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Sherblato Strain

The Sherblato strain truly lives up to its name as you already know that it is going to be delicious. The strain is gaining momentum on the west coast in both the medicinal and recreational markets.

Girl Scout Cookies took the marijuana market by storm and Sherblato comes from this lineage. Expect to be blown away with the potency of this strain so it should be consumed with caution. This exotic strain can be used to help graduate to more potent strains by consuming this bud.

Sherblato Strain and Its Lineage

Sherblato is a Sativa-leaning hybrid of Gelato and Sherbert. With this famous lineage, there is no surprise that this strain is increasing in popularity.

Sherbert AKA Sunset Sherbert has won a myriad of awards due to its potency and flavor. Finding a duplicate can be difficult even with all of the options of weed in today’s world. Expect to be relaxed but not sedated with this strain which makes it a favorite.

Gelato is one of the most delicious strains around whether you are smoking flower or have the opportunity to get your hands on a cartridge. This strain is also potent but make sure you enjoy the taste as some might not realize weed can taste this sweet like berries and fruit. You can expect to kick back and experience full relaxation from this strain.

Finding this weed is going to present a challenge as it is relatively new and popular. Acquiring seeds should not be as difficult as a number of reputable seed banks online carry them. People that love GSC and its hybrids will enjoy Sherblato and new smokers will love it as well.

For those that are considering a grow of this strain, this could be a very wise decision. Homegrown weed always seems to smoke better due to the work you put in from planting a seed through the curing process.

THC Content Of Sherblato

The THC content is 20 to 22 percent when it comes to the Sherblato you have purchased. While this is high, this is not very potent in comparison to strains like Gorilla Glue #4 that regularly tests above 30 percent.

Expect a head high almost immediately after you exhale. You won’t have a clear mind but you will be more than happy with your relaxed state. This strain delivers the classic feeling of being stoned and happily sinking into the couch.

The true beauty of this strain is that it will relax you but you will still be functional. Not all strains with these effects allow you to even leave the couch but you will have no problem with Sherblato.

Taste And Aroma Of Sherblato

You won’t be disappointed as you taste sour citrus and other tropical fruits upon the exhale. The aroma almost has a diesel scent as it is quite pungent.

Marijuana has come such a long way in terms of genetics with new strains being bred nearly every single day. Seed breeders continually look for ways to make current strains more durable and easier to grow.

Yield Of The Sherblato Strain

Beginners might want to opt for a different strain to grow as this can be a sensitive strain. Too little or too much in terms of watering or nutrients can drive the yield down. You want to do this strain justice when you grow it so reserve it for when you are confident in your growing skills.

Plants can reach up to 7 feet tall so those growing indoors need to do stress training so they grow out rather than up. Outdoor growers don’t have to worry about training their plants although doing so can drive up their overall yield.

Expect relatively high yields from Sherblato with outdoor plants producing well over a pound per plant. You can even expect around a pound indoors if grown exceptionally.

Strains that have a high yield along with massive THC content can be difficult to find. Take advantage by trying your luck at growing Sherblato today!

Flowering Period Of The Sherblato Strain

The flowering period of Sherblato is 49 to 63 days. The range of time is due to different growing environments and at what point a grower tends to like to harvest their crop. If you want the frosty look of white trichomes then it is better to harvest a bit earlier. Waiting can actually lower the potency of a strain in terms of THC but improves the tingly body-high of the strain.

What might be a surprise is that the buds are relatively average despite the high yield. The nugs are a forest green with hues of purple and shades of blue. Expect to see orange hairs and trichomes that reflect from the purple hues.

Medical Issues That Sherblato Help With

Marijuana is used around the world to help people find relief from various medical conditions. Sherblato can help people with the following medical issues:

  • Anxiety
  • Headaches & Migraines
  • Appetite Loss
  • Chronic Pain
  • Stress

As this strain becomes more widespread, the medicinal potential will become more well-known. For now, it’s a favorite among recreational users but is sure to make a splash for medical marijuana markets soon enough!

Our Final Verdict On The Sherblato Strain

People that cannot get enough of GSC could find a new favorite strain in Sherblato. The relaxing effects of both parent strains make this the perfect strain to enjoy at the end of the day. Experienced growers should definitely add this to their next grow due to the yield along with potency/flavor.

Learning how to grow marijuana can be done online with a number of online resources. Taking a look at another grower’s grow diary of a strain can allow you to figure out your growing strategy. Strains thrive in different environments so make sure you research which would thrive outdoors in your local climate. Some strains do great in humid conditions while others require a bit of humidity.

Honing your growing skills will take time but don’t be afraid to ask questions. People can be extremely helpful in the cannabis community for those just starting out.

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