Top 4 Consumption Methods for Cannabis

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In this blog post, we will explore the pros and cons of the different consumption methods for cannabis that are currently popular. We will explore what the methods are, how to use them, and why you might prefer choosing one method over the other.

You might not pick up any obvious differences between smoking cannabis and vaping it with a dry herb vaporizer but upon closer evaluation, you will notice all the distinct characteristics that make each method unique. The truth about these consumption methods and which is best might surprise you, so without any delay, let’s uncover the best consumption methods for cannabis.

Top Consumption Methods for Cannabis

Dab Rigs

Dab rigs are a more elaborate method of consumption that is not as popular as other methods on this list. However, it is very popular and is one of the most interesting methods of consumption. A dab rig, like the ones that the Daily High Club offers, is a water filtration device, not to be confused with a bong, and instead of using dry herbs, you use wax or concentrate.

This method packs a punch and you will experience more potency. It is not considered the most convenient method of consumption. It requires a lot of maintenance and it is not portable. However, a good amount of THC can be consumed with dab rigs.

Dry Herb Vaporizer

women holding coffee and a vape, consumption methods for cannabis
Cannabis Dry Herb Vape

Dry herb vaporizers are on the rise and are a popular go-to consumption method for regular consumers. The device is handheld, portable, convenient, and uses a very little bit of bud per session.

This might be an inhalation method, however, unlike traditional smoking, a dry herb vaporizer does not burn the cannabis through combustion. Instead, the herb is heated at a controlled temperature which results in more terpenes being released and more potency plus flavor as a result.

The fact that vapor is produced instead of smoke makes this method of consumption a lot healthier than smoking and one of the biggest benefits is that no smoke or smell is produced which makes this device very discreet. The chamber of this device is quite small which limits the amount of THC consumed per session however consuming this way does produce a more potent high which combats that.


gummies and weed coming out of a jar
Cannabis Edibles

Edibles are another very popular and world-famous method. They could be the top of all the consumption methods of cannabis. It is just as traditional as smoking a joint.

With edibles, any food or drink item is infused with cannabis for your enjoyment and when you consume, the cannabis gets into your system via your digestive system and your liver which takes anywhere from 60 minutes – 2 hours. The way that edibles are processed by the body and the freedom you get regarding the quantity of weed you want to use, results in a very potent and long-lasting high. An edible high can last up to 12 hours long which is much longer than any other method of consumption.

Edibles are very convenient and very discreet and you can pack large amounts of THC in your food or drinks.

Joints and Bongs

Lastly, we have the most traditional and widely loved method of consumption: joints and bongs. These methods of consumption are heavily represented in society and throughout pop culture and they are simple to use. With a joint, you need to roll your dry herb in rolling paper and smoke it by burning the herb. Bongs on the other hand are hand-held water filtration devices that use a very small amount of cannabis but also involve burning the herb creating smoke.

Unlike the other methods mentioned, these two are very unhealthy and the combustion caused by both can result in the development of lung cancer as well as upper airway cancer. Joints are very convenient but bongs are not. Both give you an average high compared to the methods mentioned above and joints use a lot of weed.

Consumption Methods For Cannabis Conclusion

There you have it, if you are health conscious, it is recommended that you stay away from joints and bongs and rather opt for a healthier method of consumption such as a dry herb vaporizer or edibles. Remember, the most expensive consumption method on this list is the dab rig because of the components involved. Overall, you cannot go wrong with a dry herb vaporizer and edibles.

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