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Marijuana strains have many nicknames that are incredibly creative. Rappers frequently mention Zaza strain in their music as it can mean premium quality weed..

Zaza is a strain that can be consumed by people that have experience with marijuana as it is pretty potent but not on the level of certain strains with massive potency like Gorilla Glue #4. Finding seeds could be an issue as they are not widely available for personal growers. Enjoy this strain after a long day as it will allow you to shrug off your stress and relax.

Zaza Strain Lineage

Zaza is an Indica-leaning hybrid of Rare Dankness and the famous Blue Dream. Expect to be nodding off after hitting a few tokes of this strain as it has quite powerful sedative effects. Don’t expect to have a clear mind as this is quite the stoney high much like a number of Haze lineage strains.

Blue Dream is great for those that work creative jobs as it provides a body high while it motivates you. The flavor is that of blueberries which is why this is a staple in various medicine cabinets. Balanced highs like the one Blue Dream provides usually become popular after being available for a certain amount of time.

Rare Dankness is truly dank as it sports around 24 percent THC. You are not going to be able to smoke this then function like a regular human being due to the intense sedative effects. These effects make this a prime candidate to solve problems that you might have with insomnia.

If you enjoy Zaza, you should start testing out other Indica-dominant hybrids. Some consumers might prefer a hybrid that leaves their minds a little more clear. Zaza is one of those strains that is going to give you a serious case of the munchies so maybe you want a similar strain that doesn’t make you hungry.

Flavor and Aroma Of The Zaza Strain

You are going to be greeted by a lemon taste that gets a bit more intense upon the exhale. Be aware that there will be notes of pine and a hint of a sour taste. Expect an aroma of lemon that is overshadowed by a pungent diesel smell. The terpenes in this strain are Linalool, Myrcene, Limonene, and Pinene.

Linalool has a flowery smell but has the taste of black pepper. People use this terpene to reduce their stress levels and relax.

Myrcene has a noticeable earthy taste. This terpene has been known to induce calmness which is why it is so effective at battling insomnia.

Limonene tastes and smells like lemon which it is named after. This terpene has been shown to reduce inflammation.

Yield Of The Zaza Strain

Zaza is versatile in the fact that it can be grown easily indoors or outdoors. You should probably grow this indoors as you can control more variables than outdoors. Outdoors is going to provide more in terms of yield though with around 1 to 2 ounces per square foot which roughly equates to around 400 grams per plant.

The yield is going to rely on seed genetics and how you grow the strain. Simple mistakes like overwatering a plant can stunt its growth for a few days and thus will drive down the overall yield. Certain strains are going to need more water than others so take a look at a few grow diaries online.

Flowering Period Of The Zaza Strain

The flowering period of Zaza is 56 to 70 days. Outdoor harvests should be done at some point in October much like a number of other strains.

Expect the appearance of this weed to be neon green with amber hairs. A frosting of white trichomes also makes it quite apparent that this strain is potent.

THC Content Of Zaza

The THC content of Zaza ranges from 19 to 21 percent. This amount of THC can be too much for lightweight smokers or those just starting their cannabis journey. Experienced smokers should have no trouble with this at all as it would be strong enough for even daily smokers.

Medical Conditions That This Marijuana Strain Can Help

Medical marijuana brought weed back into the spotlight as it truly can change the life of people that use it for medical reasons. People can consume marijuana in a number of ways including vaporizing, eating, or using topically. Zaza can help address the following medical issues:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Appetite Loss
  • Insomnia
  • Stress

Zaza is not going to knock your socks off in terms of CBD which might require you to supplement the CBD into your daily routine. CBD and THC work together in a way that is referred to as the entourage effect. They both work within the endocannabinoid system to provide a consumer with relief.

Final Words On The Zaza Strain

Zaza is going to present a bit of difficulty when trying to find seeds due to Rare Dankess rarity. Finding rare seeds can be enough to enlist the help of an experienced grower. Most growers are always looking for those strains that seem impossible to find seeds of.

Turning a rare strain into a staple of your crops for years to come just requires you to use the tissue culture method. This will allow you to get the exact genetics time after time after finding rare seeds.

You are going to impress your friends that grow by having a crop of Zaza. A number of people do trade cuttings so expect to have a few requests for this holy grail of strains. Keep an eye on mold and pests with this strain as you don’t want to waste any seeds and get low yields come harvest time.

Learning how to grow marijuana is as easy as ever as there are so many guides online. There are even kits that can allow you to grow weed with minimal work. People that enjoy gardening might have a great knack for growing premium pot.

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