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Figuring out the difference of hemp vs weed can be confusing.

There's a high probability that it's not the first time you have come across the word ‘hemp.' This term has attracted attention from the health industry, the media, and businesses.

Hemp is a hotly debated term. In fact, almost every state has held a debate to discuss the legality of hemp. Mostly, these states hold these discussions because most people find it hard to differentiate between hemp and weed.

So, what is the difference between hemp vs. weed? What is hemp made of? Does hemp have THC or CBD? What's the difference between hemp and marijuana? Worry no more!

In this informative blog we'll define the hemp plant, provide answers to the above questions, cover hemp seeds, how hemp is different from weed, and the cannabis Sativa hemp plant.

Let's get started!

Difference Between Hemp And Pot (What Is The Difference Between Hemp And Weed)

Cannabis refers to the flowering plant genus under the Cannabaceae family, consisting of 3 species. These species include Cannabis ruderalis, Cannabis sativa, and Cannabis indica.  So, is hemp Sativa or indica or ruderalis or is Sativa hemp?

Most people know hemp and marijuana as the Cannabis ‘strains' or ‘species, but that's wrong.

In general, hemp and marijuana fall under the broad Cannabis clarifications that got introduced into our culture. However, hemp and weed don't fall under the legitimate Cannabis plant nomenclature.

Let's define hemp and marijuana and explore their relations to cannabis to explain the difference between hemp and marijuana.

Hemp: What is it? (What Does Hemp Mean?)

Hemp refers to a term that classifies cannabis containing 0.3% or less of THC content in terms of dry weight. However, this hemp definition got legitimized when the 2018 Agriculture Act passed.

In the past, hemp meant non-intoxicating cannabis, harvested for industrial use purposes. Humans used hemp as the catalyst of their earliest innovations because of the plant's ability to produce pivotal resources, like food, clothing, housing material, paper, and more.

Hemp vs. Cannabis: What Does Marijuana Mean?

Marijuana refers to the term that classifies cannabis, containing over 0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinol by dry weight. Besides this, marijuana refers to cannabis that can induce effects (euphoric and psychotropic) on the user.

Marijuana is a term used daily in the American culture, but most individuals experience a grossly inadequate cannabis misrepresentation. Many companies/individuals in the Cannabis field refuse to apply this term as others consider it a ‘racist' word.

Marijuana never existed in early American history, and most people used ‘cannabis' to classify the ‘marijuana' plant.

Are Hemp And Cannabis The Same Thing?

Difference Between Hemp Plant And Weed Plant

A Sativa hemp plant and a marijuana plant fall under the same species. Generally, hemp refers to the cannabis plant containing 0.3% or a lesser percentage of THC. On the other hand, marijuana refers to the cannabis plant containing over 0.3% of THC.

CBD is the product of hemp species and marijuana species.

Where Does Hemp Come from: What Is Hemp Made Out of/What's In Hemp?

Now, what is hemp made from?

Cannabis Sativa Hemp refers to the plant that falls under the Cannabaceae family, cultivated for its edible seeds or bast fiber (fiber). Most people confuse hemp with the cannabis plants, which enhance drug preparation hashish and act as a drug marijuana source.

Hashish, marijuana and hemp contain THC, but hemp features 0.3% or lesser percentages of tetrahydrocannabinol. Here, hemp THC refers to a compound that helps to produce human psychoactive effects.

What Is The Difference Between Hemp Seeds And Weed Seeds?

The cannabinoids amount is the primary feature that creates a difference between hemp seeds and pot seeds. Hemp seeds have a 0.3% or lesser THC percentage, while pot seeds have over 0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinol.

Hemp Cultivation vs. Marijuana Cultivation

Hemp is easier to grow than marijuana. It grows easily outside while marijuana needs more of a controlled environment whether it's being grown indoors or outdoors.

Hemp features skinny leaves concerted towards the plant's upper side, while marijuana has broad leaves.

Do Hemp Plants Grow Buds like Marijuana?

Now, does hemp grow buds, or what is the difference between hemp and marijuana in buds?

Yes, a female hemp plant produces flowers identified as hemp buds. The naked eye can find it hard to differentiate between hemp buds and marijuana. However, hemp buds cannot get you high.

Hemp Uses vs. Marijuana Uses

Hemp is used to make a variety of products including; compost, ceiling panels, absorbents, bedding materials, particleboard and more industrial materials. Other uses include making soaps, cosmetics, printer's ink, detergents, lighting oil, rope, wood preservative, and cloth.

Marijuana is used for a variety of ailments and diseases. It is used for anxiety, epilepsy, cancer, Chron's disease, diseases that attack the immune system and much more.

Hemp vs Weed Conclusion

The main differences between hemp and weed are the levels of THC, how they are used, and their cultivation requirements.

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