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What are cannabis icons? How does someone become one? Do you have to be well-known and famous to become one of the cannabis icons of all times? Do you have to smoke a lot of pot to fall into that category? It is a complex matter, but we are about to sort it out for you. The real cannabis icons for the most are those people who are dedicated to the culture, the industry and to the cannabis plant itself.

The person has to understand the benefits of the cannabis plant and has to fall in love with the idea of smoking the plant to receive those benefits. We have compiled a list of the top cannabis icons around the world. Most of those who made the list are creative artists that have different talents and might be philanthropists with a love for business ventures. However, despite their knack for business and creativity, these people find time to smoke their cannabis. These cannabis icons are elevated in the cannabis community and in the industry itself.

The Celebrity Potheads

In the past, cannabis icons were musicians, writers and actors. However, things have changed. But, one of the reasons why it was embraced by musicians, artists and actors is that it helped them to improve their talent and gave them a better creative mindset. It is possible that many celebrities gravitated towards cannabis because of that one reason. We have found several influential people who could be deemed and named as potheads or cannabis icons. Let us take a look at each of them and what they represent.


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Everyone knows Rihanna as a celebrated pop artist that knows her craft. She is very talented and a powerful woman in the music industry. She is not ashamed to let the world know that she smokes cannabis. This small town girl is from Barbados and made her way to the United States at a young age. She is now holding her own in music and fashion designing. While she is busy making money and performing around the world, she does make time to smoke her cannabis in the form of a blunt or joint or whatever she wants to. This is one of the cannabis icons that know what she desires and uses cannabis to relax. It is said that she has been banned from one of the local hotels in Barbados because of her cannabis smoking lifestyle. She has an influence on the young culture, but it seems that Rihanna does not care about being a role model. She is only crazy about cannabis and what it does for her!

Willie Nelson

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One of the cannabis icons of all times is Willie Nelson. In fact, he is known as a cannabis activist and does not care who knows about it. Willie Nelson is a country music celebrity who has always been an advocate for cannabis. He is a co-chair person for the National Organization for the Reform of Cannabis Laws (NORML). He takes this seriously enough to have put his career at risk of being arrested on various occasions.

Cheech & Chong

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Cheech and Chong are also known as one of the cannabis icons that originated from Canada from the 1960s. The group has a wide range of comedy albums. In fact, they paired together to make their first film in 1978 called “Up in Smoke.” It was all about a comedic film of a true stoner. The film became noted for its cannabis theme. Both Cheech and Chong have been cannabis enthusiasts since the 1960s.

Snoop Dogg

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Snoop Dogg is also one of the cannabis icons with no cautioning when it comes to cannabis. He lets everyone knows that he loves cannabis. In fact, he also sells cannabis products online and calls himself “Tha Doggfather of Weed.”

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