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Hybrids have come quite a long way in the span of a decade. Pink Runtz strain, also known as Runtz is one of the most popular and pumped up strains that has been released during this time. The beauty of this hybrid comes from its balanced effects along with incredible flavor. The strain comes from two juggernauts in the industry which you are sure to have heard of.

Cookies Fam does it again with another amazing creation as the company has come out with so many incredible strains. The company focuses on quality which is why they do not sell their seeds to just anyone. Finding seeds is going to be a challenge when you are dealing with Cookies Fam but it is possible.

Pink Runtz Strain Lineage

Pink Runtz is a balanced hybrid of Gelato and Zkittlez. You can expect an almost giddy feeling as you will be giggling after a single toke on this bud. Negative thoughts will be expelled from your mind as you feel a rush of happiness and euphoria. The strain was created in a joint effort with rapper Yung LB who just happens to be a co-owner of the Runtz Brand.

Gelato is going to be potent with weaker harvests still averaging 20 percent THC. The strain has won mulitple awards due to its berry and citrus flavors that accompany that potency. Expect to be relaxed and happy as you unwind from a long day.

Zkittlez is flavorful much like Gelato with berry, grape, and citrus notes. The strain is a bit less potent with 15 percent THC. Expect your body to be relaxed without experiencing sedation.

THC Percentage Of Pink Runtz

The THC percentage of Pink Runtz hovers around 18 to 20 percent. Newer smokers might want to take a toke then wait to see how this high hits them. This strain is a great investment as a single took can lead to an incredible high for hours on end.

Expect relaxation that only an Indica can bring to you along with the happy feelings that accompany a number of Sativas. Reserve this strain for after you have completed what you need to for the day.

Flavor And Aroma Of The Pink Runtz Strain

The flavor of Pink Runtz is categorized by its sweet flavors that have fruity notes as well. The exhale brings with it a creamy taste while the inhale brings fruity and sugary tastes. This is truly one of the most flavorful strains in all of cannabis.

The aroma is of candy and other sweet treats. With the flavorful lineage, the delicious taste and aroma are to be expected. The strain can be immensely pungent so storing this bud in a way to eliminate the odor is important.

Pink Runtz Strain Yield

Do not expect massive yields from Pink Runtz as the yield is usually moderate. Expect around 1 to 2 ounces per square foot when grown outdoors with around 1 ounce per square foot being grown outdoors. Keep in mind that this strain reacts well to training and pruning which can drive up your yield.

Certain strains have far larger yields than others where a grower can easily expect over a pound per plant under optimal conditions. So many factors impact yields that even overwatering can drive down a yield in a huge way.

A grow tent being too humid or too high in temperature can also impact the plants negatively. Taking a look at one of the numerous grow diaries online can givve you a good starting point if you have never grown this strain before.

Flowering Time Of The Pink Runtz Strain

Pink Runtz might not be the first strain that you want to try when growing. There are some challenges that can be presented even though the strain can adapt to be grown using almost any technique. The flowering period of the strain is around 9 weeks. Expect plants to grow up to 6 feet in height which can be tough to accommodate in certain grow tents.

Expect bright green dense nugs that have overtones of purple. There is also going to be a decent coating of trichomes which is no surprise as this is a reasonably potent strain.

Medical Conditions This Marijuana Strain Can Help Address

Marijuana has been used across a number of cultures to treat medical conditions for hundreds of years. With all of the hybrids available, there are so many options for patients to choose from. Pink Runtz can help with the following medical conditions.

  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Mood Swing
  • PTSD
  • Stress

Pink Runtz does not have massive amounts of CBD even though it can treat a variety of conditions. Looking for diverse terpene profiles is another detail that could bring you superior relief. Weed can change the lives of people that are suffering simply through consumption.

Final Verdict On The Pink Runtz Strain

Cookies Fam only deals with a few choice online seed banks. Getting these seeds requires you to visit one of the websites of these selections. With the high demand, you might find a bank that carries the seeds but they always seem to be out of stock.

Getting some Runtz seeds could be a bit difficult depending on where you are located. Even if you do procure some seeds you are going to want to grow this strain carefully. This is not a strain that you can just water and make sure it gets light to maximize potency/yield.

The versatility of the strain makes it easy to grow using a number of soil types. There are some growers that state that this strain thrives outdoors and will produce better flavors along with a higher yield if grown outdoors. For growers that need to grow indoors, this should still allow you to produce quality weed although the yield will likely be lower.

Learning how to grow premium weed is not as difficult as in the past. There are online resources that can take you through the growing process to ensure your next grow is a success. Knowledge is power when it comes to growing cannabis so make sure you learn something new regularly.

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