Top Hemp Shops Online
Top Hemp Shops Online

Top Hemp Shops Online

Cannabis and hemp are definitely linked in more ways than one. They are both the progressive trend in the cannabis industry and that is why hemp shops and cannabis shops are being opened online at a fast pace. We have put together some of the top hemp shops that have shown growth and popularity in so little time. These rank above the rest that we have found and they offer only the real hemp and cannabis products available in Europe. You can do your own research to find others that you might like, but this is a safe place to begin.

Deep Nature Project

Deep Nature Project is located in Austria and sells an assortment of hemp protein, hemp tea, hemp nuts and hemp extracts. This is one of the hemp shops that focuses more on organic products; selling to all the countries that are in the European Union. As it relates to product development, the company thinks that quality and sustainability is the most important.

Hemp Selection

Located in Austria, one of the other hemp shops that operate online is the Hemp Selection store. The company sells an assortment of hemp beverages, hemp wine, energy drinks, hemp seeds, hemp oil, hemp cosmetics, and hemp edibles. The company also sells a few cannabis products.

The Hemp Shop

Located in the United Kingdom, the Hemp Shop has been operating for more than twenty three years and sells an assortment of hemp food, hemp clothing, hemp fabrics and hemp fabrics. This is one of the hemp shops that should be the one stop to getting all of your hemp products. The company goes to length to fulfill its customer's desires by even supplying hemp eyewear, paper, ropes and more.

Mr. Hemp

Mr. Hemp is one of the hemp shops that is headquartered in Switzerland and offers products such as hemp buds, hemp extracts, hemp cosmetics, hemp food, skin care, CBD drops, hemp oil and vegan food. The company carries a wide range of product brands such as C-Pure, Starbuds Luzern and Sonnenfeld; just to name a few.


Greeners hails out of Switzerland and is one of the hemp shops online that caters to people looking to buy hemp extracts, hemp clones, hemp extracts, hemp body lotion, hemp food, hemp shower gel, hemp chocolate, hemp beer and hemp pesto. These are the signature products to look for.


Hempen is located in the United Kingdom, but sells products online such as hemp tea, hemp oil and hemp coconut oil. The company is a cooperative with a small team of staff that is active in the community and loves to share information about hemp.

The Hanfhaus Store

In Germany, one of the hemp shops that are to be noted is HanfHaus. The company sells hemp bags, hemp clothing, hemp cosmetics, hemp food and even hemp edibles. All of the items are of the highest quality and quite affordable.

Avocado Store

Located in Germany, the Avocado Store is also one of the hemp shops that operates online; offering hemp accessories and hemp clothing that included T-shirts, backpacks, bags, scarves, laptop sleeves and more. The company is doing well online and continues to grow.


Headquartered the Netherlands, Endoca is one of the hemp shops online and has a location in San Diego, California. The company focuses on hemp and CBD; selling product items such as hemp skin care, hemp concentrate, hemp oil, hemp capsules, pet food, and hemp edibles. This is one of the most unique companies since it has more than one location. And so, for U.S. residents, shipping would still be fast and the buyer would not have to wait for a long time to wait for shipping out of the Netherlands.


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