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Marijuana edibles are considered to be the kind of product becoming quite popular on the market as legalization seems to be the main factor in the grand scheme of things.

According to reports and research, the sales in marijuana edibles have reached more than 121 percent in just one year in the state of Washington. In the state of Colorado, the sales have tripled since the beginning of 2014. Some people are wondering why this kind of popularity has reached such a high level.

For one, the sophistication, variety and quality of marijuana edibles is one of the reasons. And there are specific brands that have provided consumers with higher quality, creating competition and more popularity.

Many savvy recreational users have found that marijuana edibles are representative of the best potent bargain available at certain dispensaries. And more importantly, people love the idea of having choices whether to smoke weed or consume edibles. As soon as legal cannabis hit the market, entrepreneurs sought ways to create unique products that would set them apart and so marijuana edibles became a household name. Let's see which one of these marijuana edibles have reached the top position in the cannabis industry.


In Morocco, marijuana edibles are quite popular since hashish is a part of their cannabis culture and is used in most related products. Most of their products are secretly made to maintain the legacies of most Moroccan families. Mahjoun is one of the Moroccan companies that have done just that and continues to produce marijuana edibles powered with hashish and other ingredients such as ginger.


Bhang is one of the marijuana edibles that the company showcased at the Hindu festival, which took place in the spring. It has a history of medicinal and spiritual traditions, offering the earliest use of marijuana in ancient times. So their product, according to the company provides healing and treatment to medical disorders. Bhang is made by grinding weed so it looks like a paste. One of their products it Bhang Lassi, which is a milk shake packed with spices.

Tainted Inc                  

One of the top marijuana edibles was created by Tainted Inc, which was raided by the DEA in 2007 and closed its doors. Prior to the raid, the company altered its product to include brownies and cookies wrapped in cellophane paper, which is still sold in local marijuana dispensaries. If you had a sweet tooth this cannabis product would be for you. It is similar to a Kit Kat Bar or Reefers.

Alice B. Toklas                                    

The most popular recipe for marijuana edibles is brought to the consumer by Alice B. Toklas in the form of brownies. In the past, the owners of the company hosted a famous salon in Paris, offering a meeting place for intellectuals, writers and painters who happened to love the sensation and creativity that weed allowed them to have. Since then the company owners have created a cookbook filled with recipes for marijuana edibles. Before the cookbook came onto the market, the idea of creating one came by a fundraising effort by the two owners.

It began with a vision of writing a memoir filled with stories of their days hosting the Paris salon. They wanted to remember names of celebrities that came to the salon; names such as Ernest Hemingway, Sinclair Lewis and Pablo Picasso; just to name a few. As they penned the memoir and the deadline for the book became an issue, the idea came to include some of the well-liked recipes that they had made over the years, which included Hashish Fudge with ingredients such as fruit, spices and nuts.

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