Top Ways That Medical Marijuana Prevents Illnesses

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There are various journal entries, blog posts and articles as it pertains to medical marijuana and its benefits to those who have chronic illnesses. However, cannabis should also be considered as a preventative option in alternative medicine. Cannabis might be able to aid people before they have a serious medical condition. We have put together some top ways that medical marijuana prevents someone from having a specific illness. Let's take a look at them below.

Maintaining Health

First of all, eating well and getting the right amount of rest is essential in maintaining optimum health. Most of the pain and several illnesses that people have start first with the issue of not eating well and not getting the appropriate rest. When your body does not get sufficient rest and nutrition, the immune system is weakened and for that reason, the body is unable to heal itself as it should with a strong immune system.

Another thing that propels you into a state of illness is not being able to relax and having too much stress in your life. This might see surprising to some people and that is why they don't take good nutrition, relaxation, reduced stress and enough sleep as being serious as it relates to good health.

The Terpenes

If medical marijuana can prevent illnesses and get you to relax, eat well and reduce insomnia, it will definitely have value as being a preventative option to maintaining good health. Marijuana contains myrcene, which is one of the distinct terpenes that help people to sleep. Linalool is one other terpenes that you can find in lavender that helps people to relax. And more importantly, there is no overdosing when you consume cannabis as you would with prescribed medicine.

The Imbalance

When your body is not in complete homeostasis, it means that everything is not functioning well and for that reason, you might be experiencing migraines and headaches, depression, fatigue, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome and other conditions. All humans have an internal endocannabinoid system and when you smoke or ingest weed, it helps to balance this system; allowing you to maintain your health. But, if you are experiencing any of these and other illnesses, it means that your endocannabinoid system needs to be balanced.

The Immune System

Cannabinoids and canabidiiols are part of the components of the marijuana plant. CBD is a strong anti-inflammatory that helps to improve the state of the immune cells such as macrophages. In fact, CBD can help to suppress the function of your “T cells.” It can also act as an antioxidant, meaning that it can help to prevent further cell damage in the body. It could also stop cancer cells from attacking other bodily organs.

Infusing in Good Oil

You will receive a lot of other benefits to your health, if you were to infuse high quality cannabis in olive oil, coconut oil and hemp oil. There you will get the benefit of lauric acid and omega 3 fatty acids. Coconut oil contains a lot of antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. It also has medium chain fatty acids and these are able to produce energy as soon as it is digested and not when it is stored in the body as fat and plaque. If you want to be diseases free, make sure you infuse your cannabis in the highest quality coconut oil or olive oil especially.

Blood Sugar Levels

There are many individuals who link the munchies with cannabis and the munchies are usually sugary or salty in nature. It is not as bad as we think, though as some people need their appetite restored and must eat. The THCV in the cannabis is able to control blood sugar levels and this is done by reducing insulin fasting. This is great for type 2 diabetic patients. As long as you use the appropriate strain before you get the munchies, it could help you control the cravings.

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