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What’s the best way to consume cannabis? Nowadays, there are many options for marijuana users to get their high on. You can use bongs and pipes. Some lazy bones prefer vaping. Most are still in love with the age-old method of rolling a joint and taking a puff! And, as you are trying to find the best rolling papers for weed, that indicates you are one of those who still find immense pleasure in rolling cannabis on your own.

We are going to help you with finding the best weed wrapping paper. But, first, let’s take a look at some vital issues before you decide on your rolling paper.

Why People Still Love Rolling

Life became much more comfortable with pipes, bongs, and vaporizers. You can grab pre-rolled cones now. But, still, people prefer the roll-your-own system. It’s far cheaper than other methods, and the art of rolling can add extra sensation to enjoying perfect marijuana.

Types of Rolling Papers

You are trying to find the best weed rolling paper. So, you might already know there are several types to choose from. You can use whatever the shop around the corner is offering, or you can dig deep and find the best one for yourself. There is regular rolling paper; some have flavor on them. You can even find transparent ones if you like those qualities. There is paper made rolling papers. You can have the hemp made, or rice made too.

Best Rolling Paper for Weed

Raw Rolling Papers

RAW brand rolling papers packaging.
RAW Rolling Paper

If you prefer the authentic taste of weed, then RAW’s unrefined rolling paper can be ideal for you.  The papers are thin and thus ensures slow-burning to maximize the pleasure of a joint. Raw tries to avoid using chemicals. So, the paper comes in a natural brown color.

Zig Zag French Orange Rolling Papers

Zig Zag has been a trusty partner of stoners for more than 130 years. The slow-burning paper is a favorite among several generations. You can find them in every store. This flax plant made paper has all the benefit of natural taste and guarantee of smooth inhaling.

Smoking Rolling Papers

These regular rolling papers have been serving us for almost a century. They believe in natural taste and do not use chemical coloring or additives. They have three different kinds of paper. The ultra-thin Smoking Masters ensures longer smoking time. The smoking red is also a slow-burner, but they are much heavier. Smoking white is the thickest and fastest burning paper.

Rizla Rolling Papers

White packaged weed rolling papers.
Rizla Rolling Papers

If you are interested in history, then Rizla papers are for you. This company has been providing papers since Napoleon’s days! They now use rice to make their rolling paper to keep them healthy. If you want to avoid chlorine or any kinds of chemicals, the Rizla is the right choice. Rizla has three different thicknesses to choose from. The ultra-thin barely leaves any ashes. They also have a licorice flavor paper for old time’s sake.

Juicy Jay’s Flavored Rolling Papers

If you aren’t a fan of cannabis’ natural flavor, you can try flavored rolling papers. And, Juicy Jay’s rolling papers can make your whole joint experience more wholesome. The entire paper is infused with flavor, and all the paper is decorated with a picture of the flavor. The paper is hemp made, and flavor choice is endless. You can get blackberry, apple, orange, pineapple and many more.

Shine 24k Rolling Papers

Edible gold has entered the marijuana industry. If some of you want to feel luxurious while lighting up a joint, you can get the Shine 24k papers. Made from edible gold and hemp, these papers provide a slow burn. They are healthy and have no ill effect on you. But, feeling pompous is going to cost you. A 12 pack Shine paper is going to cost you more than fifty bucks.

OCB Organic Hemp Papers

Weed rolling papers on white background.
OCB Rolling Papers

For organic and unbleached hemp rolling paper, the OCB brand is a popular choice. They are an environmentally friendly brand, and they use recycled cardboard for their packaging. OCB makes the extra thin paper to give a user longer inhaling time.

CAM2 Bulk Rolling Papers

These papers are for people who do not give a thought to flavor or style. These Rice papers are unbelievably cheap. A single paper will cost you less than a penny. Their unbleached quality will ensure the natural taste of cannabis. The paper is made from wood pulp and has a natural gum line.

Bob Marley Rolling Papers

You should be ashamed of yourselves if you never paid homage to the king of Rasta reggae. Bob Marley was one of the pioneers who never felt embarrassed to show his love for marijuana. The best way to pay homage to Marley is to roll a joint from the paper named on him and listen to his music. The paper is pretty cheap, like 2 pennies a paper. You will find them pretty easy to roll a joint.

Trip Clear Rolling Papers

Blue and yellow packaging for weed rolling papers.
Trip Rolling Papers

Clear Rolling paper is rocking the world of weed. You can see the gorgeous pot you rolled with the transparent rolling papers from Trip. Brazilian Eucalyptus was used for these papers, and if you want tree-free papers, choose the Asiatic cotton mallow.

Healthiest Rolling Papers

Some people love the old paper made joints; others like the hemp made to get the best experience. Many of us are also in love with flax. And rice made papers are available for everyone. But, if you are trying for the chemical-free original taste, nothing can go wrong with hemp made paper. These are environment friendly and are the best companion of marijuana. These slow-burning, long-lasting papers make the smoking experience richer and smoother. The best way to get stone!


There are many more brands and types of rolling paper in the market. But, if you want to get the best rolling paper for weed with less fuss, our list should be enough for you. A perfect rolled joint is the ultimate goal of every smoker. And by choosing the right kind of rolling paper for your cannabis can help you with this. So, just buy the paper that seems right to you, bring out your weed grinder, and get lost in the bliss of a perfectly rolled joint of weed.

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