Top Cannabis Accessories For The Avid Stoner

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Top cannabis accessories for the avid stoner is a great list to know. There are several cannabis events and festivals that take place each year in the United States. As the festival season approaches, avid stoners are looking to purchase their own cannabis accessories so that they can be ready for the events and so that they can feel part of the crowd.

These events give you a chance to relax and find enjoyment in various parts of the event such as live music. Due to the fact that the feds don't like weed, it is important to note that at these events, you are usually unable to roll a joint and smoke it or you may still be subject to trouble from law enforcement.

There are many avid stoners that have found ways to secretly and creatively smoke without so much public exposure. We have put together a list of cannabis accessories that you should consider, if you decide on smoking in public, whether at the cannabis events or even a baseball game.

Urban Wrap Rolling Papers

If you are not into glass pipes or any other pipe for that matter, you should consider one of the cannabis accessories that afford you to be discreet. The Urban Wrap Rolling Papers are just the choice for that reason. They are masked or concealed as cigarettes and so everyone will think that you are smoking a cigarette. The smell of weed is still going to be evident, but these are an excellent option to stay low keyed, if you are in a large crowd with other cigarette smokers.

PUFFiT Portable Vaporizers

If people saw you take a puff from a vaporizer, it is not something that would alarm them. PUFFiT Portable Vaporizer will allow you to smoke weed without eyebrows being raised. You can pack your PUFFiT Portable Vaporizer with any form of weed (concentrate or flower) and discreetly smoke it. It is also easy to store while you are on the go. The battery life is decent enough to get through a cannabis festival


Tokables has made one of the most ingenious cannabis accessories in the form a bracelet and it is secretly disguised as a cannabis pipe. This is a low keyed way to show that you are a stoner. These Tokables come in various colors and can be a good conversation piece. You can even wear it while traveling because not even the airport metal detector will pick it up.

Genius Pipe

Talk about high tech, the Genius Pipe is one of the cannabis accessories that you won't see in a lot of places because it is so discreet. In fact, it is flat enough to carry around in your pocket or wallet. It is designed to filter the smoke and cool it without using water. The Genius Pipe also keeps the flavor and terpenes fresh.

Smokit Portable Smoking Kit

If you are looking for cannabis accessories that are discreet, check out the SmokIT Portable Smoking Kit, which is transformed into an amazing smoking experience. This innovative smoking kit includes a grinder card, carrying case, dabber and concentrate container. It also includes a reusable box you can use for additional storage. You can fold the box flat and use it to roll your joints.

Boost by Dr. Dabber

If you like to dab while on the go, check out the Boost by Dr. Dabber, which is an electronic rig made just for you! It comes with a carry case, which is easy to carry around and it is battery operated. You get to control the temperature of the dab with no torch requirement.

Hi-Lighter Pipe

Have you ever seen a highlighter pipe? Well Hi-Lighter Pipe fulfills what you are looking for in cannabis accessories that afford you to be secretive. You can go past any security and not have them find out what you are carrying.

Piece Maker Pipe

Piece Maker Pipe is one of the most favorite cannabis accessories enjoyed by many avid stoners. It is made of silicone. You can carry it while going on a camping trip or you can bring it to the next cannabis event without being concerned about breakage. They also come in a wide range of fun colors!

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