The 5 Best Strains for Beginner Home Growers

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From saving money to quality control, there are many benefits to growing your own cannabis. But it can be daunting to grow cannabis for the first time, and many people wonder where to begin. There are a handful of easy to grow strains for beginner home growers.

Before we go any further, check out this quick beginner’s guide to growing cannabis indoors.

After you’ve familiarized yourself with some of the basics, start thinking about whether you want to grow from seed or from a clone. Once you’ve decided how you’d like to proceed, it’s time to choose a strain. We put together a list of the five best strains for beginner home growers to help you decide on a strain for your first home grow.

When choosing a strain, you’ll want to consider what effects you’re seeking. Do you want an energetic sativa strain or a mellow indica strain? It’s also important to consider the space that you have available and whether you’re planning to grow indoors or outdoors.

With these things in mind, let’s explore some of the top strains for novice growers.

5 Easy Strains for Beginner Home Growers

1. Blue Dream

Blue Dream strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid and the perfect strain for beginner cannabis home growers. It is a simultaneously relaxing and uplifting strain, and it is commonly used to treat conditions such as depression, anxiety, and a loss of appetite.

Why is Blue Dream a good choice for first-time growers? Blue Dream plants can reach the 4-to-6-foot mark without much added effort. They grow well in both indoor and outdoor conditions as long as they are guarded against extreme weather conditions.

Tips for Growing Blue Dream:

  • Blue Dream likes warmer temperatures up to 85℉
  • Staking is necessary due to how tall it grows.
  • If growing outdoors, beware of pests.

2. Northern Lights

Northern Lights is an indica-dominant strain. It reportedly produces relaxed, happy, and sleepy effects when consumed. Medical marijuana patients choose Northern Lights to help relieve symptoms associated with depression, stress, pain, and insomnia. Growers say this strain is best cultivated indoors.

Tips for Growing Northern Lights:

  • It’s important to find Northern Lights with good genetics.
  • Give your Northern Lights plants plenty of natural light when it comes to flowering time.
  • Be careful of overfeeding your plants. Inspect your plants’ leaves and roots for yellow and black discolorations. These are signs of overfeeding.

3. Green Crack

Green Crack is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain. It produces an uplifting and energizing effect. Green Crack can be grown either outdoors or indoors but performs exceptionally well outdoors. However, it prefers regular sunlight and a warmer climate ranging from 72℉ to 82℉, so growing indoors would make it easier to control these variables.

Tips for Growing Green Crack:

  • Start feeding with lots of phosphorus early on in the flowering stage to ensure the buds get enough nutrients before harvest.
  • Beware of gray mold.
  • Overwatering can lead to root disease.

4. OG Kush

OG Kush is a hybrid strain. Due to both its sedative and mood-enhancing effects, medical marijuana patients use it to treat a range of ailments, including pain, anxiety, appetite loss, insomnia, and stress. You can expect OG Kush plants to provide a higher yield when grown outdoors.

Tips for Growing OG Kush:

  • If you decide to grow indoors, consider utilizing the Sea of Green or Screen of Green methods to boost your yield.
  • Pay close attention to lighting and nutrients, as this strain is highly sensitive to both.
  • OG Kush can be susceptible to pests, so do thorough research on preventative measures.

5. Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue is a hybrid strain. It’s great for new home growers because it is a hearty variety that’s easy to grow indoors as well as in varied outdoor climates. Individuals who struggle with chronic pain, nausea, insomnia, depression, or anxiety turn to this strain frequently for its well-known, heavy-hitting effects. Gorilla Glue is known for producing euphoric and relaxing effects.

Tips for Growing Gorilla Glue:

  • It’s a thirsty strain, so be sure to water regularly.
  • This strain will thrive with moderate feeding when paired with high-quality, organic soil.
  • When feeding, use potassium silicate-rich plant foods that will help nourish the plant as the buds mature.

These are only a handful of the best strains to try out when you’re beginning your home grow journey. With over 700 to choose from, there’s a perfect strain out there for every cannabis cultivator!

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