These are especially loved for their uniqueness, quality of craftsmanship, and air-smoke quality flow. Follow them today on Instagram @world.of.bongs. 

What is a Bong? 

Bongs are one of the most common and beloved ways for cannabis users to partake in smoke sessions. For people just getting into the cannabis community, bongs are a standard piece of equipment to have part of any collection.

Bongs are a smoke device (take a glass cylinder piece, for example) with a water-filled chamber that allows users to take smooth, can tasty, and powerful hits of their dry herb. There is a downstem with holes in the bong for airflow and percolation. At the other end of the downstem is where the “bowl” is placed.

A bong bowl may come in various sizes and can be switched out on different smoke devices. Bongs come in many shapes, sizes, and materials across the board, and these depend on what the consumer is looking for in a product. Check out below to see a few of the coolest bongs World of Bongs has to offer.

Also find cool accessories for your water pipe such as a bong filter, which helps create smoother hits and rescue impurities. 

Buying Bongs Online

Knockout Beer Bong 

Take your smoke session and parties to the ultimate level with this fun and high quality beer bong. Complete with a one hitter-bowl and valve to connect to any beer bottle. Turn any drink into a smoke device for a night of all kinds of fun.

This product was created by the world-famous brand Knockout, which is noted as the original creator of the beer chugging bong. This device is dishwasher safe making for an easy cleaning process. Get this today on World of Bongs for $39.99. 

Dick Silicone Bong

Are you looking for a fun gag gift? Or just a smoke piece to bring out the humor at the party? This penis bong is perfect for bringing an extra piece of fun to any smoke session.

The silicone device is extremely durable and protective against breaks. Silicone bongs are made out of rubber and are great for on-the-go use or accident-prone consumers. This sits at 7 inches high and comes in a rasta-colored pattern.

Users love how good and smooth of hits this device seems to provide. This is a heavier bong weighing at 9 ounces, making it less likely to get knocked over. With five star reviews, get this piece today for $29.99.   

Cobra Snake Bong 

This cobra snake bong is a high-quality product to add to anyone's collection, especially reptile lovers. This artistically crafted piece is made entirely of glass and situated to sit like a piece of glass snake decor.

This bubble bong is perfect for portability and on-the-go tokes, sitting only six and a half inches tall. This has five-star reviews and is loved by customers for its ease of hitting and small size. Coming with a 14mm bowl, this is great for solo sessions or smoking with a few friends.

The Cobra Snake bong comes in yellow and green. This is a classic featured by World of Bongs brand itself. Get it today for $36.99.

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