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Gorilla Cookies strain comes from two strains that nearly every weed smoker has heard of. The classic lineage is something that creates something unique yet astounding.

The strain is one that can be tough to find due to its massive demand. Below will cover a strain that you will need to have in your medicine cabinet after trying it.

Indica Or Sativa: What Is Gorilla Cookies Weed?

Gorilla Cookies strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid of Original Glue and Thin Mint GSC. Elev8 Seed originally bred this strain. Your mind will be stimulated while your body falls into a state of relaxation without sedation.

Original Glue or Gorilla Glue #4 is one of if not the most potent strain on average in the marijuana industry. There have been tests done that have noted that the strain has up to 34 percent THC. Expect this strain to leave you literally glued to the couch

Thin Mints is a phenotype of GSC so it has similar effects while having a minty taste/smell. This could be the best version of any phenotype Girl Scout Cookies has to offer.

Autoflowering seeds are great for new growers as they require no change in light to trigger the flowering phase. Gorilla Cookies comes in autoflowering versions which thrive in comparison to other autoflowers.

Gorilla Cookies has even created hybrids like that of Seattle Summer which can allow you to be as productive as ever regardless of the time.

THC Content Of The Gorilla Cookies Strain

With the lineage of Gorilla Cookies, there is no surprise that the strain has a THC content of 20 to 23 percent. One hit could be all that a beginner needs to feel the full effects of the strain. Be careful as you could be in a stoney haze for the duration of the day.

The duration of the high makes this strain a good investment as you will be high for hours. You might feel creative while your body falls into a state of complete relaxation. The strain also has medical benefits so it is not just for recreational use.

Taste And Flavor Of The Gorilla Cookies Strain

Expect an earthy taste along with a bit of sour from GG#4. There will be mint notes as well as a cookie flavor. The aroma is of mint and earth. Expect the terps Limonene, Myrcene, and Caryophyllene.

Caryophyllene tastes like black pepper which is why there is a spicy aroma to Gorilla Cookies. Expect this terpene to help relieve pain and anxiety when consumed.

Limonene has the flavor/aroma of lemons. Expect your anxiety, fatigue, and stress to melt away.

Myrcene is the ultimate calming terpene for both the mind and body.

Medical Conditions Gorilla Cookies Can Help Alleviate

Gorilla Cookies has a number of medical benefits that are listed below:

  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Chronic Pain
  • Nausea
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Loss Of Appetite
  • Mood Disorders

If you frequently get anxious when smoking weed, the potency of this strain should be taken into consideration.

Price Of Gorilla Cookies Weed

You can expect to pay up to $18 per gram, $60 to $65 per 1/8th, and around $215 to $225 per oz.

Gorilla Glue Cannabis Seeds

Seedsman has these seeds available but it is illegal to ship weed seeds in the US. Go to a dispensary to pick up seeds or find clones in person if possible.

Yield To Expect From The Gorilla Cookies Strain

Gorilla Cookies has a yield that all growers would like as indoor grows can yield up to 20 ounces per square meter. You will have to train these plants to grow horizontally to maximize yield due to the strain being bushy and only around 3 feet tall.

Flowering Period Of The Gorilla Cookies Strain

The flowering phase lasts 8 to 9 weeks in the autoflowering version of this strain. Space out your plants appropriately so they don’t invade the space of another.

The buds can be extremely dense and hard. The green colors are beautiful with orange hairs and a covering of trichomes that all cannabis enthusiasts will love. Curing will be important to maintain the THC content and to accentuate the terp profile.

Final Verdict On The Gorilla Cookies Weed Strain

Gorilla Cookies is a strain you will find at dispensaries if you look long enough. Taking the time to grow it will be something you won’t regret. Massive yields along with potency make this a grower’s paradise.

What is your favorite GSC phenotype hybrid? There are so many to choose from since this strain has taken the world by storm in the last decade.

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